Workout/ body goals going into May 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ha ha ha! I just finished reading my goals stated at the beginning of March 2012. I thought things were going to be radically different. Boy was I wrong.
I am doing the same cardio circuit I was doing with a few minor modifications to get a slightly different workout. I have mastered this workout, but I just push myself harder and end up covered in sweat. I am able to do 25+ pushups now instead of 19-23. This is difficult because I am doing a chest workout with 3 types of pushups that are even more difficult and flys. My pecs are getting better (lots better) but there is still some fat covering them up. That is what the cardio is for. I do a chest and back (pushups and weight training) workout on Mondays and Thursdays. I do the Lee Haney's arm blaster workout on Tuesdays and Fridays. I am pushing my old and weak shoulders to their limit. I hope to not over do it and ruin them. I am doing the same abdominal workout alternating with the cardio circuit. I get 11 workouts in each week. I am working a physically demanding job now also. I have noticed Ketosis occuring sometimes when I belch. This is showing me that my metabolism is absolutely on FIRE right now and I can feel it. I LOVE THIS. I am keeping my diet strict, but I will have something sugary or calorie laden once in a while so I can maintain my focus without feeling deprived.
I have added the weights 4 days a week and added a physically demanding job. I have lost a few lbs. and I am looking leaner almost every day. Seeing these results has helped me to stay focused and work hard. I want to get my body in shape close to the level where my son David is. He is crazy with his workouts. He has weight lifting class at school (High School) M-F and he works out at home three times a week and he has wrestling practice twice a week in the evenings. He does many more exercises and pushes himself to the brink and it shows. I never looked like him because my diet was never that tight when I worked out that hard. I am trying to put it all together now and make my body look better than it ever has. I can't look younger, but I want to look my best. I have lots of reasons not to be brought up right now.
I haven't come out and stated my goals per se, so here they are:

I added the weights to add bulk to my back and arms as well as making my arms and pectorals look better. I didn't want to add bulk last time, but I am getting leaner and as my son made some observations at my request. I asked him what were the most important areas to improve my physique. He told me that I should try to work on my chest and arms, but if I worked my back I could get the "V" look to show off the decreased mass around my midsection. I agreed and that is what started the weight program.

I am still trying to get leaner. I will take some photos in clothing as well so people can see how I would look if you met me in person not as a half naked creep. LOL I am under 230 lbs. now. My weight fluctuates, but I want to loose more.

In closing, I am reaching my goals and setting new ones, so this is a never ending process. When I get good enough that I WANT to go to a pool or somewhere else where I can be shirtless then I will do a super happy dance. I won't stop, I will try to be even better. I am trying to revel in the success I am having in diet and exercise because I still don't have a job that can support the family, and my world is still turned upside down. BTW I would like to make a HUGE shout out to Jerome for what he did for me one day, it may not have seemed like much, but sometimes just being able to vent to someone can really help. I think I have lost another friend because I tried to vent and ask for support. I hope I am wrong and they have just been busy not ignoring me. I already have trouble opening up to people and trusting them. Good luck to everyone in their goals this year. I am on my way physically, lets get the rest of my life going now. ;)

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    Sounds like you are doing great with your strength training goals. Keep up the good work!

    If you are talking about the Jerome that I think you are, he is a great guy. Glad that you were able to make a connection with him.

    Keep up the good work!
    2125 days ago
    hey Healthy Dude! sounds like you are busting your buns getting healthy. it is so great that you and your son are able to work this together. great motivation for both of you.

    I am sure that you will find a great job to help support your family. Just so long as God knows you are willing, HE will fill that gap for you.

    Keep coming back!!
    2126 days ago
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