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Monday, April 30, 2012

I had a good filling breakfast this morning. I thought I would do it just as I did yesterday and take some time to enjoy it without any distractions, but not with that much food as yesterday so I will not have to skip lunch again. I feel good-I really do, even though I still feel sore from the weekend. I have been thinking a lot lately. Not only how to loose weight, but about my life and health in general. I believe that things happen for a reasons and one day you will understand why (ok, there are certain things that happened I will never understand)and I kinda came to the conclusion that being unemployed at the moment is my reason to change my life. I am not even 30, yet, but I noticed that in my 20s I studied, worked, worked like two full-time-jobs at the same time and really neglected myself. Most of the time I was too exhausted when I came home, so I never went out any more. I can't really remember the last time I went to see a movie or went to a bar. Sad isn't it? Maybe becoming unemployed is the best thing that ever happend to me, because working that much didn't turn out to be good for me at all.I have never really been a person with health problems but when I worked like 75-85hours a week I didn't listen to my body. I am a workaholic and I am not a person who stays at home when having a headache. Maybe I should have. My health went downhill in a rapid speed. Being on my feet like 12 to 14hours a day turned out to be really painful because I never took a break at work and after some time I only functioned with painkillers. A doctor diagnosed a calcaneal spur in both of my feet. Ouch that hurts bad and its worse early in the morning when you try to get up. Just imagine stepping in a nail. I don't think I have ever been in that much pain. It got a lot better since I am not working any more. I use arch supports in my shoes and I only feel a pain in my right foot after long days of walking, but not as bad any more.
Another negative effect my lifestyle had, is my low bloodpressure. Normally, everyone thinks that your blood pressure is too high when you are overweight, but there are days when I am even far from a normal blood pressure. I feel dizzy and tired all the time. A couple weeks ago it was even that bad that I was too scared to drive a car. What a huge change, I' m telling you. But it was a great experience. When I had to go to places I either took the bus or walked. I noticed so many things in my town I have never noticed before and of course you save a lot on gas. I believe my health got a little better, too. I hope it did. I do get worried about my health and future. There has been cases of cancer and heart diseases in my family. I am scared of that and it might be a good thing. It motivates me to change and it is a good reminder that you can do something for yourself to reduce the risk. I am very interested in reading articles about health or watching documentaries-even about food and how food production. It makes me wonder:
When I tried to loose weight a couple years ago, I had a diet plan that I am using now, too, but for the first time I became aware of the ingredients in the groceries I bought. Sometimes i question myself how food can still be called food. Its not natural any more and I tried to eliminate as much as possible from my diet. It made me even buy this awesome food processor.I have never been much of a cook, but I really love this machine. You can do almost everything with it. You can even weigh your food in it. My favorite function is steaming food, though. I can't eat raw veggies and I don't like how they loose taste and color in regular boiling water. But this machine-I just love it. I think this machine will be my best friend on the journey to my new ME. It really helps to enjoy healthier food and I am sure it improved my taste. Now when I eat something with artificial ingredients I can taste it and I don't like it any more. I am so excited to use it even more now that I try to change my diet. Maybe I will make an creamy strawberry milkshake in it later.
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DDERNO85 5/2/2012 4:43PM

    Here I thought I was CRAZY - I TASTE the difference in foods now too! My sig other recently had some major dental work done due to a work injury and so after his procedure we got him some fries from Mcdonalds bc they're so mooshy (aka greasy!) and I had a few but honestly all I could taste was the GREASE! Amazing isn't it??

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SEASONS__CHANGE 4/30/2012 8:45PM

    Thanks for sharing this with us and sorry to hear about the spurs... ouch indeed.

There is a documentary on the food that we eat. I recommend watching Food Inc. You can view the trailer by copying and pasting the link below into your Internet Browser

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