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How do people really lose weight?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Every time I think I've got the hang of things, I don't. I weighed in on Saturday at 243. I really felt like I was finally heading in the right direction. Today I weigh in just to see where I'm at half-way through my week, and I've gained almost 8 lbs. I think I will have to stop weighing in altogether, at least for a few months, because I'm not seeing progress on the scale or off the scale (maybe a little in my face, but for all I know I'm only seeing it because I want to see it) and every single time I weigh in lately I hate myself. I want to give up completely and just come to terms with that fact that I will disgust myself for the rest of my life. I just hate this process. I hate the journey. I hate working my ass off for the last 3 weeks and not seeing even the slightest bit of progress. I hate it all so much right now. Of course tomorrow I'll get up and have my stupid healthy breakfast that I hate, I'll go to work, and then I'll go to the gym and work my ass off hoping that eventually I will see a difference. But for right now in this moment, I just want to be pissed, because I hate this. I hate that I have to do this and that I can't just want to do this.
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    I saw your pic from May 2012 and your face IS smaller, so don't discredit yourself for that. You are working hard. Scales lie. They don't tell you all of the hormonal, internal changes you are making on a cellular level. There are lots of reasons for a gain to show even when you are doing everything "right."

    Is the number on the scale what you are working for each week, or is being healthy your main goal? Think of how you define success. It might be worth just stepping away from the scale for a week or two and focusing on your energy levels, your inches, and your overall quality of life.

    Stress plays a huge role in weight loss, and if you hate everything about your weigh-loss routine, I imagine you are adding unnecessary stress to the mix which may be masking your progress. In that case, it might be worth re-evaluating your food and/or exercise choices.
    2117 days ago

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    I have been on the JUST DO IT stage, I know exactly how you feel. I am finally transferring into the I WANT TO DO IT stage. It could be a number of things why you gained. I would first cut back to only weighing in a week. You could be retaining water, you may not be eating enough for the amount of exercise you have been doing, who knows! But I do know you have lost a lot already, don't give all that up. I know its hard, but if it to much for you at the moment tone it down! Don't worry about your #, what about the rest of the life you wanna live? You are so young. Think about just being healthy and the weight will come off later. One step at a time. I hate seeing you so upset, but I have been there. I was crying so hard last week. My husband had to call my mom to try and calm me down. You are so strong and can get through these tough emotions, I just know it!
    And as I stated on your SparkPage ealier, I can see a difference in your face! It is not just you thinking you see it!
    BTW if you hate your healthy breakfast, toss it! Find something that you enjoy. Don't force crappy food down your throat. I have been eating sugary cereal, just measuring it out first.
    Feel better, Amber!
    2117 days ago
    And I hate that you are hating everything right now!

    Seriously, though, just get all that crappiness out so you can go back to being rational about how it's actually worthwhile and doing you good.

    Scales are for chumps, anyway.
    2117 days ago

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    BTW my heaviest was 280 last year, so I have been able to keep off about 20 pounds in a year, to me that is nothing- slow progress but others tell me different.

    2117 days ago
    I completely hear you. Its like you try and try, but when you dont see what you are needing to motivate you to go on, you just feel hopeless. I understand. I have tried to get under the 250 mark now for a while. I was almost there 252 then I dont know what went wrong but I jumped back up to 262! So now I am trying again to get back down . I set my little goals so that I dont feel like the goal is out of reach. I too, have thought " well if I dont lose weight this teim, screw it, I will just have to live like this for the remainder of my life" So believe me when I say I UNDERSTAND! Personally, I think letting off steam is good so do it! If you think you might want to talk to me, I am here :)

    Kelli emoticon
    2117 days ago
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