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Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a short note about what I have been up to. I have been giving alot of thought to my weight loss journey and what has made this time different form all of the other false starts. I am not ready to publish them as of yet. I want to make sure that my thoughts are well documented, compiled, and easy to read. I really feel that everything I have done flowed from these 4 principles and anytime i got back on track if I fell on my face was because I re-rooted myself in these principles.

I think it is a waste of time to labor over the details of what I did IE... I ate such and such every day, did this XXX fitness routine 30 min a day for a month, yada yada yada... Those are just the externals. Externals are driven from within. It is the internal environment and the filter through which I view my weightloss journey that determines my ultimate success or failure.

This will take some time but to give a basic outline of my train of thought that I will expound upon later, in reviewing my journals and recalling my personal history over the 4+ years i have been doing this, my successes or lack thereof boil down to 4 principles.

1) The need to "dry out" in relation to food addiction.
2) Reprogramming my brains reward center
3) Mastering (or trying to) "response-ability" or exercising my ability to choose my response.
4) Striving for emotional stability

Most of the skills mentioned above are based on a "mission statement" philosophy. As a human being, I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to legislate a rigid, legalistic program or diet plan.

It is far easier and more effective to be guided by core values that have been assimilated over time as bad habits are shed and healthier habits have taken their place.

I am far from done from compiling all of my information. It also needs to be condensed into something that can be easily read.

The goal is not to dictate but rather to share information and to generate some ideas that could be modified to fit someone else's situation. My situation is certainly not representative of all or even most, but, as people in general, we share alot of common scenarios and feelings. It would be logical then to write the narrative in such a way that the reader can place themselves in the same scenario, mentally compare it to a similar situation and hopefully an A HA moment is generated that will help.

I hope I am successful.
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