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Sunday, April 29, 2012

So I already got my dog walk out of the way for the morning. I was watching my silly pup eat breakfast after we got back (figures no one else is up, right?) and I realized that there was a valuable lesson to be learned from his eating habits.

Damn if I could find it though, LOL!

I'm just kidding. On the serious side, my dog is a picky eater. Sometimes he wants food and sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes all he wants are treats for breakfast. That's...not happening, lol. But I noticed that sometimes, he eats juuuuust right. Yesterday he barely ate dinner. This morning, he ate more than half before politely leaving the table, aka stepping away from his food and wandering off. Most of the time I freak out a little bit because everyone assumes since he's a 25lb corgi with two coats of fur, that he's a pudgy thing. But he really isn't. He's stocky, definitely. But shave all the hair off and give him some stilts and he's actually a nice solid medium sized dog. So I watched him walk away, paused in the middle of washing the dishes (I swear, no one can be bothered to wash any dishes in my household. And I'm talking two full-grown men. Like...what's up, guys??) and glanced down at the remainder of his food. Instead of attempting to feed him more like I usually do, I packed it up for him for lunch later and went back to washing dishes. And I kind of had an epiphany.

I need to be like that. I need to step away from a plate of food once I'm satisfied. I mean seriously. If my dog can do it, shouldn't I??

Anyways, that was the epiphany I had this fine morning. I now have my cup of coffee, have a small list for shopping (I hope my guy remembers he said he was going to make that chicken veggie soup today. I really don't want to have to drag him to the fruit and vegetable store by the ear) and am going to read a bit until everyone is up and ready to go for the day. I figure I can get my workout in when my guy starts making the soup. It'll leave me with the bedroom for a good while.

And that basically sums up how my day will be.

Also, this is the book I'm currently reading.

It's slightly disturbing (to me) but definitely eye opening and kinda hot.

I'ma get back to it now. There's nothing like having a goal of 50 books to read in one year and having this one be one of them, hahahahahahah!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Smart dog!
    2125 days ago
    I am number 71 now for the book.... Its gonna take fo eva to get it! I figured I'd get it super quick because I figured everyone was gonna go through the book in like one day.. lol

    I have to get back into EVERYTHING again lol I ate so much this past week. My family tends to over feed me when I am out there. Today when I get home I will do my workout, but I havent done anything since i left to florida so I know starting week 3 of insnaity is going to KILL me lol But I gotta do it! We also have to do some food shopping and clean out whatever food that is old in the fridge, cause the fridge looks EXACTLY the same way as I left it and thats not good.. lol Lots of old leftovers.. yuck...

    Good lesson tucker!
    2126 days ago
    I really need to read that. I mean, anything that's a book expanded from fan fiction... the geek points alone make me squee on that. lol
    2126 days ago
    Great observation and analysis, the most basic of "animal" instincts that us people forget about is surprising sometimes. Especially the common courtesy of helping with the dishes lol. Thanks for posting!
    2126 days ago
    Have a good day!
    2127 days ago
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