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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I am 218 even, and need to start thinking of 220 as the past. So onward to new goals. At 216 I will hit 50 lost on SP. I was 215 in 1994 @ 20 years of age. Can't ask for much more than to be lighter than you were at 20, but I will. At 211 I hit 150 lbs total lost. Then I have a goal of 204. This one was when I was coming up with a goal weight. See, I really had no idea, so I started multiplying my height (68") by lbs per inch.. 68 X 3 lbs per inch = I just want a goal every few lbs, and the last one is 199.. Onederland. I hope to reach all of these goals by the end of summer, and then set new ones for 199 -172.

I got up early and did almost 2 hours. Yesterday's 90 minute walk was more like 80, and guilt made me walk farther, around 6.5 miles. I kind of like the 3 eggs, and 1 Tbsp of butter for breakfast. Eating 4 eggs, and 2 Tbsp. butter some days seemed like I was force feeding myself. I was surpised my 1/2 a banan lasted quite well from yesterday. I was worried it would turn brown like apples do. Today I am having 2 ozs of cheese for a snack. I gained no weight by eating 2 ozs no salt peanuts yesterday, so I am happy. The peanuts said 0 NA, but tasted okay, not bland. I will say that 2 ozs of peanuts is a lot to eat at one time. Took me 30 minutes of munching.

I am worried a bit about having peanuts, fruit, and cheese in the same week, but hoping by sticking to 40 net carbs I have no issues. My mind is screaming " they are bad!", but in my heart I know that these aren't carbs I should be afraid of. They may slow my weight loss a bit, but I should continue to lose. I will be shifting to Pre-Maintenance soon, and need to figure out a wider variety of good carbs to eat. Plus hoping to get to 50 net carbs eventually.

Today, I have to go to the Amish meat mart. The lady there has gout, and told me her foot is broken from it. I feel awkward with her in a cast, on crutches, and I have had no issues in 2 months almost. She is one of the few people I know who have gout, and discuss it with, and I can't be happy about my good fortune, while she is crippled.

Today is going to be 70 and sunny, so I am gonna go shoot some hoops by myself, and tonight there is no Biggest Loser, so I am

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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GRACEMCDOG 5/8/2012 7:14PM

    6' 8"??? Under 200 sounds kinda skinny for that height. Must feel so good to be where you are...looking back at nearly 150 lbs lost. Wow. That's impressive. I used to eat half a banana every day. I'd just chop it in half without peeling and the cut end sort of glazes over and dries out. You can just peel it off the next day and the rest of the banana is perfectly fine. I have a hard time with the 'no legumes' directives of paleo/primal, not because of peanuts but because of peas and beans. I guess if your intestines are in peachy condition then you can eat some with impunity? Maybe? I hope so.

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HOLLIEWALLY 5/8/2012 2:19PM

    You are doing a great job reaching your goals. I can't imagine what you must deal with having gout. I have psoriasis and it has caused a lot of self esteem issues along with my weight. I'm happy that you are healthy and not having issues. I wish you the very best, as always. Have a great day, also.

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GOPINTOS 5/8/2012 1:49PM

    May must be the month for breaking plateaus. There was the fullest moon the other night, huh? My April started and stopped in the same place, but last week was awesome! I am hoping I said good-bye for good to that weight also.

I have a Mennonite Dutch store. Fresh produce and sort of a scratch and dent also. Grass fed meat also for those that only want a little at a time.

Love following your journey.
Have a good one!

Comment edited on: 5/8/2012 1:50:20 PM

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CLPURNELL 5/8/2012 1:26PM

    You are doing great russell!!

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EXOTEC 5/8/2012 1:08PM


Excellent on your weight loss! Great job! =D

I'm just worried about peanuts in general. I get admonished on all fronts about legumes. I love other nuts even better though, so it's not really a hardship unless I'm in the grocery faced with (what used to be) my favorite brand of peanut butter! LOL

I'm glad to know a banana will survive overnight. I was worrying about that, too. Do you get the little minis in your area? I buy those when I can find them ripe (I bought greener ones to ripen one time, and by the time they were yellow they tasted like liquor! lol). I like the little ones, though. Just enough for a snack occasionally.

I'm so envious of your Amish grocer. I'd love to be close to a place like that. We do have a local grocer who advocates local producers, and I go there a lot. But it's not quite the high quality as buying from a co-op or directly from the producer (which is my impression of how your grocery might work).

I'm so sorry to hear about the lady there. With her resources, she should be able to adopt some dietary plan that might help her. I'm sure you can be a great source of info for her in that regard, if she's open to it. And don't feel bad about your success - perhaps it will inspire her!

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WOUBBIE 5/8/2012 12:10PM

    Yeah, wave bye-bye to 220, it's in the past.

I have a couple of stubborn pounds that keep showing up so regularly I should name them so I can wave hello and goodbye to them.

204 is now Hermione emoticon

203 is Hieronymus emoticon

and 202 is Siegfrieda emoticon

I'm hoping to wave good bye to them and shake hands with

201 Machiavelli emoticon

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-POOKIE- 5/8/2012 12:08PM

    *laughs* when I was at my goal weight, I weighed less than I did when I was TWELVE!!

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NAYPOOIE 5/8/2012 11:55AM

    Good days all around. I finally broke my 230 barrier. I'm not sure where to set my next short term goal tho'. 10% seems like a little much, Onederland more so. Guess I'll just shoot for 225, that seems doable.

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