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Thursday, May 10, 2012

So first to tackle the elephant in the room - the scale. I am baffled by its stubbornness.

In the last three weeks I have burned almost 3000 calories a week; that's some 2500 more than I was burning prior to my new start. I have been tracking fairly diligently (minus last weekend, but I am confident I only went over on Friday and then not by much) and staying within my calorie range, last week at the high end, this week at the low end. I have been getting plenty of fiber, drinking plenty of water...and nothing.

Well, I saw a two pound loss yesterday, but my digits were right back up today. Scouring my tracker for a plausible explanation, I did notice my calories were excessively low on Monday and my sodium was a bit high yesterday, so I am hoping to see more progress tomorrow. Not gonna lie, getting a bit frustrated here, but I will hang in.

I will also be taking measurements tonight (wish I had done this three weeks ago), so I can start celebrating some non scale victories.

Now for my quest to PR at my 5K race next month. I am not one of those purist runners that can easily revel in the plodding cadence of my feet or the hard rhythm of my breath as the miles pass. I am motivated by music; in face, the only time I listed to music is when I run.

I haven't updated my iPod since 2010, so my playlist was much in need of an overhaul. Enter the AHA moment.

I run to the BEAT of the music. If my iPod is loaded, as it has been, with songs of 110 - 120 BPM, I am running at a 13:00 - 14:00 mile pace and therefor my time race time is going to be 42-44 minutes at best...exactly where I came in for my three 2010 races !

So I have organized a new playlist of songs with 130-140BPM, an 11:00-12:00 mile pace, which should, if my theory holds true, ensure a new PR of 36-38 minutes. I just want to break 40:00, so I am hopeful. Training is tonight, so I will start to test my theory. Rock on!
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    How do you find out the beats of your songs - would love to see a small playlist of what you are running to!
    2107 days ago
    Yay for music! When I walk I like to take in the scenery and sounds of nature. But when I run, well, nothing else will do but music for motivation to keep moving. Good luck on your PR for the upcoming 5K! Good idea on the measuring as a way to see progress despite the scale. I bought a fat percentage monitor just this month so I can see my fat% decreasing even if the scale is stuck!
    2109 days ago
    My MP3 player is too old for my computer's operating system, so my tunes are "locked in time," LOL.

    Let us know how the new music moves ya!!

    2110 days ago
    I know what you mean, and I really need to update my playlist too, but it would mean porting over all my music onto my new computer (new -haha, I've been using it since last June), and I am too lazy.

    I ran today without music and it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. But I still prefer music.

    The scale is treating me the same way and it is frustrating as all get out. Keep doing the right things, and it will show up there eventually. It will.

    Have a great weekend!
    2110 days ago
    Share some of your playlist please! emoticon Old or new, I need to add some new tunes to my list.

    The scale will tell the tale, but everything you're doing now says so much more.
    2111 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2012 12:30:24 AM
    I hate the scale, but that's my own fault. We have to remember it is not all about that number. Being healthier is also about measurements and endurance. Can you fit in clothes better? Can you run faster and/or farther? That will truly measure your efforts. Keep at it and you will see results.

    As for the music I bet you are right on. I used music when I used to run, but not in the couple races I did. Now I don't because I always have Fluff with me and I want to be able to hear her. I try and talk to her some to or at least respond with a "yes" when she points things out to me. Look forward to hearing about your findings with the music.
    2111 days ago
  • CHRISTIE6625
    Sometimes the scale makes no sense whatsoever, and you just have to wait a week or two to really see results. I'm sure if you keep it up you'll get the results.
    2111 days ago
    I totally understand wanting the music, I can hardly bear to exercise without it. I would not worry about the weight. There could be many reasons why it didn't change this week, even not eating enough for the amount of exercise you are doing. If your body needed those calories to burn the body could simply have hung on to them and didn't release that weight. Been there, done that. You are doing good and looking great!
    2111 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    You have been doing so great since coming back on so I am sure the scale will be moving in the right direction real soon.
    2111 days ago
  • LIMIG2
    Wow, I wish I was into music enough to help/assist in my weight loss efforts. Keep up the good work.
    2111 days ago
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