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The Dangers of the 80/10/10 Diet

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

I would not be a responsible Team Leader if I did not write and share this blog. I am both saddened and scared for team members of my Raw Foodies and Green Smoothie Teams that are following the writings and suggestions of a Sparker that is constantly pushing the 80/10/10 Diet. Yes there are pros to this diet but the cons far outweigh them. However, this Sparker does not share the pitfalls and reacts poorly when the subject arises.

For those that are not familiar with the 80/10/10, this is a book that was written by Douglas Graham. His concept proposes that the ideal ratio of nutrients to support health is 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat. Graham is basing his program entirely on raw foods with fruit forming the foundation of the diet. He states that fruit is the ideal food for humans and supports his claims with convincing arguments and scientific research.

Dieters are encouraged to eat mono meals of fruit where a single fruit is eaten in large quantities. For example breakfast might consist of 4 pounds of watermelon. Graham explains that it is necessary to eat fruit in such amounts in order to obtain adequate calories, which is necessary to thrive on this diet.
Graham also advises dieters to consume approximately a pound of leafy greens each day such as lettuce, spinach, and celery. Foods high in fat such as avocado and nuts are generally limited to a small serving every second day or so.
Ok enough for a synopsis of his book.

There are pros and cons to consuming fat in your diet. There are many opinions out there just exactly how much fat we need in our diets to be healthy. We should limit foods high in saturated fat, fat is necessary to maintain a healthybody. Many people eat too much of the bad fats, but also eat too little of the good fats required for optimal health.

There are long term, health problems from dietary deficiencies and imbalances inevitably catch up with people. When one starts embracing a new way to eat the beginning of the diet results in a spectacular honeymoon phase—filled with surging energy, renewed vigor, and zest for your lively cuisine. Of course it does. You have been abusing your body for years and you are now cleaning up your act and your diet. Out goes the greasy fried foods (think cheese burgers, fried chicken, and fries), out goes the sugar ( think milkshakes, ice cream, cookies, cakes, and pies), out goes the processed foods (think about your favorite junk food snacks). You get the ideas so of course you are going to lose weight and your health immediately improves.

But somewhere down the line—months for some people, years for others—the problems start creeping in. To lower the risk of obesity and heart disease, it is important to reduce the amount of fat in the diet. However, going too low can also lead to health problems because the body needs some fat to function properly. The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, keeping your fat intake to around 30 percent of your daily calories (while minimizing consumption of saturated fat) can decrease your risk for certain cancers, cardiac conditions and stroke.

Essential fatty acids are directly linked to brain function, mood stabilization, healthy nervous and reproductive systems, etc. So many parts of the body are built with fats too, not enough of them and things can start to malfunction here and there. I'm not advocating tons of fatty foods but there is a reason we crave them, good fats are pretty essential for body function and health.

Short-term results and long-term results are often the exact opposite. If feeling better in the short-term was the key to your health then go for it. Yes you will loose weight if that is your only objective. So if you only do this for a short term that may be appealing. You will get fast results. Are bells going off in your head right now? They should be, doesn’t this sound like just another fad diet? Doesn’t this sound like just a quick fix?

Unfortunately there is a price to pay for taking such a path. Aren’t we all here on Spark People to learn how to form better habits and to develop a healthier lifestyle? Diets do not work but healthy lifestyles do. We need to develop a lifestyle plan we can live with forever and not just the short term.

That is the problem with the 80/10/10. There is no longevity to it. It hasn’t been around long enough to have a proven track record. It hasn’t been around long enough for the illnesses, complications, and deaths to be attributed to this way of eating. However, by following an lowfat diet like 10% or less has found usually starting with small things like constant coldness, disappearance of the menstrual period followed by much more serious health problems like anemia, infertility, hair loss, severe digestive problems, frequent illness/immune disorders, autoimmune disease, and any number of other strange complications.
If you follow a low-fat diet, then you are missing out on the benefits of good fat such as unsaturated fat. This type of fat actually helps decrease bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol. Cooking oils such as olive oil and canola oil contain unsaturated fats, as do nuts, peanut butter, avocado and flaxseed. Omega-3 fatty acids are another type of healthy fat, as they can help decrease cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides. Fish such as salmon and tuna are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Low-fat diets also decrease the supply of hormones that maintain your muscles. This results in the loss of lean muscle that helps you burn calories and rev up your metabolism.

