Frederick Half Marathon Relay Race Report - May 6 2012

Sunday, May 06, 2012

So I will preface this blog by saying I am grateful the day arrived, and that I was eager to be a part of the day despite a 3 week hiatus from running. Skin surgery was a necessary evil, but the inconvenience of the gauze/paper tape changes (and inability to run because it could all fall off and I had no one to re-apply) made for a stinky situation!

I am grateful that I arrived suture free to the race. It was such a relief to have them removed early.

The day was due to be warm-ish...mid to upper 70s. I dressed for those temps, so I was rather chilly. I had a bit of confusion/mix-up with the bib situation. I thought my relay partner got both bibs. Nope! So I rushed into the building and they had it. Fshew! Then I had to figure out where to catch the shuttle to transition as I was running the 2nd leg. The lady said I had to hustle, as they would leave in 5 minutes. So I got a pre-race sprint in to the school bus.

When I got to transition, I was happy to see porta-johns. This made the wait a plus, as I could consume my water and gatorade, as well as rid myself of whatever before running.

I spotted a teacher from my kid's school and just waved. Lots of friendly faces abounded, and we chatted it up while waiting for the first runners to pass by.

I was rather chilly waiting in transition, but I knew I would warm up when it was my turn. I averaged my partners pace and had an idea of when she would be by. I have to say, doing it as a relay was fun and also exciting. It was neat to see other relay buddies come in, and they would high five or hug, and off the next one went.

I did get a chance to see my husband pass by (he ran the whole thing, no relay), so that was good. Within a few minutes my partner arrived and off I went. I was grateful for some flat or downhill. I had been on parts of the course before, so I knew of inclines. I decided to walk through water stops and at inclines...and I think that is where I have post race frustration. My pacing for the first 2 miles was spot on. The pacing for the last 3.1 wasn't what I wanted...but there was a big hill involved. I should have soldiered through it. Argh!

You finish this race on a horse race track. Once of the diciest things I have endured with this series in my town. I wish they would grade the track for this event. Anywho...our team finished at 2:35. Not shabby! We were not in it to break records. Just two moms who run for sanity, fitness, and health.

I am glad that I had the tenacity and smart to go forward today. It felt good to be a part of this race in my town, and also encouraging that I didn't have too much discomfort afterwards. I'll take it! Swift Chicks rule!

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