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Monday, April 30, 2012


Scott Garan
For the greater good.

As I looked over my previous post, “Lessons from a child,” I started pondering more about life. Certainly we must laugh and enjoy life since we are here but for a short time. I mean who wants to get to the end and say, “well that was boring!” Still, there has to be some purpose for your existence. We have to have accomplished SOMETHING.

Now, I believe God influences the direction of our life, but that we also have to make choices along the way. Even if you do not believe in God’s role in our life, everyone has choices to make. The whole “what am I gonna do with my life question” comes into play. At the heart of it all, we must develop an internal standard, a moral compass that guides us.

Some are content with life as it comes. Don’t make waves, and just get along. Others like myself however, are driven by something else. It is a calling. In fact life is more about testing oneself. To not be content with simply reading about something, but by DOING it. At least the best one can.

I knew from about the age of seven that I would become a police officer. The idea of helping others excited me. Still, there was always something about the action. That feeling of being in danger and coming out alive. It was the challenge! And while terrifying at the time, there is a great feeling of being ALIVE after someone has done something that could have cost you your life. In fact, this is always when I have felt MOST alive.

Throughout my career I was challenged many times, and by the grace of God I am still alive. Or for those non-believers you can call it luck. Now retired from duty, I still continue to challenge myself. I think anyone that starts to get into physical fitness, also faces this self examination. It is the things that make housewives become marathon runners, or fathers shooting for the 300 pound bench press.

While most doing such things never do so with the desire to compete professionally, challenging yourself is what matters. It allows us to find out what we are made of. Will I succeed or will I let myself down? This may be that missing piece of the puzzle most humans fail to understand. This is the thing I feel makes life WORTH living!

I found a list in Robert Kurson’s book, Shadow Divers, which John Chatterton came up with after his experiences in Viet Nam about living. There were 7 basic truths John came up with. They are as follows:

-If you follow in another man’s footsteps, you miss the problems really worth solving.

-Excellence is born of preparation, dedication, focus, and tenacity; compromise any of these and you become average.

-Every so often life presents a great moment of decision, an intersection at which a man must decide to stop or go; a person lives with these decisions forever.

-Examine everything; not all is as it seems or as people tell you.

-It is easiest to live with a decision if it is based upon an earnest sense of right and wrong.

-The guy who gets killed is often the guy that got nervous. The guy who doesn’t care anymore, who has said, “I’m already dead-the fact that I live or die is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the accounting I give myself,” is the most formidable force in the world.

-The worst possible decision is to give up.

When I saw this, I thought it really can apply to everyone. Do what’s right and make the best decision you can knowing that you have to live with it.

One does not have to join the military, police, or fire department to set these values to work. Challenging yourself can be things of danger, but can be actions that we all can experience. Am I really being the best husband or wife I can be? Am I the best father or mother, or is there room for improvement? The list can go on and on.

Perhaps, “little things” like pushing yourself in the gym are really precursors of greater things to come. Perhaps it offers the baby steps we need to grow outside the gym. The sense of accomplishment.

One of the things I have observed in many of the people I have trained, is that as they improve physically, they change as a person. They gain more confidence and grow in other areas of their lives.

As I said earlier, we only have this one short life here on this planet. Make the best of it, not only for yourself, but for those around you. Challenge yourself for the greater good.

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