Arm Wrestling my Weight -- Vegan and Herbivores Wanted

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

So I'm on day 24 of eating mainly vegan/plants!! I've only made a few very small oopses.

OK so what has happened? I've got about a 3 pound weight gain which I believe is intestinal, but it seems to creep up more each day - and I'm still being VERY GOOD, logging most of my food, I don't usually late night snack any more, etc. etc.

I believe this is just one of the natural hurdles that come with weight loss, perhaps I would never even see it if I only weighed myself 1x per week.

I'm arm wrestling through this and going to try to have a veggie only day (well close to it) I had my oatmeal for breakfast (w/bluberries & chia) and the potatoes are in the pot, making McDougall's Sheperds's Pie for dinner

Can you please offer me your wisdom and expertise? Help me get through this and not get discouraged :)

In the old days of dieting - times like this I might crash and burn -- but I'm going to keep on keeping on -- I'd really appreciate hearing your similar circumstances and how you overcame -- and your advice.
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    Hmm I guess you have your feed turned off or something because I never get your blog posts on my friend feed!

    If you are only doing this to lose weight then you may well become obsessive with that scale and the number staring back at you. If you are doing it because it's a healthy way of eating and you feel better when you're eating this way, the number on the scale (for me anyways) becomes just an incidental - something to look at as a statistic.

    Do not worry so much about the scale - so many people on SP talk about NSV - non-scale victories - precisely because of this... we feel defeated when the direction is not down every single time.

    Keep up your swimming - such an awesome form of cardio - and keep on keeping on. Let your body know that this is how things are going to be - by being consistent and not overreacting to the scale - and your body will get through this.

    And we're all here for support - we want to see you succeed and be happy!
    2114 days ago
    I have had success with eating unlimited green salads- I get Olivias organic spring mix and chop all kinds of veggies - for dressing I mix balsamic with Dijon and a little of the grapefruit juice - (I also chop up 1/2 grapefruit for the salad too!!) I throw in 1/2 cup legumes
    I also do a lot of veggie stir fries with mushroom onions and anything other veggie I have on hand and also throw in 1/2 cup legumes
    I am limiting all my starches to about 1 cup per day avoiding pasta and bread eating mostly brown rice and potato - I know mcdougall loves the starches but I always gain when I eat more........I am very satisfied with what I am eating and have lost 47 lb!! My blood pressure has also dropped to normal!!! Good luck!!
    2118 days ago
    Don't get discouraged....three pounds is nothing. Find out what works best for your body and try to avoid any overeating, even if it's overeating healthy foods.

    For me, I've discovered that I can't really have any fat (especially peanut butter and avocadoes-my weakness!) and I've cut out refined carbs such as sugar, breads, and pasta. If I eat a bowl of pasta or even bread, I've have even gained a pound or two overnight! I can also eat too much air-popped popcorn in th evening as well. And I've had to make sure that I don't sneak any of my husband's snacks like the peanuts and delicious chocolate trail mix that he always keeps stashed away but somehow I manage to get into.

    I think the bottom line is just come to know your body. If after you eat something you notice yourself having trouble stopping, try to not eat that food for a while. Or, if you've noticed yourself getting constipated or having other digestive issues, try to stick to a few raw meals such as a raw salad or raw fruit and see if you can get back on track.

    2119 days ago
    If it's intestinal, then you might try a "smooth move" or "detox" tea- Yogi has one called Get Regular that really helps me, and I have another one that is called Slimming Tea. They can be found at just about any grocery store now. That usually does it for me. Also, lots of water. I drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and that sheds both bowel and bladder weight.
    You'll get that 3 lbs off in no time! Hang in there!
    2120 days ago
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