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Fall & Swimming Updates

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My first triathlon is on Sunday emoticon

Last week I was freaking out a bit, okay alot. Which is a normal thing for me. I always have a freak out before an event...you know the, what am I doing? I'm not prepared enough, I can't do this, etc, etc. I finally calmed down by Sunday morning & went for a great 40km bike ride. By afternoon I was back to freaking out. Why you ask? I fell down my deck stairs. I don't know how or what happened all I know is I felt my left ankle & right knee twist in a way that was so painful I couldn't move for what felt like an eternity after. The first thing that came to mind (after the shock) was about my tri & how this is going to effect it.

When I was able to finally straighten my legs & stand up I went to the couch, elevated my legs & put ice on my knee & ankle. A few hours later when I ate dinner I took some Advil for the pain & swelling. The next morning my swelling had gone down alittle on my knee & my ankle wasn't swollen (just badly scraped up & bruised). I went to the doctor just in case, because I'm now a basket case. emoticonShe told me that my knee has soft tissue damage & she doesn't know if I'll be able to do the tri. She told me it would depend on the pain & be up to me if I do it. She didn't look very hopeful though. emoticon I asked her if I do it & there was still alittle pain would I cause any damage. She said no....so this is good. emoticon She gave me some anti-inflammatory cream & meds to help with the pain & swelling. I'm still using the cream, but the meds...I stopped after the first day. I'm suppose to take them twice a day for 5 days. I can't do it...they messed me up. I now understand how some people get addicted to prescription painkillers. I'll just stick with Advil.

I had a run scheduled for yesterday but I went home put my leg up & iced it. I even had it up at work....I'm gonna baby this sucker!!

This morning I went for a swim & it hurt abit at first but then it was okay. I stretched out my calf (cause they were tight before my fall & it's been alittle sore behind my knee since the fall) every 100-300m. It seemed to help. emoticon

As of now...the swelling is pretty much gone, I have a monster bruise, it's still very tender & I have a bit of a twinge when I walk, but I think I'll be able to do the tri. Fingers Crossed.

However, I can see a few possible issues:

1. Getting out of the pool. My bruised knee is the one I put on the deck to get out. I tried today to use my other knee & I can't get it onto the deck. So it's going to be entertaining to see me try to roll out of the pool. I can picture it now...and it's not pretty emoticon

2. I may not be able to run the 5km (it might be to much of an impact), so I might have to walk it instead, but I'm okay with that. I'm not in it to win it (not that I could anyway), I'm there to see if I can do it & to have fun.

Tonight & for the rest of the week I will continue to elevate my leg & ice it. I'm also gonna try to do some light stretches. It's a good thing this is my taper week!!

On a positive note.....I was having heel pain on my right foot. Since the fall it hasn't bothered me at all. So maybe when my ankle twisted, it twisted and/or stretched out whatever was wrong and/or put it back in place??

Swimming Update!!

I've been practicing my front crawl abit with fins & a flutter board since the lifeguard gave me tips a while ago. I do this after my scheduled tri training (dog paddle). And I'll only do a few practice laps. Well...
I was feeling better about my front crawl a couple of weeks ago & felt it was time to let go of using the flutter board when practicing. So I did, but I continued using the fins.

Last week I noticed when I was doing my doggie paddle (which is what I'm using for my tri) my body wanted to do the front crawl. So I started to do the front crawl when I only had 1/2 a length to get to the wall. It seemed to be working. I realized I can do the front crawl without the board and the fins. I now proudly practice WITHOUT either!! I still have things to work on. And I'm not ready to do the front crawl for the tri as I feel out of breath. Kind of like how I felt when I started swimming the doggie paddle (which I've now mastered & don't have to take many breaks, unlike a few months ago).


Last Wednesday I went swimming & a lifeguard (who has supported me & who hasn't seen me practice without the fins) watched me front crawl. When I was finished my lap, I looked up & she was doing this emoticon & congratulated me. It still makes me smile when I think about it.

On Saturday I went swimming & the lifeguard who gave me the few starter tips was there. I haven't seen her in forever & she told me my stroke has gotten sooo much better & she gave me a emoticon emoticon.

Today's swim...I can tell my confidence level has gone up. Instead of doing the dog paddle for the whole 1,050m I decided to do the front crawl for 25m & on the 25m back I'd dog paddle. It shaved an average of 10 seconds off each lap.

I can't wait till I ween out the dog paddle & swim mostly the front crawl.
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    I am sorry to hear about your leg but resting is definitely the best medicine, I hope by your tri you are feeling a bit better but I have a feeling that you will...sending :::positive vibes::: your way!

    That is great news about the swim improvement! That was the hardest thing for me too! Doggie paddle was my fav move until I learned the crawl. I would say aim for alternating both if you can because it is so much faster once you get the technique down.

    I cannot wait to hear about your triathlon. No worries - of course that is easier said than done, you are most likely going to freak out beforehand BUT, you will do it and you will be GREAT! Make sure to take lots of pics!!
    2041 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2012 4:15:20 PM
  • JENNNY135
    Excellent news! I'm so pumped for you, wish I was there to cheer you on. I think adrenalin will take over when the race starts and you won't even feel your leg.

    emoticon emoticon
    2042 days ago
    Let's call you, "DETERMINED WARRIOR!"
    2042 days ago
    That is awesome! Way to keep improving and not give up :)
    Good luck with your leg - I really hope it feels better by this weekend - and if it doesn't, trust yourself to make the right decision on that!
    2042 days ago
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