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The differences that my weight loss has made to me!!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My weight loss continues to amaze me, the fact that I have actually lost – and will, I hope, continue to lose.
But I thought I might list all the things that have changed for me during my journey:
- Thighs rub less
- Shoes are more comfortable
- Have moved down many clothes sizes
- Snore less (if you can hear yourself snore – LOL!!)
- Sleep better
- Have more energy
- Have more stamina
- More Flexibility
- Easier to breath
- Not as puffed
- That odd irritating dry cough and throat tickle has gone
- Legs, hips, ankles and knees ache less (only if I do too much)
- Everyday walking is easier
- Can prepare and cook a whole meal without sitting down
- Feel more confident in myself, and my body – and thus mix more with others.
- Developed an interest in how I look, dressing more carefully, wearing makeup etc
- Can wear normal sized necklaces that didn’t go near fitting before
- Dressing each day – instead of slopping about in nightclothes all day
- Can sit on chairs with ease
- Can get out of bed without rolling
- No longer need an extension strap when flying
- Can fit in a single economy airline seat, instead of having to get 2 seats (and that saves a heap of money) however I still find having 2 economy seats is more comfortable for long haul flights – one seat doesn’t give one any too much room!!
- Can slip rings on and off fingers easily
- Have taken watch strap in a couple of holes
- Feel good about what I am doing – (about my weight loss, efforts, the future and life in general)
- No more high blood pressure
- Diabetes (type 2) has “disappeared” – off all meds A1C holding steady at 5.2 (remember that it can reoccur – you need monitoring all your life!!)
- Can buy normal size clothes off the rack
- Can wipe backside
- Can do shoes up
- Can bend over and touch toes
- Can wrap towel round waist and tuck ends together
- Going swimming at a public pool
- Skin looks clear and eyes bright and radiate good health
- More patience with people, more willing to look for ways to solve problems
- Tolerating heat and humidity better
- Balance has improved substantially
- Capable of carrying and manoeuvring heavier, bulky things
- Stomach problems and indigestion have gone
- Bladder and bowels working “normally”
- Self-confidence is so high now
- I can feel firm muscle where there was soft floppy fat – particularly in my thighs
- Can get in and out of small, low cars – no struggling

Though these make my life more wonderful and easier they all pale into insignificance when I realise that:
Before I lost the weight – I was using a scoter – I took a trip by train – had to have a person with me and book my scooter and use it almost completely on town I had 2 seats by myself and help when visiting the loo!! Also 2 people helping me on and off the train!! And we had to stay overnight because I wasn’t strong enough to do the 5 hr each way trip in the day.
A year ago I went to Town by train – I was alone- I took a bus to the station then walked to the train and had a single seat, and did the return trip in the day – but more than that – I WAS ON MY FEET!!

Yes- I never even use a walking cane now!! I can go out shopping ALONE – I can go anywhere – alone – I have regained a lot of my independence!!

This to me is ALL IMPORTANT!!

And just yesterday – I had an examination at the hospital as they were getting ready to do knee replacements, (my knees are bone on bone, severe osteoarthritis and collapsed inward quite substantially – I had been listed as urgent!!) and the surgeon examined me –examined my knees –and asked what I had been doing – my answer – exercise – his answer – “I really don’t think that at this point I can improve you by doing surgery!!”

I know I can never get rid of the damage but I am almost pain free and I can walk short distances –like round a shopping center!! I am doing this by strengthening my leg muscles – and it HAS to be consistent – and I use machines to do this at Curves – it’s a looooooog hard process but its proving possible!! How long it will last is anyone’s guess – whether I will eventually need surgery –but the combo of weight loss and exercise is working for now and that’s all I ask!!

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