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an email i recieved and want to share.(long)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

hi my spark friends i recieved this email in the post today from a very dear friend of mine and it touched my heaqrt especially as for a while now i have been feeling down and as if all was getting too much,felt that i wasn´t coping so good so hearing from efrat what she thinks of me and how i cope was much needed if unexpected.you will have to forgive her english as she is from isreal and even thjough in religion we are so far apert(she is jewish)and we have both had problems from other people about our friendship we have still remained friends even if we only see one another a few times a year nownot like before her child and my children where here.she is also the only person who i have entrusted my kids with outside the family.i am so glad to have such a friend and i thought by sharing her email you can see despite the problems i have in my life i have been lucky to have found such a friend.this email gave me the strength at the time when i needed it.so thank you efret for sending it
Dear Karen

Soon I am reaching 50 years. Not a big deal, no or yes? maybe it had to do with, how one see it. As I ask myself: Efrat how do you want to start this age? It came, by a meaningfull act form me. A feeling raised, that I want to ouner the poeple, that thier pressent in my life make it as it is: rich, beutiful, spiecal, with wisdom, with jow and pain, with spirit love, connection and carring

This gif of life, being alive and in exchenge with all- I want to ouner in a Ritual:

ounering by saying Thank you - Gratitude.

For 21 days before I will come to 50, I am wirting dayly letter. Simbolic are 50 poeple.

You are one of them, as your pressent in my life make my life richer.

This part I am sendig you all, 50 speical human being in my life. Family, Friends, kollege, teacher... young, old, some are not hear anymore. In defrent countrys. Some I met oft, other ist years that I havent seen. What all of you unite is my gratitude to you.

You have riched my life. Tresurs of Moments of sharring, exchanging... ist all the richness of my life.

Down ist he part that is to you personly.

please us your intuition and imagination as my bad english got even worth.

Dear Karen,

I could write you in german, I could express myself much better and even get the camputer corection, but........... you belong to my english speaking friends.

Ist so good to feel how graitful I am to life, to poeple, each day that passed and I am doing my ritual is a gift, a wunderfull one, as it makes me consious how rich I am, how my life are ful with god grace, with beauty, goodness. How much support and help are allways in my life, how much I recieved through out the years, how many wunderfull uniqe poeple I know.

And you are dear Karen are one of those.

With the years is friendship with you grow-up. I know you are form me as I am for you....

I am haveing very deep respekt to you, to all that you are able to go through, all that you do for your family, all the big work in times of much pains.

You opened yours self to me, that I can share your inner beauty and richness. I love your smile your humore, your way of keeping seeing the good side in life.

Karen, you gave me the grace to accompany you in time off giving birth; The waitting, to be the first one who see you after giving birth, to see your eyes loooking at your baby, very spiecal Moments form e and a big honor. Than to help Ludvig a littel with the children, with cleaning the house, as it was to much for him. I kneu that this way you could feel relax a littel, becouse your family getting support.

I feel very privilege, to be with you in those days, to be near, to give a hand. So thank you of allowing me to do some goods on earth, and thank you for your trust and sharring.

Through your extreem life situation and unusual Health story, all the situations by you and the children, this burden showed me oft proportion to my own difficulties, as if god showing me; thier are poeple who are realy haveing it hard. Tt gave me a neu perspective to my situation, which gave me a feeling of lightness and gratitude to my situations. My problems became very small. I felt very blessed and happy with what I have, on one hand, at the other, big respect how you deal with your life challenges, the power to go though so much pain, so many tasks.

Tob e a witness o fit, I am graitfull. Ist teaching me about strenth, not giving up, keeping on. Thank you Karen.

Dear Karen, becomming 50 is a process to acknowledge the fulness of my life, the richness, the grace.

You are one of this 50 poeple, to which my ritual of gratitude my day speical make.

Thank you dear one.

Love and blessing


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