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Lots of randomness...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Time for some randomness…

I managed to get in my 90 minutes of exercise this week for the first time in way too long. It felt pretty good too… I just have to keep reminding myself so I don’t forget again.

I managed to stay in or very close to my calories each day for the first time in WAY, way too long!

It’s progress at least.

I went to a local running store a couple of weeks ago and got “fitted” for a new pair of running shoes. I’ve been wearing a pair of Under Armor shoes that rub the back of my right foot if I don’t put a Band-Aid on first. The new shoes were awful though… big, clunky, hot, and they made my ankles hurt. Apparently I have a lot of ankle movement when I walk so the girl that picked out shoes for me picked a shoe to correct that. That didn’t work out too well though. I returned them yesterday and the guy that watched me walk this time just put me in a neutral shoe and they felt much better. I will try them out tomorrow morning… and I really hope that these work out because I hate returning/exchanging stuff! The new shoes were a bit cheaper too so I have a store credit for the difference.

I’m starting to get anxious about graduation… and I’m honestly thinking about backing out of the whole walk across the stage thing. For me it was never about walking across a stage in front of a bunch of people, it was about completing the degree, which I have done and I already have it in my possession. A few people would love to see me actually walk across the stage so I basically said I’d do it for them. I’m not really sure if mom will be able to make it though since she’s still recovering from the neck surgery and my stepdad works that night so I don’t know if he’d be able to make it either. And I have to take half a day off of work to participate in the graduation after already missing a bunch of time when mom was in the hospital. I don’t know… the more I think about it the less I want to do it now. And I have absolutely nothing to wear… I have ZERO nice clothes

Speaking of clothes… I need to start buying some Summer clothes so that I have stuff to wear on our vacation in June. So far I have a bathing suit and one pair of capris. I just wish I could bypass the trying on clothes part of the shopping though. I guess my brain hasn’t caught on to the fact that I’m not ginormous anymore so I have a hard time picking stuff that is the right size… so I spend FOREVER trying on stuff only to realize it’s all way too big. Then I try on the sizes that actually fit and I feel uncomfortable because I’m so used to hiding in my clothes. And online shopping is a nightmare now because I almost always have to return and exchange for a smaller size.

Mom seems to be doing well. She said her neck is stiff from the brace and she desperately wants to take it off, but that probably won’t be allowed for a few more weeks. She is back home now instead of staying with my stepdad’s mom, Mae. Mae’s house is a single level so it was easier for mom to stay there for the first few days out of the hospital and Mae is always home so she had someone with her all the time there. While she was in the hospital they were giving her a nicotine patch since she’s a smoker and they obviously weren’t going to let her go outside to smoke. When she went to Mae’s house I bought her a box of the patches in hopes that she wouldn’t start smoking again. I talked to her yesterday and asked if she was still using the patch and she said yes. When I mentioned packing up all of the cigarette crap like ashtrays and stuff at her house though she seemed hesitant. She claimed she was trying to quit before she went into the hospital and was down to 7 cigarettes a day from her usual 1-2 packs a day but her hesitation makes me nervous. Ultimately I know it’s her decision, but I really, really hope she quits this time… I’ve been hoping that for most of my life though.

Polar SUCKS!!! I just had to throw that in here! As everyone is aware, I’ve been fighting with them about the heart rate monitor that only works for 6 weeks and then stops receiving a signal. The first time they sent me a new chest strap and a new transmitter. That worked for about 6 weeks and then stopped receiving a signal… so I called them again. This time around they made me box everything up and return it to them for inspection. In my note to them I mentioned that I have a medical condition that causes my heart rate to spike/drop out and if I don’t catch it in time I will pass out. Having a functional HRM helps me keep an eye on that while I exercise so I don’t hurt myself. Well, the idiots jumped all over that and told me that my condition is what’s causing the HRM to not work properly because it worked just fine for them. Ugh! They told me that their products are designed to work for people with a “NORMAL” heart. I told the jackass that there is NOTHING wrong with my heart… I’ve had many, many tests done by several doctors and it is NOT my heart. He kept arguing with me though and basically said they were sending the crap back to me as is. I will never, ever buy another Polar product!


In other HRM news… I finally figured out what was going on with the Garmin HRM… you know, that caused me to throw a tantrum and totally skip my workout the other day. *Rolling my eyes* The first time I used it there were a bunch of question prompts… “Use indoors?” “Pair foot pod?” “Pair heart rate monitor?” So I set it up easily… but I had a bit of trouble when I was trying to upload the data to my computer after my workout and I had to reset the device. The next time I turned it on there were no prompts and I couldn’t figure out how to get the foot pod and the HRM to activate. The manual they sent with it was useless… so after throwing a tantrum and changing into my PJs I looked it up online and found out that instead of pressing the menu button I needed to press and HOLD it to access the right settings so that I could turn on the foot pod and HRM… and now it works just fine, imagine that!

