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Introduction To The Holy Grail

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Loosely defined, the Holy Grail (the chalice allegedly used by Christ at the Last Supper) has been the object of quests of fanatical proportions. To search for the Holy Grail in metaphoric terms is to search for an object of such great value that one would go to the ends of the earth to find it. No cost is too high, no sacrifice is too great.

This concept parallels and defines the search embarked on by millions to rid themselves of the tyranny of obesity.

I have spent countless hours in reflection trying to get a handle on why is it that this time I have been successful versus all of the other failures and false starts. Why is it that I would self destruct, almost on cue, after losing about 20 pounds even when i was enjoying the process and felt better about myself?

I found that the answer was not found in any one nutritional method or any one particular exercise routine. The answer lies within.

In my quest, I have learned that there is not a pill, a "superfood", or a device that can be used for 10 minutes a day that can fix the problem. We get so hung up on styles, methodology, and legalistic adherence  that the real reason we are in the place we find ourselves is lost. 

Is exercise important? Is balanced nutritional intake a must? I say that neglect to do both will result in terminal failure. However, one can do this and more and still wash out. 

In the end, I firmly believe I have found what would be considered the "Holy Grail" of weight loss and wellness. The real reason I have succeeded. 

I can hear the reactions now.... "..well that works for YOU but...I'm different, special, ...(insert excuses here).." I know that that is a really bold statement to make but lets reason..

If we were really all that different then the following would have to take place..

-Doctors would have to shred their degrees because a broken bone for one, is not the same as a broken bone on another etc..
-Personal Trainers...same thing, exercise programs would be useless because of the myriad of variations for each person would make training clients a monumental task. hmmm Why do so many running training plans follow a similar, core pattern?

-Psychologists, forget it Sigmund.

-Pharmaceuticals....waste of research money.

-Food Industry.. hmmm millions spent just to ensnare just a handful into an addicted lifestyle... poor investment in my opinion. IF such a thing were true.

The truth is, everytime I hear the "well that works for you BUT...." clause, what I am really hearing is a thinly veiled cop out resulting from a knee jerk reaction when one is confronted with an uncomfortable truth.

The bottom line is that we share enough things in common in their FUNDAMENTAL form that some truths can be applied across the board.

Fortunately, none of these truths that i have found are harsh or unrealistic but I strongly believe they are absolutes. In a world of loose and shifting values, the concept of absolute truth is met with resistance.

They are (as described yesterday, but for the record)
1) Drying out - recovering from food addiction
2) Re-programming the brains reward center.
3) Mastering the ability to choose ones response in the face of powerful stimuli
4) Emotional stability and balance

These are foundational values. Like legs of a table, if any one concept is missing, the platform that supports your journey will become unstable and collapse.

Over the next few weeks, i will be detailing each of the following concepts over multiple blogs. I will try to be concise but to fully develop the thought and concept to its proper depth will take multiple blogs over time. I will not confuse the continuity of these blogs with interruptions with blogs of an unrelated nature, they are that least to me.

In short, they will not be a glancing read but i feel they are important. The point of the following blogs is to give hope. To give structure and a core reference point that can be adapted to any lifestyle.

It would be a sin for someone, who figured out the secret of getting cancer to go into remission, to keep it to themselves. So it is with finding the foundation for losing a substantial amount of weight AND keeping it off.

A socially responsible person would make it their duty to help as many as possible with the knowledge they have even if it is not complete. If you find a path through the wilderness, even if it is nothing more than a goat trail, please share it.

With love,


Next in series - Emotional balance part 1 - journey to the center of the problem
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