Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge Week 1

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I decided on Spark People because I can eat whatever I want, as long as I stay within my caloric range, It teaches me that some foods are nutrient dense, and some are just empty calories. So if I have 1000 calories to spend, and I want a huge slice of chocolate cake, I can make an informed choice of either eating that cake or eating 3 normal meals. Right.

Yesterday I took an assessment of my current sugar habits. It came back that my "sweet tooth is out of control." Disturbing, but not not necessarily a huge surprise. I love sweets! I love chocolate! I love cake and cookies... mmmm... cookies. You know the chocolate chip ones straight out of the oven that are soft and still glistening with melted butter. ... mmm... cookies.

Wha? Huh? Oh, back to my cravings. Since the assessment returned, I've been thinking about how much I want to eat sweets all day long. So, I decided to take the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge, just to see if I could do it.

Now I'm supposed to List the Reasons I Want to Cut Back... how about "I don't want to be a fat ass anymore." Ok, that's step 1 & 2 down.

Next, I'm supposed to record my habits all week long on my blog or personal journal. I figure I'll do it here, so that while I'm suffering and whining, you can all suffer with me. See what a good friend I am?

Right now, there are little choclate mini donuts in the break room. The prepackaged ones that are stale yellow cake on the inside and hard waxy chocolate on the outside. I KNOW how horrible these are for me. Yet, before Spark People I wouldn't think twice about eating 3 of those tiny chocolate doughnuts. I have a stressful job, and am surrounded by anger and misery all day long... I DESERVE those doughnuts, don't I? I DESERVE happiness, don't I? I've walked past the break room 3 times now and I haven't eaten the doughnuts. But now I will avoid that entire side of the office in order to avoid the break room and seeing the doughnuts. I only have so much self restraint.

Of course, when I was under 25, I could eat said sweets to my hearts content without any real consequence. I was always thin and apparently had a very high metabolism. Of course, that's all changed. ... except for my love of sweets!

Every day, I save 50 calories to have 2 squares of dark chocolate at night after my shower and while I'm relaxing before bed. And all day long, I look forwrad to those two squares of chocolate.... but I am I looking forward to those 2 squares or am I just thinking about sweets all day long?

I have replaced a lot of the "sugar" in my diet with Splenda or some other sugar substitute... but that's not really retraining my palate, is it? I put splenda (or sugar free Vanilla) in my lattes now and I have Rasberry Zinger iced tea with splenda in it (to me, it tastes like Kool-Aid). I ate 3 bananas yesterday. Yes, fruit is good for you, but am I just replacing glucose and HFCS with fructose? Fruit is not as bad for you because it has other nutrients and fiber... but once again, it doesn't help me retrain my palate to not want sweets contantly.

Just sitting here and writing about it is making my hungry. I want some sweets NOW.

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    well it sounds like you're taking a good first step to making a very healthy lasting impact. I can tell you, the first few days might be hard but you'll notice after a few weeks your craving for sugars should diminish and then disappear completely. I used to eat a TON of sweets and candy but have since stopped. it's been a few years and i'm able to eat a candy bar or some form of junk food sugar and still not get the cravings back. it was the best thing i ever did for myself and i wish you luck in your journey!
    2139 days ago
    Kudos for wanting to change your food choices. Just making that little mindset change can make all the difference in the world. Next, ask yourself "self, do you want to be healthier or do you just want to cut down on the sweets but still have the sweets?". My own opinion is that to have moderation in all things is key. But you are right, letting yourself have controlled sweets like you are talking about (eating cookies instead of dinner on a consistent basis) won't cure your sugar tooth. You may have to battle this forever, but with time and abstinence your sweet tooth should back down. Let yourself have the fruits for sweet for now, that is okay in my estimation. Just exercising self control is hard but can be done. Also remember that artificial sweetners are full of chemicals that you really shouldn't be putting into your body either. Something natural like Truvia may be a better alternative, at least it isn't a bunch of artificial chemicals you are putting into your body. Treat your body like a temple, maybe that will help. Best of luck to you and I know emoticon emoticon
    2139 days ago
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