Fat serves essential functions in the body. It helps control inflammation, supports blood clotting and brain development and provides insulation for the organs. In addition, fat can provide the body with energy when glucose levels get low. The body needs adequate levels of fat to maintain healthy skin and hair and to be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. So cutting out too much fat from the diet is not healthy.

A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that, after eating an oil-free salad of lettuce, spinach, carrots and tomatoes, people absorbed little of the phytochemicals beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lycopene

In conclusion the Benefits of the 80/10/10:
Can help keep your cholesterol levels constant
Can help lower your blood pressure
Can help eliminate risks of cardiovascular disease
Quick weight loss that will come back once you find your body can’t sustain this diet and you go off it

The cons of the 80/10/10:
A diet you can not follow for life
Gall bladder issues
Digestive issues
Hair loss
emoticonThanks guys, how could I leave off the most common problem with high fruit consumption - the loss of your teeth and other major dental complications

You can lose B vitamins, zinc and some essential fatty acids if the fat content in your diet is too low. Fat is needed to help the body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well lycopene.

The researchers analyzed data from the long-running Nurses' Health Study that began in 1980 with 85,764 women. By 1996, the ones who ate the least saturated fat (about 20 grams per day) were about twice as likely as women eating moderate amounts (25 to 36 grams) to have suffered a particular type of stroke called an intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

Following a low fat is a good thing. Keeping your daily fat intake between 20 and 30% is safe. Limiting your daily fat intake to 10% or under is dangerous.

The thing that bothers me the most is this diet is totally unproven. It is the brainchild of just man and one book. It is this one book that this Sparker is basing her conclusions on and is trying to ram you’re your throats and say this is the one true way to eat. There is a term for this. It is called orthorexia nervosa. Orthorexia nervosa refers to a pathological fixation on eating so-called ‘proper’ food. I see a danger in this because she is trying to develop a following and many people are turning to this because tremendous weight loss is and always has been enticing. Ding, ding, ding those bells are going off. Do your homework folks. Do your own homework. Make your own conclusions. Look at both the pros and cons, then make your own decision.

Please read this article found on Spark People, 6 Risks of Eating a Low-Fat Diet. How Low Can You Go? The Big Fat Truth about Low-Fat Diets. It is Spark People’s position on the issue of low fat.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Stumbled onto this blog while searching spring pitfalls, while this doesn't really apply- boy did you get folks responding! Nice and thought provoking. Personally, I think I'd be cranky if I did 80% carbs!
    1020 days ago
    Please come back after you have been following this way of eating after a year and then tell us how good you feel. Most likely after a year you will have changed your tune. Three months is not a long enough time to have your body start to succumb to all of the health problems I wrote about in my blog. They do not happen over night.

    Of course you have lost weight eating nothing but fruit and of course you have lost your sugar cravings for ice cream because your sugar cravings are being fed by all of the sugar in your fruits. Yes natural sugar found in fruits is way better than sugar.

    The SAD (Standard American Diet is not healthy nor is the 80/10/10. The 80/10/10 may be beneficial in getting the weight off quickly and losing your love of sugar but is not a diet you can stay on without developing major health issues.
    1370 days ago
    I LOVE 801010!!! I have been following this lifestyle for roughly 3 months and I can't see myself ever going back. Not only do I get to eat as much food as I want, but since starting I have never had a craving for any sweets that I previously had no control over. I used to eat an entire tub of ice cream with a tube or cookie dough for supper, and because I was calorie counting that was all I would eat all day. I eat up to 3,000 calories a day on this diet and stopped counting calories because ... COUNTING CALORIES IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF!!!

    Whenever people question my diet I like to throw out a comparison. I like to think of the animal kingdom and how stupid humans are in the grand scheme of eating habits. We eat dead animal carcasses that take 3-4 days to pass through our intestines(which our intestines are not equipped to handle), we are the only animal who needs to cook our food, it doesn't make sense that we are breastfeeding through innocent cows, we starve our body of nutrients to lose weight, we are the only animal that counts calories, we are one of the very few animals that can even get obese, and we judge people who eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables. People really???

