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Sunday, May 06, 2012

I wish I knew how to comabt this tired feeling I ALWAYS have. I sleep enough, but when I when I wake up in the morning I feel completely as if I have been up all night. I am getting increadably frustrated! I have so much to do but I feel as if my eyes are going to fall out of my head! I want to sleep and sleep and sleep until this exhasution goes away. I am so tired I cannot think straight...If anyone has any advice for me please tell me! I cannot live like this!
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    Dear friend, is it possible you are experiencing depression?

    Maybe you weren't ready to get off of your anxiety meds?

    I've been in both places. It can be difficult to come off of anxiety meds and depression can cause these symptoms, too.

    I suggest talking to your doctor. You are right, you can't live like this. I've been there and you get to a point where you feel like you are going to snap.

    Tight emoticon . Wish I could make it all better.
    2041 days ago
    XMAC33, Been there done that!

    2047 days ago
    Sweetie I think you are in a depression because of all you have been through in losing your Mother. I think it would be helpful to go to the doctor and get a thorough check up. There is no shame if one is in a depression and there certainly no shame if he/she prescribes some pills for depression till you can deal with all of this. You would be surprised if you knew just how many people are on Prozac or similar drugs. There is no longer any stigma attached to these types of medication. emoticon emoticon
    2048 days ago

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  • XMAC33
    what everyone else has said, plus you need to remember you are making MAJOR changes to your lifestyle and that has an equally MAJOR effect on your body and don't underestimate what the effect of coming of a prescription can do as well.

    I went thru an exhaustion period too and found a way to reduce it. I had to get lots of sleep (got to bed early), lots of water and allow my body to detoxic (lol new word I just invented) plus I changed what I was doing with my programme so that I wasn't doing too many changes all at once, esp. as I wascoming of drugs after major sugery. I think my body went into shock and flatly rebelled.

    At the moment I am focusing on better food, tracking and staying within my calorie allowance (which is between 2000 -2300). In 2 weeks I will add in more exercise then reduce my calories 2 weeks or so after that. So smaller changes, but ones I can maintain and manage in the begining.

    Normally I would try to do everything all at once and be little Miss Perfect, be really restrictive and when I couldn't do it, feel like Hell and fall off the wagon within days. This time slow and smaller incremental changes and yes a slower weight loss but I am still on the wagon and hey a small loss is ok when it isn't coming back with friends a week later. And let's face it I am not Miss perfect I didn't get to be over 350 lbs by being able to control myself or becuse I was an exercis nut, so why in the past have I thought I could do it all perfectly immediatly and exercise just because it was called a "diet" I have no idea. I have at least learnt enough (thru my total failures at losing weight in the past) that my old way of trying to lose weight DOESN'T WORK.

    So with the help of Sparkpeople I am learning a new way and learning that it takes time and it is a change to my whole lifestyle - baby steps!

    So my advice is look at whether or not you may be making too many major changes all at once and perhaps ease up a wee bit (not stop) just give your body time to catch up a bit.

    2048 days ago

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    This tiredness has been going on for a few weeks. It is just for eally bad today for who knows why. It is not sleep apnea. I am thinking that ever since I was given the ok to stop my anti anxiety pill I have been tired. More than when I was not on it. This was over a month ago. So I am thinking, hmm, maybe I need more help relaxing and because I cannot my body is exhausted..

    2048 days ago
    I have the same problem. I get 8 hrs of sleep every night but still feel tired every day. I have had my iron check, my thyroid checked, take vitamins. Nothing seems to work, I try to stay active because once I sit down I seem to doze off. I think a lot of mine is that I dont know how to turn my mind off. Maybe this could be a factor for you too. Some suggest that I listen calming music or sounds at bedtime. I am trying everything. Hope you get some answers. Let me know if you do.
    2048 days ago
    I was feeling that way last week, had really bad heartburn, fatigue and sweating, dr put me in the hospital overnight and had a stress test in the A.M. All was good, went home and then the next morning BAM threw up all day long!! Must have been a bug coming on. go figure!

    2048 days ago
    Is it possible that you have sleep apnea?
    2048 days ago
    Hi there, I know how you feel! It is hard to know what could be causing it, but some suggestions would be:

    - could your iron levels be low?
    - have you recently changed your diet and cut down on refined sugars?
    - is your sleeping environment allowing you to sleep deeply & effectively - i.e. is your mattress comfortable, is the room temp how you need it, etc.?
    - are you feeling particularly stressed which is stopping your subconscious from relaxing when you sleep and meaning you wake up feeling tired?

    That's just some thoughts from the top of my head, but if all else fails, I would get checked out with your Dr. Good luck! :)
    2048 days ago
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