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Waitin' on a Woman!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sittin' on a bench at the West Town Mall, He sat down in his overalls and asked me "You waitin' on a woman?"
Great Country song that fit's right in with the 25 days we spent at the hospital 87 miles from home.
GLBH had total hip replacement April 2nd. at 6:AM , thought things were going O K then two days later had a very severe heart attack, Heart Sp. said she had had a silent one in the recovery room and was not noticed. Not real good prospect since she just had hip replacement. Did surgery and put two stints in one of the 4 main attreies, all her body could stand at the time. Family started coming from N C, Ind. and Il..
Spent Easter and 13 days in the ICU wing, then moved her to regular room. I got a call at 4:30 AM, her heart had stopped and they were giving her shock treatments, 4 in all plus mouth to mouth 8+ minutes, that strong will came through, she made it past another hurdle. Of course back in ICU.
Watin on a Women!
Decision was made to implant a defibrillator and pacemaker, that was scheduled 5 days later. In surgery over 3 hrs., starting to worry, supposed to be only a couple hours. Finally she made it through. Spent 3 more days in ICU then out to private room. Did well there then moved her to Rehab floor for last 4 days and did so well they said she could come home. Thank you Lord!
On the long 87 mile trip home keep asking her if she wanted to go back yet? I would get "that" look.
Did good for a few days and went to her own Dr. at 10:00 A M to get all drugs right. Such a nice man. Watching the news before going to bed and found out he had a boating accident and drowned, but his young son was saved by a fisherman. Took it REAL hard, he was a really good one. Next day at noon I noticed she looking bad at the kitchen table, trying to faint. Called 911, took her to Rochelle Il. ICU, after much checking, one of her meds that she just started taking was not mixing with the rest. Was there only 8 hours and we all felt safe to come home with her. Life is Good. So far today, very good, even stirred up some of her famous baked beans for dinner tonight.
Many more Dr. appointments ahead and I'm sure glad I have a Womin to wait on.
Thank you all for your many prayers and concerns, She's One Strong Fighter!
I Love Waitin On A Woman!

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