Well, this is probably enough randomness for one blog! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job on the exercise and tracking!! Way to get back on track. It's definitely a hard thing to do.

    I hope you've found a shoe that works for you. I need to brave a "real" store some day.

    Glad your Mom is recovering nicely. My Mom is a heavy smoker and has been diagnosed with COPD. She still smokes even though she says it's less. :(

    I think you should walk for graduation. And take lots of pictures. I think the excitement will be contagious and you EARNED it! :)

    1631 days ago
    Exercise: Yay!

    Food: Yay! (I didn't do so hot this week/weekend)

    Shoes: I got fitted at a running store once, and found out that my foot is pretty neutral. I figure that means I can pretty much go to a regular store now and buy whatever shoe is the most comfortable. And if I can just lose 4-5 more pounds these new shoes WILL BE MINE! :-)

    Clothes: I do the SAME thing. Right now I'm only about a size smaller than I think I am, so somethings do still fit me at the bigger size, but in reality most of the things I try on are at least one size too big. And It's frustrating! Sometimes after trying on all the crap in the WRONG size (and you after to try it all on, cause after the first few you think it might just be a fluke or a different brand sizes weird or something) I'm often so exhausted that I don't even want to try anything else on.

    Mom: I'm glad she's doing ok. I can appreciate the annoyance of the neck brace, but I'm going to guess it's totally worth not having the constant daily pain from before.

    HRM: Don't hate me, but I have a Polar HRM (an older one) that's worked fine for many many years. At least 3 or 4 years. So maybe it's just their newer stuff that's flawed? Regardless, their customer service people shouldn't suck so much! You may want to write something or even just check out They are a great consumer advocacy blog. I've learned SO MUCH about different companies and their policies from this website. It's the reason I will NEVER shop at Best Buy.

    Best of luck on the plan for the rest of this week!
    1633 days ago
    Sounds like life has been pretty good lately emoticon
    I personally haven't been to my graduation ceremony (neither my BA nor my MA degrees. The PhD was still worth it, but where I live the other ceremonies are just less interesting anyway - no robes or strange hats...). It's no big deal, I guess, as long as you have the degree.
    I wonder when you'll start enjoying the shopping part - once you realize what your real size is...
    I hope your mom continues to feel better and that she doesn't get back to smoking.
    Enjoy your Garmin, the important thing is that you have a good HRM now.
    Have a great week emoticon
    1634 days ago
    I really hope you don't skip your graduation - you will regret it! I missed mine for almost the same reasons and have really regretted it.

    1635 days ago
    I am so happy they finally did your mom's surgery and she is out and recovering. I know you are relieved. You are right about the degree. The stage thing is no biggie. You sound like me when something electronic is going well with me. I do flip out sometimes. LOL Once I walk away from it and cool off I usually figure things out. Frustration makes me stupid. ha ha ha Calming down boots my brain back to working. lol Take care of yourself. Get out there and shop. You are skinny now. You have worked hard to get that way. Now reward yourself with clothes that fit. Have fun. Still praying for you and your mom!
    1635 days ago
    That is good you could return the shoes for comfortable ones. I hope they do the trick. In the end it's up to you on walking across the stage, but I think it could be a nice way to wrap it all up :-) Congrats on finishing!
    Good your mom's doing pretty well. Sucks about the cigs but she is an adult and has to make that decision herself. For years I wanted my mom to stop, I'd even hide them on her, and after multiple times trying to quit she finally did a few years ago. I was (and am) so proud of her. I hope your mom kicks that habit too.
    Polar seems like a bad company to buy from, sorry they are stringing you around about it all too.

    1635 days ago
    Very glad you are back into the exercising and that your Mom is coming along. As for the smoking nothing will make her quit till she is ready. Take it from one who knows. I had a Quad bypass and smoked for 3 years after. Isn't technology just the most wonderful thing when it works. Hang in there things are going to get better.
    1635 days ago
    Wonderful news on your mom's recovery. Stiff neck is to be expected, still a 'pain in the neck', I know I know...I'm terrible. She is doing so much better though, It's wonderful to walk on the lightside of silly humour.

    I'm with you on the clothes boat. Ack, it's a frustration. Good news is that you can pick one thing in your size and duplicate it just in different colours. I have the same capris (when I finally found my size and style) in 3 different colours so that I wouln't have to go on this stupid hunt again. I hate shopping and now that I'm getting used to not hiding, the clothes are fun. The shopping still sucks.

    I'm sorry about the heart monitor stuff. I hate dealing with crooks. My mama always says, "What goes around comes around." I've seen it few times to know it is true enough , but, the waiting is annoying.

    I'm getting back to the basics with my calorie focus again. Someohow I equated, "Yay, goal!" with, "Free ticket to cookie bag!!!".
    Kinda backfired on my progress.
    Sparkity spark spark spark!
    1635 days ago
    I totally think you should go to graduation. My sis-in-law and cousin didn't want to, but after they did go last weekend, they were glad they did. =)
    1635 days ago
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