    I have only been on 801010 for a short time, but with the benefits I have experienced I will never go back. I don't ever want to count a calorie again in my life. I have amazing digestion, I no longer smell(used to have stinky sweat, now I don't even wear deodorant because my sweat is odorless), I have gained muscle, lost weight, gained so much energy, I am rarely sore after intense workouts, and I eat as much as I want. Don't knock it before you try it people. This is one of the healthiest diets on the planet. And do your own research, people want to tell you good things about your bad habits... Inform yourselves rather then listening to a silly blog post. Read books, and most importantly take advice from the people who are getting the results you want. Everybody who follows this diet long term is in tip top shape and extremely healthy.
    1370 days ago
    The article states:
    " The American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association, keeping your fat intake to around 30 percent of your daily calories (while minimizing consumption of saturated fat) can decrease your risk for certain cancers, cardiac conditions and stroke. "

    I'm sorry but going by recommendations of ACS and AHA are very dangerous. The most successful doctors, the doctors that are healing people ALL prescribe to a macro-nutrient ration of 80/10/10. Look them up, Ornish, Furhman, Pritikin, Klapper, Mcdougal, Greger, Esselstyn etc... and of course the countless efforts of T Colin Campbell. Those are the health care professional that are healing people, not the guidelines of the ACS or AHA. They would be out of business, their funding stream would be long gone if they really helped people. The author looses credibility in my opinion by using them as a reference.

    Before you criticize this diet please do lots of proper research. Graham's version may not be your cup of tea, but you may find balance with some of the other names I mentioned.

    The standard American diet is crazy, reckless and harmful and very profitable to the sick care industry.
    1377 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/13/2014 8:40:13 AM
    I had to comment on this. I think this is a great article because you make a clear point that what's lacking in this diet is healthy fats. What about just adding more healthy fats to the diet if that's all it's lacking? Just eating avocados when you want and cooking with healthy oils in the evening with your salads, soups and pasta etc? Maybe incorporating more beans in the evening too for protein? Eating the fruit and smoothies all day.

    However, though you focus on fat, there might be other things you don't talk about that the diet also is missing. However, I think it's wrong to say that there's not something here, just maybe it needs some tweaking for health?
    1527 days ago
  • SMASH789X
    Okay. I am on a non-diet. I eat whatever. I feel like absolute garbage and have been wanting to make a change for oh about 5 years now, but have been working in camps (ie. other people cook for you and load huge portions on your plate). FINALLY got a job in civilization (lol) but its 12 hour days. I'm going to have very little time messing around with complicated recipes. my goal is to reduce my weight to 122 lbs from 158 currently. I lose 10lbs at the mention of water, so this really isnt much of a stretch. I have a high metabolism (thank god) but eat like total garbage and a LOT (my sister spends 3 days with me and gains 10lbs). I was interested in going on this diet until I reach my goal weight. It appeals to me because of the ludacris amount of food you are required to eat :) , the obvious cleansing benefits, and the simplicity (shop, wash, and go). After reaching my goal weight, I would transition into a more long term plan such as the beauty detox solution. My biggest concern here is - I eat garbage. Hot, cooked, meaty, fatty, barbeque saucy, cheesy, GARBAGE. If I just start this plan full blast, what are the chances of my causing myself some serious discomfort (I can handle discomfort, just not 'miss work serious' discomfort) ? If that is absolutely out of the question, HOW DO I TRANSITION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE?!?! Master cleanse? Juice fast? Hook a sista up people.
    1700 days ago
    I am vegan and eating about 90% raw food. I do not agree with the 80 10 10 diet, I think limiting healthy raw plant fats and plant proteins, is not good at all. Raw coconut meat/avocados/raw nuts and seeds, do not harm blood sugar, in fact these fat rich plant foods have been shown to greatly improve blood sugar due to their high fiber content. I eat tons of these foods all day, every day and I am at a normal weight with no health problems. I do think the 80 10 10 diet is healthier than a cholesterol laden omnivorous diet, that is high in animal fat, however I follow a high macronutrient (fat, carb, protein) plant based diet with no restrictions.
    1817 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/28/2013 1:17:32 AM
    Thank you for posting this. About 2.5 weeks ago I was inspired by some quazi-famous youtube raw foodies to go raw vegan, but recently I decided that it may not be for me. Before I even read anything on the "cons" about the diet, I wondered, "How do they not lose their teeth by doing this diet?" I started to notice many of the YouTubers talking weird with their mouths, almost as if they had really sensitive teeth and were protecting their teeth from the air because they were so sensitive. So I began to research the diet more and realized all the things you wrote in this post. I have no decided to cut back the fruit A LOT... I eat mainly greens, but I also eat cooked grains like quinoa and lentils and brown rice pasta. I eat nuts sparingly, but I make sure to also throw in some humanely raised farm eggs from down the road where I live in order to get some vitamins K2, B12, and D, which are sorely lacking from many vegans and raw vegans diets. I just don't think there's anything healthy long term about eating fruit and mainly only fruit the rest of your life. Sure, it's nice to know if I was stranded on a desert island that I'd be able to survive, but I don't want to just survive... and I like my teeth too much to lose them.

