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Today I Published My Web Page!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Good Evening all.

Hope you all had a wonderful day. I certainly did. I had to work today for five hours and at the morning meeting my manager told everyone about my great service with a customer, everyone congratulated me and I was so proud of myself.

I also found out that I have about 27.0 Hours next week. I am very pleased and relieved to get these hours. Being patient and doing the best that I can paid off. They are recognizing my work and work ethics.

These five hours flew by very fast and after work we went to Safeway to do some shopping and get some healthy lunches and dinners for next week. The cashier even gave us some coupons to use and we saved and extra 13.75 today. WTG.

After that I came home sparked and then decided to work on my Weebly Web Page and guess what it is finished.

I must say that I like how it looks. It is just two pages of most of my knittables and a few comments with my email address for orders. I don't know how to link it so that customers can order from this site.

I will figure it out but for now this is fine. I still can edit the page and add a few things to it as well as blogging on it if I so desire tool! I think I will. Once a week or one a month depending how busy I get.

I will attempt to add the link here and pray that it works. If not I will try to do it again later.

Weebly says that I am published so maybe it take a while for it to get published.

If not you can try this one: Http//

Please I value your comments and if you have any helpful hints or suggestion please spark mail me.

My back is so much better today, no stiffness or pain, no muscle pull or swelling. Having three days off from doing anything but stretching and resting sure helped a great deal and now I can go back to my regular routine carefully and start again with Pilates or try Yoga again.

I did over 30,413 steps today and I fill great.

As for mom she is doing well and loving her wheelchair. Paul did a fantastic job getting it all fixed and ready for mom with her new J2 cushioned seat and new Back and head rest. This chair tilts backward like a recliner and is so neat and is handles well. Paul spent over and hour and a half getting it done and worked overtime.

I have never ever met a person in a retail setting or a medical retail store that was so knowledgeable or so full of the right information for us. He even let us have the wheelchair rent free for another week just to make sure the chair is perfect for mom as can be possible with her curvature of the spine.

He was the one who bought two of my elephants last week when we went to Davis Pharmacy to rent a chair.

His wife loves them and will order more from me in the future that is one of the main reasons I had to get published ASP.

I know I had promised to get it done by the end of March but because of everything that went on with mom I had forgotten about it until last week.

I really do hope you all visit my web page and can leave me a short note or say hi if you can. If you can't no worries.

Well I must go now and get on with my Owl Afghan, deadline is now the 10th. Amanda needs it before Mothers day.

Hugs to all and Good Night to all

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