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Trigger Foods

Monday, May 07, 2012

So in my program, we get weekly homework assignments. This week's was about emotional eating. First, we're supposed to examine all our trigger foods, foods that once we start eating we have a hard time stopping. Then figure out what the common thread is among them and how we feel when we get triggered by them. Then we're supposed to look into the emotional component of eating, and when we're doing emotional eating, when/where/why we do it.

That's a tall order, so I'm just going to start by listing my trigger foods (I hope I don't trigger a binge for anyone reading it--read with caution!)

--Pasta, especially penne with cherry tomatoes topped with mozzarella cheese, veggie lasagna, manicotti, Pasta Fresca from Noodles, and Capellini Pomodoro from Olive Garden.

--Speaking of Olive Garden, bread! Especially buttery breadsticks (like from Olive garden) ciabatta rolls (from Noodles), french bread, cinnamon raisin bread, olive bread, apricot/date bread, popovers, bagels, etc.

--Appetizers, including bruschetta (the double tomato kind I make), Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil, artichoke/cheese dip, deviled eggs, spinach dip, nachos, etc.

--Chips, especially cheetos, cheese puffs, lays sour cream and onion potato chips, smartfood popcorn, fritos, and doritos

--anything chocolate, including brownies, brownie bites, chocolate bars (especially the really good kind, like Choco Love), Aero bars, chocolate chip cookies, French Silk Pie, Chocolate cheesecake, chocolate pudding, Oreos, oreo pie, etc.

--Ice cream, including Dairy Queen blizzards, Ben and Jerry's, Haagen Daas, oreo ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and Klondike bars.

--Certain fast food, including Hogan Brothers hoagie sandwiches, Davanni's cheese subs, Subway cheese subs, Macdonald's egg mcmuffins, Macdonald's french fries (well, french fries in general) and Breugger's bagel's Leonardo Diveggie sandwiches.

Hmmm...I wonder where I'd be now if I'd never eaten any of these foods, if they just didn't exist for me? My husband is not food-motivated at all, just doesn't really care for food and eating is a bother. There's nothing that he eats that he really loves, nothing he looks forward to or really enjoys. He could eat any of the foods on this list and kind of take it or leave it. Will it ever be possible for me to be that way? Do I just need to avoid these? I know, I know--everything in moderation. But what if you can't do moderation with some foods? Refuse to Regain says not to be moderate, to be severe in order to keep the weight off. Looking forward to that maintenance time, I wonder if I just need to create a list like this of foods I'm not going to eat for the first 6 months or so? If I don't, and I start eating these, I bet I'll end up right back where I started, and I don't want to be there. Oink, Oink!


Member Comments About This Blog Post:

    That's a lot of trigger foods! You must feel overwhelmed trying to think about giving all of these things up forever. I haven't listed my trigger foods yet. I know one of them is garlic bread. I could - and often did - eat a whole loaf. The funny thing is that it doesn't even taste that amazing. But, it's just so comforting!

Your hubby is a lucky guy. I'm a little jealous (o.k. - a whole lot jealous) of people like him who can eat for the fuel and don't have to think about food all of the time. Lucky him!

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JUDI_CUTIE 5/8/2012 1:35AM

    I personally cannot do moderation with certain foods. About five years ago I stopped eating sweets. I stayed off for about a year and a half before I broke it. Over the years, I have gone back on sweets several times, but I never do moderation. It always turns into a bout of eating. So I keep making the decision again to go off.

I just got some really nice chocolates from a student. I am thinking of making an exception for sentimental reasons. (she was with me for 4 years of tutoring and she is going off to college). but will i regret it?

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ANHELIC 5/7/2012 11:15PM

    Great for finding your trigger foods, I have some as well and have to keep them in my forefront all the time.

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