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The Big Plan

Monday, April 30, 2012

Goals for BLC 19

Fact is that I know what I should be doing to lose the weight, but I let life get in the way. I let procrastination get in the way. I let “well, I messed that up so I’m not going to do anything anymore today” get in the way. Life is what it is and it sure as H#LL isn’t perfect. It’s not what I wanted it to be right now. And even when things are good, there are still things that pop up that I let ruin a streak and break a newly forming habit so those good habits never really materialize… and then the old bad ones creep back in.

I have a LOT of bad habits to leave and a LOT of good habits to incorporate:

1) Food: Better nutrition, less eating on the run, less sweets, no soda, better choices overall, staying within range, not beating myself up over slips, watching portions, freggie servings, track!.

2) Exercise: making it a priority, incorporating both cardio and ST, not falling off the wagon because things get in the way, did I mention making it a priority?, just do it!, keep it fresh and fun

3) Water: ugh… I rarely if ever drink “enough” water. This part is HUGE for me.

4) Staying positive: if you’ve read my blogs over the last year, you know this is currently a challenge as life still feels “wrong”. Banish the hamsters, do what I enjoy after of course figuring out what that is, enjoy life again, be ok on my own.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? So in light of that true-ism, my plan is slow and steady. Make very small changes at first. Make sure those changes become habits… that they really stick. Then gradually increase the content to get to where I should be or where I want to be.

1) Food: These goals have the added benefit of keeping my time schedule coherent AND keeping my budget from busting (cooking meals myself instead of eating out).
a. Track every day is NOT an option. It has to be done. This includes PLANNING meals in advance (most evening meals should be enough to have at least 1 additional meal as leftovers). Having plenty of healthy options at home for those times when life interferes. And avoiding the snack table at work!
b. I’m already off soda so that needs to continue.
c. Staying within range/portion control: I’m going to try to do this every day, but I know that I need to allow some flexibility in my plan so 5 of 7 days MINIMUM.
d. Freggies – I was really good when someone else who was very freggie oriented was cooking, but know that I started slipping into old habits when I got back to cooking for myself. 5 servings daily is the end goal… let’s start with at least 3, at least 6 days/week and increase from there.

2) Exercise: This is where things start getting difficult.
a. Time: 100 minutes per week may not seem like a lot and some weeks it really isn’t. But I’m trying to build sustainable, ingrained habits. 100/week means 20 minutes 5 days/week. It’s a good place to start.
b. Type: Most of my workouts have been cardio related – walking, running, riding, etc. I know I need more ST. So, again, starting small – 10% will be ST. So for week 1, that would be 10 minutes of ST out of the 100 total. I also know I need to incorporate more stretching. I would like to be “good” at yoga, so another 10% will be Yoga. I’m going to keep these totals for week 2 before increasing as it’s already almost week 2. Also… even if I get more than 100 minutes of cardio in (as I should in week 2 with a horse show), I still need my 10% ST and 10% Yoga/Stretching. More cardio is NOT a replacement for either of those!! (habit from the past).
c. Now for the really hard one – when to exercise. I know I need to get up and do it. I also know I’m NOT a morning person. So… here’s the deal… initially, 1 day/week, planned in advance I will get up and get in my workout BEFORE I go to work or get started for the day. I will be in bed by 10pm the night before. End of story. I just need to do it.

3) Water – starting with a minimum of 32 oz, which til now has been kind of a tops for me. I need to get that daily through the end of week 2 and then I will increase it a few oz at a time. Gives me time to develop a new habit and my body time to slowly react to the change (so I won’t be going to the bathroom every 20 minutes).

4) Staying Positive. This is difficult right now. I really do try and I just need to keep it up. If I start getting to negative all the time on everything, I would hope my Wolves and my Warrior team will kick me in the pants (nicely). I’m still having a hard time with the situation with Thom. I still miss him a lot. Haven’t figured out how to let go (mostly because I don’t want to). The farm is not easy. Still not sure in the long run if I want to stay there, but it will be at least a couple years before I look at moving should I opt to do so… if nothing else to get out of debt and hope the housing market comes up again so I can get something out of it. In the meantime, one foot in front of the other. Guess it’s kind of a running theme right now (no pun intended).


So that’s the plan for the next (almost) 12 weeks… and even beyond. My hope is that by sticking to my plan, by the end of BLC19 I’ll be comfortably knocking on the door of the 160s, if not into them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great, well planned out and doable!! All the things that make a great plan happen!!!
    2151 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan! I think your long term goals are all really good one and your short term plan is doable--I like that you focus on baby steps! As far as being positive, I think it comes easier with practice--I read an article somewhere that even if you are unhappy/stressed/whatever, if you smile your body will start to feel happier just because you're smiling. Positive thoughts are like that, too--they can be really hard when you are getting started (and don't I know that well!) but the more and more you focus on being positive the easier it is because it reinforces itself.

    Boy, that bit about strength training/cardio sounds familiar...for awhile I was doing all cardio and no strength training... and then I was strength training but no cardio! I need to find a better balance!
    2152 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Great goals! I love your realistic plan to work with where you are right now. Nothing overly complex but simple ways to implement so you can get where you want to be.

    Good luck with no sodas. I truly only miss them occasionally now that I have a fizzy substitute at home (go carbonated water). Which I used to hate, but once my body cleansed itself of the overly sweet taste of soda I started to enjoy it.

    2152 days ago
    love the way you plan as you go. that attribute will serve you well as you work to fit in your plans with daily life.

    Love that you are going to up your ST. I think that is way most important on list of to do things! Heck you can even do 10 minutes while doing laundry!!

    I started on St by doing the "guin" three. push ups squats and crunches. started out at 15 each a day and added 10 a day every week until I got to 100! then I moved on to more fun stuff like lunges, BOSU, satbility balls and then a trainer! ooo I just love him! lol
    2152 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan. I also have issues with the water. What worked for me was having one diet coke in the morning at work, then no more until I'd had my 8 glasses of matter how long it takes. Good luck with your goals!!
    2152 days ago
    Got a good plan - now get to working on it!! Make yourself the priority!!
    2152 days ago
    emoticon Sound like a good, doable plan. I look forward to watching you put it in place and reach your 12 week goal.
    2153 days ago
  • KAT573
    Lookin' berry DOOT! I am going to go do MINE now! Keep on keeping ON! emoticon
    2153 days ago
    Awesome goals. I may steal a few of them. Like the ST. I am really bad at that. As far as the water, do you have a bottle that you can dedicate to only water? If not get one that holds the amount you want to drink for the day and carry it with you. For me I have a 72 oz bottle. I fill it and believe it or not it is usually gone before 3 in the afternoon. Good luck and know we will gently kick you in the butt when needed. You will do great.
    2153 days ago
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