Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I am reading a book called "Losing It". It is a good book. It talks about the four cornerstones of life. How to change how you see yourself, your core beliefs about who you are and why you feel what you feel about yourself. It is not a "diet" book, but teaches you the four cornerstones to changing how you see yourself and your stress. In conjunction with sp, it seems to be better than the "magic pill" so many people seek for weight loss. Between the two concepts (sp and Losing It) you start to understand the true path to well-being and no longer have to ride the diet roller coaster. By starting very slowly, with minor but consistent changes, you can make permanent progress. And you can learn how to turn seeming failure into stepping stones towards more creative ways to accomplish your goals. If the path always followed was the only path, we'd all end up in the same place,,,but we don't. We each take minor detours off the common path. Instead of letting those minor detours make you feel like a failure, look at them as unique trails through a very big forest and if you get lost just keep going North (upwards) and eventually you will find your way to where you want to be. I always seem to head South (downward) and lose all hope of finding my true path. Then I get frustrated and blame myself for not being strong enough to get myself unlost. I never even considered that maybe I am holding my "compass" upside down and when I think I am going upward I am actually hurting myself by going downward. I think I just need to learn to look for the signs that I am heading in the right direction, instead of trusting someone else or some external cue to tell me which direction my life should be going in. Signs like how I am feeling and whether or not I am truly happy where I am heading in life. At some point, every one goes in the wrong direction in life, but the important thing is to pay attention to those moments and change course. The journey's path in life is not a straight line...it is those curves in the path that can frustrate and confuse us, but they also make life more interesting. How exciting would life be if all we had to do was follow a straight, predictable path all the way to the end? Not very exciting, huh? As scared as I get, life isn't going to get easy just because I don't want to, or feel I can't, deal with the spontaneous, unpredictability of life. Life goes on and I/we can either put on our skates and enjoy the ride we are on...or we can fight it all the way and exhaust ourselves in an unwinnable race. I used to be the one fighting it, always out of breath and exhausted from the fight...but I've never won the race. Perhaps it is time to lean forward, learn to steer my skates and let life help me go in the direction I was always meant to go in... I don't kid myself into believing it will be easy, or that I will never want to just give up again, but if I can go upward farther than I go downward, eventually I will make enough progress to reach that place in my life that lets me be the person I really want to be. I am ever optimistic that I will eventually end up where I want to be...slowly but steadily going in the right direction. :)
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