    But anyway, thank you for your post. I have no problem with other people doing the 80/10/10 and if it makes them happy and they are doing it in a way that keeps them healthy and strong, more power to them. But for me I'm paranoid about my teeth and-- OH that reminds me! I actually did a low to no fat diet when I was 20. I ended up with numerous gallstones and had to have my gallbladder out. So I know you're not lying about that. I remember the doctor telling me that since I had no fat my bile had nothing to mix with and produced all these gallstones. On my birthday I ate a piece of cake because my mom forced me and I started to get gallstone attacks and had to go to the ER. I wish I never had my gallbladder out, but that's another story. ANYWAY... point is, low fat diets ARE VERY DANGEROUS. And if you love your organs and your bones, make sure you are getting enough fat!!!
    1921 days ago
    I also disagree that the 80/10/10 diet is dangerous and encourage everybody to read the book before you consider yourselves "educated" about it. I assure you that reading one person's blog post about a particular diet (any diet) is not being "educated" about it. Please, please read the entire book before you pass judgement. To the people who think that they couldn't eat 4 pounds of watermelon, I assure you that you probably can :-) and to the other people who think that this diet would give them the "trots", yes it probably will if you go straight from a standard American diet into the 80/10/10 diet. I think that the 80/10/10 diet is best when it's "eased" into somewhat gradually. I personally went nearly 100% raw overnight and had a fairly normal digestive reaction when doing so. Many people go through detox when they go raw or go 80/10/10 but that's where the bells should be going off.... what is that telling you about your current way of eating if eating clean sends your body into detox mode? Since when is eating a diet consisting of clean whole foods a bad thing? Yes people, PLEASE do your homework. Read the book. Do not consider yourselves "educated" from one blog post.
    1999 days ago
    I also disagree that the 80/10/10 diet is dangerous and encourage everybody to read the book before you consider yourselves "educated" about it. I assure you that reading one person's blog post about a particular diet (any diet) is not being "educated" about it. Please, please read the entire book before you pass judgement. To the people who think that they couldn't eat 4 pounds of watermelon, I assure you that you probably can :-) and to the other people who think that this diet would give them the "trots", yes it probably will if you go straight from a standard American diet into the 80/10/10 diet. I think that the 80/10/10 diet is best when it's "eased" into somewhat gradually. I personally went nearly 100% raw overnight and had a fairly normal digestive reaction when doing so. Many people go through detox when they go raw or go 80/10/10 but that's where the bells should be going off.... what is that telling you about your current way of eating if eating clean sends your body into detox mode? Since when is eating a diet consisting of clean whole foods a bad thing? Yes people, PLEASE do your homework. Read the book. Do not consider yourselves "educated" from one blog post.
    1999 days ago
  • MADDY108
    Quite interesting and makes one remember eating in moderation n exercaise are key to live a healthy life
    2052 days ago
    "Dean Ornish" and "Eat to Live" are 2 of the best books there are on the market concerning low fat vegan or near vegan diets, that recommend 10% fat. There is also the book called "The China Study". The diets are very healthy and actually cause a regression of plaque deposits in the arteries. There are drawbacks to going so low fat, and the main one is increased risk of stroke mostly in populations that eat a low fat diet while still consuming higher amounts of sodium (such as the native Japanese population).

    Since I have a higher risk of stroke I do use the healthy fats such as olive oil and fish oil, as well as raw nuts. I also think that a high level of fruit (though not near as high as 80/10/10) is a good thing, but mainly I think the top focus should be on GREEN, then fruits, then legumes, starchy vegetables such as squash, sweet pototoes, beets etc., then fats. Much of it raw, but also cooked foods.

    As for risks of the 80/10/10 diet, I think it is extremely imbalanced, and maybe a completely raw foods diet of vegetables and fruits could be imbalanced too if you don't know what you're doing, but over-all I think the Standard American Diet puts one at far more risk than any of these other diets. That said, I do think 80/10/10 is pushing the risk too far, and I have seen some that plainly look very anorexic.

