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No Longer Missing Out

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I have let myself get distracted from exercise for the past two weeks because of final exams and sore throats and other little things that happen in life. Every time I log onto SP and see someone running a 5k, talking about Zumba, or Jillian Micheals I feel like I am missing out. The hubby and I played soccer last night when we took the baby girl to the park and I felt so good moving! I miss my workouts and I want to apologize to my body. Thirty minutes a day will not change my ability to study effectively. My sinuses have cleared and nothing else in life gives me the same feeling of accomplishment as completing a workout. I miss my sore muscles and I miss wiping sweat from my eyes.
The funny thing is those are the things I used to hate about exercising. I didn't want to be sore the next day and pretty girls didn't sweat. I was the kid who stopped running in elementary school because I hated it. So far, I have run a 5k and still didn't love running. Until last night, I was spinning around a pole at the park with my eyes closed and it felt like flying. I thought to myself, I haven't felt like I was flying since the last time I ran. That is when I realized that I love the feeling I get when I run.... I love running. So I will no longer miss out on my workouts because I have grown attached to them.
Running is for when I need to feel like I'm flying over all the junk from the day. Taebo is for the days I feel like I need to fight all that is wrong with the world. Circuit training with Jillian in the mornings always makes me feel like I'm preparing to take on the world. Zumba is the best party to celebrate life. Why would anyone want to miss out on that? I know that I don't and I know that I won't again!
This realization has really motivated me. After I post this blog, I am changing my name because I am no longer missing out on life when I make healthy choices. Healthy living is the only way to truly live life!
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