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Saturday weigh in

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good morning!

So this week I was thinking about doing an official zig-zag plan; not just one because I messed up and needed to turn my week into that. I like the plan I came up with, and to be honest I'm a little worried about doing it the week before I go home. I mean, you see two 1800 calorie days and you gotta be a LITTLE leery. But as we all know, the body goes off of calorie average for the week, and all this does is confuse it to keep weight loss consistent. If I do in fact choose to not do it this week, I WILL be doing it when I go home because it will make hanging out with friends and eating easier when I know I have the option of using zig zag as my opportunity to eat a little more. NOT necessarily terrible food, but portions of less-than-ideal food and have it still fit into my plan. That way, everyone wins. Plus, I know I'll be drinking this summer on the beach, and only like once a week (twice MAX) and I can use my calories for that some days because I won't be drinking more than 200 calories of alcohol in a sitting anyway. I got a plan, no worries! I won't go crazy and derail myself like that - I've worked too hard to undo it all for a season.

I do wonder how my plans will change now that I'm going home. I just want to find a groove and get into it with working out. I need a plan like I have at school - I won't have the same gym, same equipment (I DO plan on buying dumbbells for my house though emoticon), or same foods. Fruit and veggies are expensive! It's a sucky fact of life...I take for granted how available they are at school. But they're an investment, and hopefully I get good at couponing or something (even though I never see coupons for fruits or veggies) but I'll figure something out. Plenty of people have lost weight without using that as an excuse. I don't need excuses! And I won't use them. Period.

I had my weigh in today, and I lost 2.1 lbs! I am so happy to be ahead of my goal. When I first started this back in January, I mapped out how much I needed to lose per week (which you can see on my home page). At this point, planning for 2 lbs a week, I was supposed to be at 202 if all of the stars aligned. This morning, I was down to 194.7 from 196.8 last week. The feeling of seeing a '1' in front of two other numbers is indescribable, still! Not that I expected to see a '2' this week (would have CRIED! lol) but it's still so surprising. I'm halfway out of the 190s, and I just broke into them! It makes me want to work so hard to just kick away from being anywhere close to 200. It was pretty cool, just for fun last night I weighed myself after dinner, and I was 190something. Not 200! It was so weird. I was so used to seeing 200something when I weighed in, especially after a meal, it was so amazing to know that won't happen again. I don't ever want to see that again, and I will do everything I can to make sure it doesn't ever come back. Anyway, in addition to being ahead of my goal now, I didn't realize that it meant that my end of summer goal will be different too! Of course I'm changing it so that now, I want to lose 2 lbs from the weight I'm at currently. I wouldn't want to let myself be lax just because I'm ahead. Yes, it does take a LITTLE pressure off if I miss the goal (which thankfully I haven't since the very beginning) but it by no means is a ticket to slack. It actually pushes me harder because it's nice to be ahead, like I got a free 8 lb pass. That's a whole month ahead! And I can feel my collar bone more and more everyday, and I'm obsessed with touching it emoticon

So now, instead of being 168 by the end of summer, the goal is 160. I want to be 156 by my 21st birthday on October 14. I was thinking that depending on how I feel at certain weights, I could stop early or whatever, because I look so different as-is now. But I'm not close to stopping just yet, so when I get to that point, I can assess the situation. One thing I've learned that it's not all about the number on the scale, but also how I feel when I look in the mirror and in my own skin. That's a wonderful lesson. I also measured myself from my first time measuring last month (since you're supposed to once a month) and I lost inches! Things like that also play a big part. Muscle weighs more than fat, etc. etc. Basically what I'm saying is that I am going to work toward my goal of 156, but if I start to look unhealthy or maybe want to keep a little curve, I may slow down a bit. We'll see, but as of now, I have no intention of stopping where I am! Too much arm and leg fat to stay emoticon
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