    2063 days ago
    Thank you for a most coherent and informative blog.
    I agree with others it reminds of those fad detox diets of the 1980's, I'd suspect one would need a cast-iron stomach for this 80, 10, 10 diet something I no longer have!
    A part from digestive issues I was struck by how ruinous it would be for ones teeth the only possible diet for me is one of moderation.
    2089 days ago
    I can't imagine sitting down and eating 4 pounds of watermelon or the digestive aftermath that must follow that. Sounds crazy to me.
    2092 days ago
    Sounds like a lot of sugar!
    2097 days ago
    Interesting. I had never heard of this diet before.
    2105 days ago
  • JENN03275
    There is also another 80/10/10 breakdown out there for vegetarian athletes. However, it promotes all vegetarian/vegan healthy options. I would have the massive turkey trots eating 4lbs of watermelon~
    2110 days ago
    Thanks for educating us!
    2110 days ago
    I disagree with you that this is a dangerous diet. While it won't work for everyone, followed properly many people live healthy lives following the 80/10/10 style of eating.
    2110 days ago
    Thank you for taking the time and research to approach this 80-10-10 plan from a well-researched and relatively balanced way.

    I'm most happy when I continually move away from processed foods and lean towards more plant-based and whole foods . . . this means I would also not support an excessively low carb diet. I also do not handle denial of some of the not-so-good foods well and have learned how to incorporate some such foods sensibly having lost 100+ lbs and at goal. May we all become avid researchers when learning about the next new fad that tends to border on the extremes.

    emoticon emoticon
    2110 days ago
    Thank you for this very informative, enlightening blog. Like you, I am a Diabetic Type II and I would never eat so much fruit in one day.
    2110 days ago
    I hadn't heard of this one either, but I am glad you pointed it out as well as the good and bad. I am always looking at things like this to see what might benefit me most in the long run. This was some very valuable insight into something that looked good on the surface. Thanks!
    2110 days ago
    I've never heard of this specific diet but the little bit I just read I would run the other way. I don't see how you could sit down and eat that much of 1 item and not get sick of it!

    Thank you for sharing!

    2110 days ago
    4 pounds of watermelon? Do you know how much you'd pee after that? (assuming you could actually eat 4 pounds of watermelon at one sitting) Sheesh - ding, ding, ding is right - but more like "boom! Wake up!" emoticon
    2110 days ago
    thank you for this! I think that whenever someone is recommending a "mono" diet to me, I would run the other way. Balance is the key. I guess, we all know that. It is just hard to follow that road and a lot simpler to take the easy fix for the next 3 months... I guess, we've all been there and we've all done that. But we are here to change this!
    2110 days ago
    This sounds like a very scary diet. As a recovered/always in recovery (that God), anorexic and bulemic (bulemarexia), this diet would scare me to death. Although I in no way follow raw-foodism, vegan or vegetarian diets, I would be petrified to try something so restrictive. I could never follow it (after 8 years of living in recovery), first it might push me back to anorexia, and now that I am very (since I am now trying to lose some of the weight I gained to a get to a healthy BMI) used to eating, I could not restrict myself that much (ever again). I had never heard of the 80/10/10 diet before. I am glad to have heard of it, and would never go in that direction. Thanks for the information
    2110 days ago
    Opinions, like noses....everybody has one! Everyone should do through research into nutrition and then get assistance from their family physian as to the best nutritional plan for them personally according to their own health situation. my Dr gave me Dr Gundry's Diet Evolution book to read. I picked it up at the library and now am ordering my own personal copy . some very good information
    2110 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Someone wanting me to pay them money to tell me to eat FOUR POUNDS of watermelon is my cue to run the other way. THank you for taking time to research this, to compose this thoughtful blog, and to put yourself out there. Nice work. emoticon emoticon
    2112 days ago
    2112 days ago
    Thanks for the information. I have never heard of the 80/10/10 diet, but it is one that I will definitely avoid!
    2112 days ago
  • DOTTY7267
    Thanks for this information. I had not heard of the 80/10/10, but glad you made me aware. I would not have followed anyway because it is too restrictive, which means for me, that it could not be sustainable. I have vowed not to do any fad dieting, because believe me, through the years I've done many with little to no success.
    2112 days ago
    2113 days ago
    emoticon KNEYRUS ,

    The sources are in the blog just google them. Check out exactly what the American Cancer, American Heart Association, the Nurse's Health Study, and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have to say.

    I could have added the many Youtubes showing emaciated people and what they have done to themselves by following this very dangerous lifestyle.

