Over 4 hours hiking and my legs are killing me!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So we went hiking again yesterday! It was a lot of fun but needless to say my legs are sooooo dead today! The whole hike took roughly 5 hours (that's including 45-ish minutes of rest/food time), but at the end of it my heart rate monitor read 3032 calories burned!!!!! I have no clue how accurate that is, but I have my height/weight/age all programmed in and the calorie counts it gives me for my regular workouts always seem on point so I'm guessing it has to be somewhat close!

The hike itself was absolutely beautiful~ We did the Diez Vistas trail up at Buntzen Lake. The trail's classified as intermediate but omg, I definitely felt like I was going to die at more than one point throughout lol. There's a ton of up and down, lots of switchbacks and quite the elevation climb. Of course, it being the greater Vancouver area, we had light showers all through the hike which made the trail quite slick especially where there were lots of roots and rocks that you had to venture across. However, at the end of it you just feel so incredibly accomplished! So totally worth it!

Here's a few photos from it, including the amazing views from the top. :)

Gotta say, nothing beats being outside! Especially when you live in a place that has so many amazing sights to see! I'm really looking forward to hiking more throughout the coming months!

Now if you excuse me I really need to go give my legs a good, long stretch. x_x
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    good for you girl! :) keep it up! amazing pictures! Funny... I worked in Anmore for 7months and never went to visit Buntzen Lake or the trails...
    2147 days ago
    Hey Nancy~ I agree with you for sure, I know all the math that goes behind this weight loss stuff isn't really an exact science. I just felt a bit offended by the previous comment because it felt like she was completely discounting how hard I worked. :) You should definitely check out Diez Vistas though, it's super pretty! It definitely kicks your butt (well, more your quads and calves lol)

    Hey Bill~ I've been feeling the same way myself! I've been wanting to go out hiking for a long time but it's only been lately that I've actually been doing it. :) I think the Diez Vistas trail would probably be too rough for your kiddos, but the trail just around Buntzen Lake would probably be totally do-able. :)

    Oh wow, it'd be so cool to check out caves! I don't really know about any around here.. Damn, sucks that Toronto isn't great for hiking. :\ Maybe get out for some biking or something instead? :) Omg, my legs are still killing me! I'm really gonna have to force myself through my workout today lol.
    2148 days ago
    What a gorgeous hike. I love hiking, but Toronto doesnt have anything 'good'. Northern Ontario had awesome/dangerous grottoes and caves. My brother and I used to try to explore one every weekend in the summer. It was my favorite way to spend time outdoors. So Stunning!

    Ummmm, you MUST have dropped a pant-size on that hike! LOL WOW! Your legs deserve that rest day, I must say!

    2148 days ago
    Great pics. Makes me feel like such a putz to not have taken advantage of everything around us for so many years!
    2148 days ago
    Awesome!! I've been wanting to do Diez Vistas for a long time. It looks awesome!
    And you know.. I don't pay attention to the calorie burn. I just keep track of time, distance & rate (walking pace, not necessarily heart rate unless it's dangerously high). It's all pretty subjective. One can over-mathemetize all this, and there are so many other factors. If it was just math, we'd all by thin, y'know?
    I think you did great. You felt like you got your butt kicked. You were out & about and had your hiking boots on. I call it a good day!
    2148 days ago
    With all due respect, I put a lot more trust in a heart hate monitor that has all of my personal information input into it that continuously knows how hard I am working that has also given me reliable calorie readouts for the past few years versus an online calculator that has no clue how hard I am working. The hike was five hours, we rested roughly 45 minutes, possibly shorter, but my heart rate was still elevated. This was not a light hike around a lake, this was a hike up a mountain which involved long durations of steep climbing and decent. My heart rate was steadily between 150 and 185 BPM throughout the entire hike. 1000 calories for over four hours of hiking is a joke, that's how much I would burn walking around at a very leisurely pace on a flat surface.
    2148 days ago
    Those are some very nice pictures!
    2148 days ago
    Sounds and looks great!! Congrats!
    2148 days ago
    Way to go! Beautiful pictures - I love getting out on the trails around here. Take it easy, there's a whole summer full of hiking ahead of us, and your legs will get stronger. Perhaps you can use "stronger legs" as a focus in your workouts during the week, so when weekends roll around, you're ready to tackle the switchbacks!

    I think that calorie burn is a bit unconservative. When I looked up four hours (which is a lot - no breaks?) of hiking, I got just over a thousand calories. You're not that much bigger than me! I checked another online calorie counter and for four solid hours of hiking (no breaks) and your weight, it said 1700 calories burned. It's kind of arbitrary what you want to say it was though: no matter what you think you burned, your body knows the real number and will lose/gain accordingly!
    2148 days ago
    Very nice.....love the pictures!
    2148 days ago
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