Some people dress so cute regardless of thier weight

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I was sitting outside at lunch watching people go in and out of the store. Some women dress so cute regardless of their weight. I'd say 7/10 women that come in are overweight and many of them dress attractively. Not me. Not that I don't want to, I really do but I feel very self conscious in anything other than jeans/shorts and a t-shirt. I wish I had the confidence to pull off a cute outfit every once in awhile. I really want a pretty summer dress, but I know I would never wear it right now so I haven't bought one yet. At the moment I'm dealing with the fact that my body is changing (geez it sounds like puberty all over again) and I'm getting more attention than I am used to. I'm very shy natured and attention makes me nervous. Oh believe me I love male attention, but I don't know what to do when they notice me. I've never had a hard time getting a man, but I have not been single since I was 18 (I go from one long term relationship right into another). I know its time to buy new clothes that actually fit, but I'm nervous about it too.
I know it makes absolutely no sense because this is what I am working toward but I'm actually scared to wear clothes that fit me. It would probably make me feel better about weight loss but I'm not sure I am ready to reveal it to the world. Like I said it sounds crazy, I know, but its how I feel. Right now with the baggy t-shirts and stretched out jeans, its kind of my secret (except my face really shows it). Somedays I want people to notice and other days I kind of want to keep my success to myself. Yep, I have issues, I don't deny it. Someday I am going to have to get over this because I am not a 16 anymore, I'm a 14 and the baggy butt in my jeans and perma-belly in my t-shirts are not doing anything for my self-esteem.
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    Here's something you can do right now... and it may seem silly but it would really be helpful IMHO.

    Buy a couple pair of cute bra/undies!! I know that may seem silly because no one will see them but you would be shocked how much better you will feel even under your jeans and tshirts if you wear something cute under them that only you will ever see :) It changes your whole mindset.
    2140 days ago
    I'm with you. I give to much power to others and what they think of me. I will one day fix that but today is not the day for me. I do however own a couple of cute outfits. I wear them when I want attention. Otherwise, jeans and a t-shirt to blend in with the crowd.
    2151 days ago
  • SIONED40
    Comfort will come in time, but first, start loving yourself right now. Don't look for approval from others because that is a treacherous path and they don't deserve the power. You are special and unique. No one can take that from you. As you learn to love yourself completely, these issues will eventually fade away and no longer matter. Ultimately, how others view you is not important...they are all unsure of themselves as well. The individual that is trully sure of themselves is a rare breed.
    2151 days ago
    I know what you mean! I try the whole cute thing (kind of have to at work) but it just isn't comfortable!

    But, at the same time, I went and got an ADORABLE sun dress this morning. I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow. Uncomfortable be damned.
    2151 days ago
  • TINKY739
    Part of the journey of weight loss is gaining self confidence and learning how to love yourself for who you are, and how you look. If you are most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, but want to dress more "cute", start out small. Get a couple of new t-shirts that maybe have a cute pattern, or some kind of embellishment. Try some new colors, or some new accessories. And while you are out shopping, start poking through the dresses. You never know, you might find one that fits and makes you feel good, which will be a big step towards accepting where you are headed. You deserve to look good in your clothes and feel confident about what you are wearing. emoticon
    2152 days ago
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