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Remotivating myself

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am one of those people who are GREEEEAT starting out of the gate. It doesn't matter what the project is I'm on it.....for a bit.

Then excuses win and I peter out.

It started to happen this year and that's why I put up the dress. School's just about over and this summer will be mine.

This morning I had weighed myself and was at the peak of 179, yet again. My own fault ... I even LOOK at taking days off and snacking and this is what I get. When I put on my workout clothes and looked in the mirror I almost cried. My belly stuck out like I was 7 months pregnant and far exceeded my breast area. I had to take action .... FAST!

I walked to the gym with the youngest so she could go swimming. I looked over at the dumbbell section and told myself I would get there, but had to work on cardio today. So I did. I did my W2D2 of C25 and decided not to push it to an hour (pretty warm in there) and then decided to try a new machine. I did this Arc thingie that looks like a gazelle lunge? At least that's the best way I can describe it. I worked on that for about 10 minutes when the youngest came up and said she was ready to go.

When I came home from the gym today I glanced through my photos and noticed that they were from March of 2010. I asked my girls to take a picture of me now and see if there was a notable difference with a little over 15 pounds gone. Well, the hair for sure is different....the rest is for you to see :o)

not too bad. Starting to get a little waist there :o)

My swollen tummy went down (I'm not sucking it in, promise) so that made me feel better. Maybe it just wanted a good run.


okay, so I still need to work on squats.

But, it was a good start to motivation. If I can notice the slight 15 pounds I can surely notice it when I get down to 169 (again!!)...then, 159, then start looking like I want to good...then really FEEL good....yadda yadda..

OMGoodness Golly! I was rocking out to my 80s music yesterday when I told my oldest..."okay, I have to go and before I do I shall play my all time favorite video"

I did and I cried...what the heck is WRONG with me?! LOL I was so happy jumping up and down, singing and pointing to the screen "aren't they BEAUTIFUL??" ...sighs Duran Duran are to me what the Beatles were back in the 60s. My daughter, being the sweetheart she is, cropped the photo and put it as my desktop. I squealed like a little kid and said "screw it, that tattoo is going on my leg"


**Duran Duran/New Moon on Monday**

I love being a dork. It's clearly my thang.

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