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Being Rich & Unintended Consequenses

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Deep in the darkest jungles of old time Africa there were two tribes and they hated each other. One tribe lived at the foot of a massive mountain and they panned for gold in the river and mined for gold in the mountain. They were RICH!

The other tribe lived in a swamp area and lived on crocodiles and fish and they were POOR! They never visited each other except to raid each others grass huts and plunder them. Of course there were pretty poor pickings when the RICH tribe raided the POOR tribe, but it had become a time honored tradition and each tribe kept the tradition alive.

One day the chief of the RICH tribe had a visit from his resident snitch who said, "Hey Chief! The POOR people have heard about your solid gold throne and they are planning to come over tomorrow and steal it from you!" The RICH Chief was beside himself, he loved that gold throne and so he called in his resident Wise Man and asked him what he should do.

The Resident Wise Man said, "Chief you have got to make the Gold Throne disappear! I suggest that you get your men to stick long wood poles into the roof of your Grass palace and using pulleys and your strongest men stick the throne up in the roof of your Grass Palace. The POOR people will never think to look up there!" The Chief immediately ordered this to be done.

The very next day the POOR tribe attacked and swept through the village searching everywhere. They found NOTHING! The RICH tribe was hiding in the mines in the mountains and when the POOR tribe left, the RICH tribe came out and went back down to their village and began a great celebration. The Chief stood in the cente0e of his Grass Palace and looking up at the roof started to crow..... "Those POOR shmucks ain't got no idea! Right over their heads and they missed it!" Suddenly there were several tremendous large bangs and the wooden poles supporting the Gold Throne snapped and down came two ton of Gold Throne on top of the RICH Tribes Chief and killed him stone dead.

The Moral of this story is......

People who live in Grass Houses shouldn't stow thrones!
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