    You may have some short term success if weight loss is all you are after. However I am after a healthy lifestyle that I can do for life. Not interested in a short term quick fix that will jeopardise my health.

    As far as researching LowFat Raw Vegan that is what all of this is all about. Lowfat Raw Vegan that promotes only 10% Protein and 10% Fat with 80% from mainly fruit is dangerous. Come back in a few years and let's have this discussion after you have been following the 80/10/10 for that long. Tell us all how your health has deteriorated as well.

    ERPARA, I am going to send you a link to just one Youtube out there on the dangers of 80/10/10. It is very upsetting which is why I did not post it in my blog.
    2113 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2012 10:25:20 PM
    Erpara, people aren't saying anything, because most of the proper Raw Vegans see that this is whole bunch of non-sense and don't even worth getting in the middle of.. you right, not backed up by anything and very ignorant at that. I find this blog offensive to my lifestyle and it should very much be offensive to all raw foodies. I can literally take this blog apart sentence by sentence and provide evidence against everything that is said, but like I said before, not worth it.. Do your own research, start with low fat raw vegan team.
    2113 days ago
    I have read your blog post (it was featured on Popular Blog Posts - congratulations!), along with all of the comments that are currently listed.
    I have to say, that I am surprised that out of 116 comments, every single one of them is pro-you! That is pretty cool - do you think that is because everyone that has read your post agrees, or that people who don't agree just aren't saying anything?
    I do not really want to be a naysayer - and I have taken a look at 80/10/10 several times - but I always think it's a good idea to look at the facts and do research for yourself - especially when it's your own body or your family's bodies that you're affecting.
    But, you have made some pretty scary claims, and you have not quoted or linked back to any official sources of the information that you are claiming. I can see how your post would scare a lot of people off, but let me say that citing studies like this have been used on many other "diets", such as vegan, raw, vegetarian - some more mainstream than others.
    I personally would love to read more about the studies you've quoted stats on!

    (please don't take this as any sign that I am on this other lady's side - I just truly do want to read about the studies)

    Thanks again!
    2113 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2012 5:09:22 PM
  • BANDMOM2012
    I've never heard of this diet, but anything that is not balanced is a poor choice.
    2113 days ago
  • THEIS58
    wow. Thanks for the great info.
    2113 days ago
    Thanks, great information
    2114 days ago
    Good on you for speaking up. It sounds like a fad diet to me, and most certainly one that can't be maintained long term.

    We need to embrace a healthy lifestyle and a healthy relationship with food in which we nourish and respect our bodies. Losing weight should not be the be all and end all, but instead the result of our new lifestyle.

    2114 days ago
    The no teeth diet...

    Brilliant - at least it helps cut out my issue with potato crisps...
    2114 days ago
    2114 days ago
    Wow, thanks for the info. I had not heard of this diet, but I do not try fad diets. I just try to eat healthy, and stay away from the bad foods as much as possible. Hopefully everyone will read this blog.
    2114 days ago
    Thank you for posting the dangers of this diet and shame on the Sparker who is trying to cram this way of thinking down other people's throats. It makes me wonder why this particular person is on SparkPeople at all.

    Why is it that people are enticed by the extremes? It is all about moderation, boring perhaps, but can you imagine if our body needed extremes for every other part to function properly ... running 200 miles a day; lifting 1000 pounds ... sounds stupid. So do fad diets.
    2114 days ago
    Wow. Thanks for sharing
    2114 days ago
    Great blog! I'm staunchly against fad diets, cutting out any type of food completely and any plan that takes a good idea to an extreme (i.e., eating more fruit and vegetables vs. eating ONLY fruit and vegetables). I see that you love Venice, Italy, which is where I happen to live! One of the things I've observed living here is the lack of obesity among Italians compared with many Americans. That's not accomplished by following any strange restrictive diets, but by eating ALL types of food, even the unhealthy stuff, in moderation. I've followed that lesson and that's how I lost more than 85 pounds and have kept it off for two months now!
    2114 days ago
    Thank you for your courage. I had been worried about this for a little while too. I do hope people on SP who 'follow' this diet don't follow it 100%, as it is crazy. I so wish we would simply accept that eating an healthy, balanced diet the way SP recommends it is the way to go!!! It took me years to realize it but there is no going back for me now... 10% fat? I don't think so!!!
    2114 days ago
    Wow, just what I suspected abt low fat diets. Thxs so much for sharing this invaluable info & taking a strong, respectable stand on this issue!
    2114 days ago
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