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Little miss kitty

Friday, May 04, 2012

Miss Kitty and I are currently at war.

It started with a minor skirmish almost two weeks ago. She was getting lonely (what with my crazy schedule) and started climbing on my chest and pawing at my face -- and meowing the whole time -- at 3-4 in the morning.

The first few days, almost a week, I'm very nice about this. I cuddle her and pet her when she wakes me up, I play with her in the mornings before my shower, while I'm drinking coffee, as soon as I get home...I even worked from home two days so that she wouldn't feel neglected!

But a week passed, and the behavior escalated. She wouldn't let me sleep at all, and I finally started having to draw some lines. The first line...she could sleep on my bed, but not on me (and THAT was a fight in and of itself!) So I start kicking her off the bed...and that makes her all the more determined to climb on me and wake me up at 4 AM.

Okay, let's face's not the best time of day to be messing with me!

After two more nights of this, I decide to lock her out of my room...I have to be up early, and I need a good night's sleep so I'll have the energy to play for more than just 10-15 minutes when I get home.

And she escalates. She sits outside my door meowing at the top of her little kitty lungs for two hours straight.

It's a full-fledged battle now!

I lock her out for two nights, don't get any sleep through the meowing, and let her in again on the third night. Is she grateful, or happy to be back to sleeping on my bed? Oh no, she is still mad that I'm not home as much. So she brings her favorite toy -- I'll call it mouse-on-stick and leave it at that -- onto the bed that night. I'm fast asleep, she's rolling around with her toy, and WHAP, the stick hits me in the head.

Now it's war.

I take the toy and hide it, where she can't find it. And I think, hahaha, I've won!

As it turns out, miss kitty is more devious than I thought, and she is willing to play dirty. And by dirty, I mean dropping a dookie outside the litterbox. That's right. I come home from work (FINALLY!) at 8 tonight, and there's a big old deuce laying there waiting for me.

Important side note: I discover the deuce when she tips over my water glass, a sure sign her food bowl is empty. I go to get more food for her, and what do I find?

So I look at the counter, the standing water I have yet to mop up still sitting on the surface...and miss kitty gloating beside the counter. In retrospect, I know it was bad of me. I can only plead frustration and sleep deprivation. But I put my hand on the counter, in the middle of all that standing water, and push it right over the edge...and onto miss kitty.

She YOWLED!! And then spazzed out and ran from room to room, and finally sat back down and GLARED at me (yes, cats can glare. I think we get the evil eye from them.)

I'm pretty sure she'll retaliate tonight. I don't know how, but I'll definitely be impressed with her creativity. Mom says that there is no winning the war with pets...they're willing to do things we aren't (example: the dookie outside the litterbox) and I should just concede.


Having said that, I've gotten some truly PRICELESS pictures of her curled up on my bed and (I can only assume) jazzercising on the wall. And after the water throwing incident, I left for dinner with friends, and she was soooo cuddly and sweet when I got home...maybe she longs for a truce too?

Sleeping on my bed:

Going to great lengths to drink MY water:

"Jazzercising" with the wall:

And tonight...very cuddly and acting like she wants a truce. Is she sincere? I still don't know...but it was a great photo op!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I was searching "nocturnal cats" in the hopes of finding some advice that would help me deal with my beautiful night athlete, Bonnie. Despite a lot of active play during the evenings, Bonnie comes alive at night and dashes round my apartment at top speed, breaking all the rules by bounding over furniture and moving as many objects as possibly. Not only does she wake me up and keep me awake, I'm sure my neighbours below suffer the same every night.

    I have to say that, while I commiserate with you as a fellow, albeit very tired, human who has suffered at the paws of a nocturnal feline, your experience reassures me that, what I consider to be Bonnie's antisocial behaviour, is actually quite feline normal. However, like you, I draw a line to drinking MY water, especially as Bonnie has her own fancy filtered-water dispenser!

    Thanks for the chuckle... my battle continues!

    1944 days ago
    The fun of furbabies!! emoticon

    When Candy the cat decided, after years of sleeping near my feet, that the best place on the bed was near my pillow, I fought back at first and kept pushing her away, but guess what... I lost that battle!! She was much more determined than I was and now, her favourite sleeping spot is near my pillow!

    Lovely pictures! emoticon
    2048 days ago
    Cats will push things until you convince them they have pushed it too far. It sounds like maybe scooping the water on her then leaving may have convinced her.
    2051 days ago
    Oh, Falon - this had me grinning! I had two kitties, but one went to live with my son at college as soon as he had a house. The remaining kitty, Pokey, stayed here. I thought she might mourn Finn's departure, but it turned out she's been happy, probably because Finn dealt her constant misery in the form of pouncing on her every time she let her guard down. Ha!

    However, Pokey has always been a clingy cat with me, and that tripled when Finn left the nest. Her biggest change has been that she's much more vocal now, and will meow until she's touched. This leads to long back and forth exchanges until I decide to touch her - and this works if I only lay one finger on her! Which brings me to my point: she does this at night as well. Cats are naturally very nocturnal, so she gets up a couple of times at night, then gets back in bed. Of course she feels she has to greet me as usual, as if it's been 3 days since we saw each other. She will meow until I touch her. I, too, fought this new behavior, but eventually gave in. It's just easier to (almost in my sleep now) reach over and touch her as soon as she comes over to me on the bed. Then she'll settle down and go back to sleep.

    They train us well, don't they?
    2051 days ago
    I can totally relate! Right now Ras is sick and recovering from surgery. BUT he's done all those things too. And you can bet he will again VERY SOON! They all do! HUGS
    2052 days ago
    Hilarious! I was laughing out loud about the deuce. Of course, wouldn't be laughing if it was MY cat...I'm constantly at war with DH's cat. He likes to pee just about anywhere BUT his litterbox. He also thinks my side of the bed is HIS side of the bed and if he's in bed with DH when I go to bed, he gets all bent out of shape about it. To get back at him, I don't let him outside when he wants out with the other kitties. In fact, I close the door right behind the other kitties so that he has to put on the brakes to keep from sliding on the hardwood and into the door. HAHA! If he's outside, I also don't let him in when he wants in.

    2052 days ago
    I love the pics. Aren't furkids entertaining? (Sometimes not in a good way!)
    2052 days ago
    AW! I love your kitty! She sounds like my kitty- who can be good and evil too. She drinks out of our waters, has a stick toy thingy and is SO cute. But you know, eventually, she'll win and you won't even know it. emoticon
    2052 days ago
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