Wednesday Weigh-in: May 2

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I'm a bit disappointed. I increased the intensity of my cardio, upped my weights, and only lost a quarter pound. I think I know what I need to watch better though - my snacks. I am a cracker junkie. Even though I have been measuring them and eating only a few servings, I have started to lean towards crackers instead of veggies as a snack. I've been eating a lot of fruit, but I think I may have overdone that a little too. Live and learn.

This next week I'm going to monitor my snacks better and eat fewer processed snacks (crackers, I'll miss you...) I also depended on jerky for a snack, but I think all the sodium may be catching up with me too. So, another change - cut out the jerky and see if that makes a difference.

I am a little disappointed. But, I don't feel that bad. I am getting more fit. I'm sticking with the exercise and I'm watching my portions (still a bit tough for a big guy, but I'm doing well.) I just need to find more filling, fiber laden foods and avoid the convenient ones.

I could blame a bit of stress on this too. I've had doctor and dentist appointments like crazy; my job has changed drastically and I'm in limbo waiting for a new position; my youngest daughter is graduating and is having truck trouble; and I expect a lot of myself with this lifestyle change. Maybe the stress is a cop-out, but I know that it used to drive me to senseless snacking. Now I'm nibbling a bit more (and not tracking those nibbles) when I get stressed. There have been a lot of changes in four weeks and I'm still adjusting to them the best I can. I know more change is on the horizon, and I know it's necessary. Still, none of this has been easy and probably won't be. That's why I need to take time to detach from the numbers and article and tracking and do something I really enjoy. Even one night a week to decompress and tackle one of my hobbies.

I lost weight. I know I wish it was more, but I'm not that upset. I just need to refocus and relax and keep at it. Here are my accomplishments for the last week:

- Increased the intensity and time of my cardio workouts.
- Increased the amount of weights (or reps) for my strength exercises.
- Created my own high fiber, virtually salt free snack.
- I made a healthier chili, loaded with beans and veggies, light on meat and salt (and it was good!)
- I exercised to a SP video with my wife (And it was a tough but very good workout)
- I lost weight.

It was a good week. Another good week and April was, all things considered, a good month.

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    I always struggle when I increase my workout intensity. Between the hunger and the added muscle, I rarely lose much on those weeks. My nutritionist talked to me about eating higher protein foods to keep me fuller - so foods that have a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs. Try filling up on snacks that are higher protein to see if that keeps you fuller.

    And man that sodium is a killer!
    2135 days ago
  • BIGDOG1969
    I haven't watched "Forks over knives." Also, I'm a little wary of anything with the word "diet" in it. I'm avoiding that word like the plague. The changes I'm making are for the long haul and too many diets are very restritive. Thank you for stopping by and I'll check out your suggestions (with an open mind, I promise.)
    2147 days ago
    Hi, have you watched forks over knives? It really helped me make a change. Somewhere along the lines I've been introduced to the idea of food satiety, i.e. the amount of nutrition a food contains and how that can fill you or not based on it's food satiety. Have you heard of the McDougall Diet? This will likely fill you up and help you lose the weight.

    and the diet is here:
    2147 days ago
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