Weigh-In Day Again. Pleased, but a bit Confused...

Friday, May 04, 2012

Another Friday has arrived! I missed last week because I was out of town, but my 2-week combined weight loss was 4.2 lbs!! Woohoo!! I don't want to speak too soon, but perhaps I have finally managed to break through the dreaded plateau. Honestly, I think the big difference was that my husband was away on business for the last 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful man and is very supportive of my weight loss journey, but he's definitely not interested in eating the same kinds of foods I eat. He eats almost exclusively processed foods and potatoes. I think the only "vegetable" he ever eats is corn and even that he doesn't have very often. Well, since he hasn't been here I've been shopping just for myself and I think at this point nearly everything in my fridge is fresh produce and the freezer is full of fish and more veggies. There are no snacks other than sugar-free Jello and strawberries (my favorite combo!!). The poor man is going to starve when he gets home tonight...

The other issue I wanted to mention today is a problem with discrepancies between my scale at home and the scale I weigh-in on at my Weight Watchers meetings. I have a very nice digital scale at home that was a wedding gift and at first it was very accurate. I would weigh myself before leaving the house so I would know what to expect for the meeting (I don't like surprises!) and for a while the numbers between the two scale were matching up exactly down to a tenth of a pound every week. Well, about a month ago I noticed my weight at my meeting was 0.4lbs higher than my weight at home. This continued the following week but didn't bother me much... but then 2 weeks ago the scales were different by a whole pound. And this week at WW the scale read 2.4 lbs higher than my at-home weight!! That's a huge difference!!! I just don't understand what's going on and its causing me a lot of stress because now I feel like I will never have any clue what to expect at my weigh-ins anymore and I don't really know what my "real" weight is. Its very confusing to me :(

I'm also confused about the changes in my body that go along with my weight loss... Or, more accurately, the total LACK of changes in my body. Now, my husband says he can see a difference and compliments me all the time, but lets be honest here: he'd be crazy NOT to say those things. Not that I think he isn't being genuine, but I think he may be exaggerating just a bit... But really, I've lost 18.8 lbs since starting Weight Watchers and I haven't even lost a single pant size yet..... Its hard to really feel like I've lost anything at all when I see no changes in my body with such a big weight loss. What's going on here??

SW: 203.0 (since starting Weight Watchers)
CW: 184.2
total lost: 18.8
GW: 163
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