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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Baggage – we all have it, not one of us is exempt. However, when it begins to spread all over others then it becomes disruptive and difficult, then our baggage is no longer ours, it is vile disruptive and destructive. People are questioning if they should remain because of their philosophies and that is not the bigger issue – I find that Spark respects the difference; however, what this public free site does not offer or give the right for another to speak harshly to another one. Are we really here to make our brother or sister stumble? I have approached my weight loss in a way that works for me – it is not my desire for anyone to tell me that I eat too much salt, or too many fruit or, too much red foods today and not enough purples tomorrow. Maybe I am not losing at the rate that would be specific for someone else journey, but hey, it is my journey and I do not have to accept the generalization and platitudes of someone else. I do believe in health, but I am not one to tell another what they believe is wrong and my way is the best way. What kind of baggage is that? I pray every morning at 6:00 a.m. and I truly blessed, but because someone else does not pray at that time, are they privileged to be blessed. One size does not and will not fit all.

Below, please find a reprint of a blog that I wrote in 2010 because that baggage of others has been opened and it has let out some of the baser natures of others, and people are angry, hurt, revengeful, doubting themselves (and as a woman losing weight, I do not need someone to help me feel doubt, I do that well – thank you much). I don’t need to say, can we all get along. I would really desire just a couple of answers to my questions. Oh, BTW – I am cool; the firestorm has not really scorched me, but I am seeing some energy drain on others and it just is not right.

REPRINT 9/2010

I have been going around to blogs and saying hello because I am so inspired by what has been accomplished. I can see why different people are selected as motivators and I see a trend - they report the good, the bad and the ugliness of life. They share their tears, fears and their cheers and I am so grateful for that.

I came back here this year after being gone for a while. I did not realize the Value and richness nor appreciated what was made available. Last week there was a thread on the open forum that brought out claws and the things we try to keep hidden, and I was saddened by the comments - no one was right, and no one was wrong, and because of the disagreement - it got ugly. I stopped and prayed because we have joined up here - most people because of the need to lose weight; There is no color, race gender, or nationality on being obese, overweight - if we were all stripped of our skin, we would see fat packets on thighs, bellies, legs, hands, and we would really resemble one another, you might have green eyes, and I have brown (which by the way I think are lovely as they have never been fat), you may be taller or shorter, your feet might be a six and mine are a twelve ( the better to hold me up my dear, with a six, I could not walk), essentially we would all be the same.

So the question I am posing as I end (and of course run spellcheck), is our ugly what has kept us fat? And if a biggesst loser reads my blog, my question to you is, did your ugly disappear? Ugly is defined as anything that separates you from another because of a difference ( from the dictionary of Sweetlips).

I am working on my ugly and I have for a while, because I do believe that I have let my ugly determine my destiny as an obese woman and not spent enough time looking at what make me beautiful to my fellow man and myself. What about you, if you have an ugly have you worked on it? Take Care and Good Night

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    Hi Sweetlips :)

    Well I can try and answer your question from my little old corner of the world. I do think people have emotional baggage that can definitely effect the weight. I had something emotional happen from the trainer who helped me lose close to 40 pounds, and she offended my sensitive spirit so much that I gained about 20 pounds back :( She really let me have it when she told me "you couldn't do it anyway - you don't have what it takes" or something like that -- Her fear that I would steal her business led her harsh reality when I had no intentions of any such thing. However that hurt me SO much that I was hurt by it for years. It effected my weight. I tried and tried and tried and TRIED to lose the weight. I knew how!! Had learned from her! But... NOTHING has worked by myself UNTIL NOW!!! Yes, I have fully forgiven her. Even greeted her with friendliness and left her bootcamp a GREAT review -- it's a great bootcamp. But regardless -- I have found that if we choose to eat within our calorie requirements, if we eat so that we do not consume chemicals, oils or animal products of any kind, AND yes the salt -- we cut down on salt -- salt = water weight at some point -- but I still have some salt... The weight simply falls off, exercise or no exercise. I believe in exercise. But I've watched literally four-five people in the last nine months who dont' exercise much that I know of except for walking - switch the this way of eating and -- well -- even despite them being 50 and up -- the weight just falls off. Watch Forks over Knives if you can -- streaming Netflix -- it makes all the diff.

    Blessings :)

    2140 days ago
    Great Blog Sweetlips. Thanks for sharing your reprint as well.
    I'm here to better my life, and support anyone who wishes to be supported by me.
    I'm not here to be a bully, and we have some bully sparkers on here. A few can give off negative vibes, and I know now that I must run for my life when I cross them. I'm strong, and I believe in being a freely thinking spirit and doing at my own will. I'm like you. Because I don't juice or eat enough purple or green colorful foods doesn't make me any less than "them". I too know what's right for my body, and I'm so thankful you shared this blog with us all.
    2141 days ago
    What an emoticon blog and such a powerful message. I clicked I Like This because this blog is a keeper and I hope that many in Sparkleland reads this!
    2144 days ago
    I enjoyed your blog this morning Jackie. I hope and pray that those who are hurt by others will heal and continue on their journey. There are people in my life that like to control others they are not online but I'm sure there are people like them out there. emoticon I have been blessed by so many amazing people here at Spark. I'm glad I haven't meet any bullies because I would have probably ran away.

    I hope and pray that any ugly that I may have is washed away by the Spirit so my light will shine.

    Hope and pray your BS numbers are still coming down. emoticon How is that precious new grand baby?
    2144 days ago
    Thanks for using humor to drive home your important point. Yes, my ugly kept me fat, and even though I've lost weight, I have to keep working on that ugly or it will get attached to something else in my life. I think my ugly is my addictive personality, and I really have to work hard on it.
    2144 days ago
    I'm loving the Ugly! In fact, that's the only way to get rid of it, be it internal or external. Wonderful words and a new way to see Ugly.
    2144 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    As always I am personally blessed by what I read here and share with you.

    There are toxic people in all walks of life and in ever path of these walks, we cross them and we get crossed by them. Affect and effect, are we one or is it only them. How we get beyond the pot holes is, how much we truly trust in Him. I may turn my head and look and maybe even slow my pace, and then God reaches down and redirects my gaze so gentle back to where He has placed me; looking at Him, my destination. I can never allow the toxic enemy to cause me to run into the ditch. I have to realize that there are many, but I choose to be looked upon with that light in my eye, that smile in my heart and the skip in my step. For I am more powerful than ugly, more powerful than toxic...I am a child of The Most High.

    Again thank you!
    Love and Peace,
    2144 days ago
    2144 days ago
    I’ve always felt Sparkpeople was about being an encouragement to others. While we are mere mortals (failing often), God asks that we love him, love each other, and love ourself. We know we are God’s people when we pray for others (including our enemy), rejoice in others joy and mourn in others mourn. I find that my strength in Christ is in my ability to forgive, move on, and continue to inspire others through my unique style of how I love in the loving kindness Christ would have us love.

    We're so fortunate to have a God who loves us unconditionally and wants us to be in continual relationship with Him. Sweetlips, continue to inspire others with your great and powerful strength in Christ.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2144 days ago
    Sweetlips you are too much and too funny and I love it and I love you for that because you are you and no one can take that away.

    Continue to spread the spark and working on Ugly and I will work on that too because I desire to different on the outside but mostly on the inside. We can't be better if one of them is off. So lets spread that around and work on each other as a whole.

    Thanks for the blog it should be something to live by from all.

    2144 days ago

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