ETLC: Chicken Mexican Beer Soup

Thursday, May 03, 2012

this is a soup I made earlier in the week for lunches

here is the link to my recipe for it in SparkRecipes

here is how the nutrition breaks down

this recipe is what happens when I am feeling "creative" in the kitchen - I love my slow cooker, and I love experimenting with different things - the nice thing is my husband will eat almost anything once - and the good thing is that the more I experiment, the better I get at flavor combinations and I have fewer misses

at under 300 calories for a bowl (a large bowl), this is the perfect meal and easy to pair with a starch (I have eaten it with crushed saltines and also served it over mashed potatoes)

for some the beer may be questionable, you could switch it up with either a veggie or chicken broth, or even a fruit juice or non-alcoholic beer - the amber beer gives it a nice flavor which mellows through the meat as it cooks all day
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