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The weightloss fairy just doesn't do her job

Monday, April 30, 2012

I went to a convention this weekend. This is an event hubby and I attend every year, and one where we see lots of friends we only get to see once or twice a year. It was tremendous fun.

It's also a place where there are calorie traps galore. The convention suite is always filled with candy, chips, sugary beverages, and other snack foods. The evenings see lots of parties with lots and lots of drinking. Eating out is unavoidable and often at places with tons of "comfort food" choices.

I was SO GOOD at this con. The only things I ate in the con suite were a banana on Friday (they ran out after that, boo) and half a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast on Sunday morning. I made good food choices at almost every meal (one food court Chinese was pretty much unavoidable because of time constraints). I didn't drink at the parties. I kept myself hydrated. I politely turned down proffered homemade goodies. I was a SAINT. I even got up early on Saturday morning and worked out.

So why is the scale UP two pounds this morning?! Oh, I know that my ring is a but tighter, indicating water weight. But shouldn't there be some kind of benevolent weightloss fairy who, seeing us turn away so many temptations, waves her magic wand and lipos away a couple pounds?! I'm not asking for some 10-pound reward here, just a little positive reinforcement!

Then I remember what DIDN'T happen. I didn't use con weekend as an excuse to eat junk, or to slack off my workout. I didn't use everyone else's eating as a reason for me to do the same. So what I accomplished was that I didn't gain 5 pounds.

The water weight will come back off. I still want the weightloss fairy, but it's good to know I can do this on my own.
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    I always carry water weight after I travel. Makes me think twice for making many trips. I don't know what causes it, but I've identified it as traveling. Your reward for being soooo good will be there when the excess fluids are gone! Kudos!
    2125 days ago

    I had two thoughts with that. Either 1) the poor benevolent weight loss fairy has to do something with all the pounds she takes, so she's currently on vacation at a spa trying to get them off her body OR 2) there's also a wicked weight gain fairy who is much more diligent at her job and has the poor benevolent weight loss fairy locked up in a cellar somewhere waiting for a prince to rescue her.

    I've been reading Grimm's Fairy Tales lately. Does it show?
    2125 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Yes, the water weight will come off. You did fab!!
    2125 days ago
    My guess is the Chinese - it doesn't matter HOW good my choices are the rest of the week, if I have Chinese I blow up like a balloon every time (which SUCKS since lo mein is probably my favorite food evar). I've learned to be VERY deliberate about when I indulge and just expect the consequences (which is why I'm thinking about treating myself Saturday night - I expect MOST people consider "carb loading" before a marathon a reason to go to Olive Garden, but my first thought was "OMG I'm going to be in lo mein heaven!" LOL

    I had the same thing happen at Con on the Cob last year, even though they had a constant supply of crudite in the con suite (of course, partying with Barfleet probably had a little to do with that, and when Barfleet is there, the party is ON baybee). :)

    Any way we can tempt you guys into Origins???????
    2125 days ago

    You should feel amazing with all those healthy choices you made for yourself! It is hard to see the increase, even when you're full aware that it's water weight. I don't know how often you weigh in but maybe next time give yourself a few days to get that water weight gone so you don't have to deal with any negative thoughts at all! I have a cruise coming up in June and I'm thinking of having my husband hide my scale for at least 3 days afterwards so I don't have to deal with it!
    2125 days ago
    send her this way when she starts doing her job
    2125 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    GOOD FOR YOU! Its hard to be a saint in a den of sin, but you were. It *will* come off.
    2125 days ago
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