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Sugar Detox: Day 4 (and hanging with President Obama)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today was a crazy day. Out of the house by 7:45, took the Toddler to daycare, raced into downtown Seattle to a different office where I could plop and do work til 10:15 and then my husband and I headed to the Paramount Theater to see Barack Obama (and a bunch of others, including Dave Matthews). I knew yesterday that I should plan, but the morning was SO hectic and crazy that I again forgot to bring anything with me to snack on. It ended up being ok, because I had a green smoothie for breakfast, another one for lunch, another one for a snack when we got home and some bean soup for dinner. It's 8pm right now and I'm kinda hungry, but I'm thinking I'll just go cram some fruit in my mouth to satiate those cravings. Here are some pictures of the awesomeness. Unfortunately, my cellphone couldn't take any decent ones when the President was actually on stage. He's a big white blur. But you'll get the point.

It was AMAZING and SO inspirational for me. I'm sure there are plenty of others who don't share my views, but I really feel like this man cares so deeply for this country and wants to make life better for SO many who are not as fortunate as he is (and I am). I share those views and it was an amazing day for me.

Until we got home, that is. [Warning: airing of dirty laundry right now.]Actually, the Toddler seemed to be in better spirits today after picking him up from daycare. No crazy screaming fits that were unexplained. We played outside in the yard, watered the flowers and vegetable garden and had some fun playing with chalk. But my husband and I were supposed to attend a marriage seminar tonight by John Gottman and my mom was going to babysit. My husband was trying to catch up on some work that he missed from going to the Pres event today and didn't think to ask if I needed any help getting the Toddler or the house/kitchen ready to leave. I.e. no making dinner, no feeding the cats, no getting the nighttime routine ready for the Toddler, no straightening up, etc.... I finally got his attention at 6pm (15 minutes before we needed to leave ) and said, "Hey, I need some help here with the kid unless you've already started dinner, which I don't think you have." He got huffy and came outside to play and I raced around like a madwoman and we didn't end up getting out of the house til 6:25 and the seminar started at 7pm. In downtown Seattle. And the traffic tonight was TERRIBLE. We couldn't even get down the main street from our house to the freeway because it was so jammed up, so I said, "Do you think we should just skip this?" to which he got super pissed at me and blamed the whole thing on my stressing out. And I replied that if I hadn't been the sole person responsible for getting EVERYTHING ready and getting us out of the house, maybe I wouldn't be stressed. Anyway, long story long, we just turned around, came back home, just finished putting the kid down and we aren't speaking to each other right now. Perhaps the definition of irony should include "skipping a marriage seminar because you're fighting with your spouse."

Thus, right now, I'm just wishing that I had a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream, but ALAS, I'm on a sugar detox and everything is forbidden. That's why fruit will have to do. And I think I'll just go get in bed and try to sleep off the 2nd horrible half of this otherwise awesome day. [Sorry for the vent. Just had to write it down.]
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    CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss. What a wonderful experience to see the Prez and thank you. I also want to thank you for commenting on my page - I so appreciate it.

    As for husband, I got one, who can be a pill sometimes and not a sweet tart. I pray for the things I want to do and let go of it - this is not an original idea, it is advice I got from some very wise women who have been married for over 50 years. It was a difficult lesson for me to learn but once I practiced it, it works - I am sure though he prays about me too.

    You are doing well and keep at it. I am looking for the day of 199 - I am probably going to write in the sky - Jacki is 199 and spend my time with my hands on my hips - Oh, it is coming. Pray for me!! emoticon
    2113 days ago
  • DARA52
    Sounds like a busy but stressful day. Good for you going for fruit!! I like chore charts on really busy days. Then everyone knows what they need to do. It's better than asking because then my snarky side comes out. (Like, how come you don't KNOW you have to help with these things!). LOL....

    Have a great day!
    2113 days ago
    Susan, I am so jealous about your first half of the day ... that sounds awesome! AND I can soooo relate to your second half of the day -- sounds like our house every now and then (it's really the ONLY thing we ever get in "spats" about). I think it's the sign of two very burnt out/exhausted people trying to get everything done. I am sure hundreds of other houses/marriages had the same "argument" tonight even. GOOD FOR YOU for going to eat that fruit (especially when stressed and other temptations lurked) and losing weight from the sugar fast already! I am sure the loss of weight is a great motivation in itself! Keep up the good work -- I'm cheering for you!
    2114 days ago
    I wanted to add one more thing, though. Another positive is that when I stepped on the scaled, I'm back down to 199, so I've lost a couple of lbs so far on the sugar detox, and for that, I'm happy.
    2114 days ago
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