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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, after 40 days of not eating 'refined sugar' in the way of treats [I still had some hidden sugar in crackers], I indulged last night and had Culver's "Flavor of the Day" turtle custard. Was it worth it? Not really! WAY too salty! The gal had dumped the rest of the pecans in the custard, with ALL the salt, and it really wasn't that tasty! I would have been MUCH BETTER off with my homemade milkshake of greek yogurt, strawberries, banana, unsweetened cocoa and stevia! Anyway, what's done is done! I got that out of my system, and now I'm ready to go another 40 days sugar-free! emoticon

But what I really wanted to share today is about attitude. Lately, I've felt like I'm trying SO HARD to lose this weight, and it's coming off at a snail's pace, and I'm losing heart! I read my treasured friend's blog today [KADULAC] and she shared about her family's 'Biggest Loser' contest, and that her husband lost 19#'s, and her daughter 5#'s, and she, eating the healthiest of them all, only lost 4#'s. SO discouraging! I can so relate to her feelings of wanting to quit in times like this--when you work so hard and aren't blessed with a reward.

I especially struggled with this when I was home. My sister is skinny! She has never had a weight problem; yet she smokes, rarely exercises, and has a horribly unhealthy diet! It's so hard not to envy her metabolism when she simply eats whatever she wants and stays VERY thin! My other sister and I gain weight if we LOOK at fattening food! ha!

HELP, friends! Help me see that this is the RIGHT PATH even if it's NOT easy!!!!

I'm not going to weigh again until May--I think I've developed an unhealthy attachment with the scale! HOPEFULLY, I will get my mindset renewed [by God's grace] and keep to that race called LIFE, and not grow weary in doing what is good!

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    I know how you feel, and going through the same thing. I weigh myself only once a month for this reason, but even then, still go through the same thing.
    2090 days ago
    Slow and steady will win the race. It's about steps.
    2093 days ago
  • SAL1512
    I am trying to fatten up an ill and fragile husband. He is slowly gaining now instead of loosing. He has gained about 10 pounds in 5 weeks. I have gained 3 !!! Rats !!! But without Sparks, I probably would have gained 20. So I am thankful!
    Sally emoticon
    2096 days ago
    I am coming up on 3 years and over 100 lbs lost, I am definitely very anxious to take off the last 50 lbs but I have reached a plateau. I have increased my exercise and am eating well but the scale hasn't moved much. I have seen great results in inches but it is so frustrating. Hang in there, you are doing the right thing!
    2096 days ago
    Just a thought...our "ideal weight" is a combo of many factors, including how we look, and how we feel about ourselves. I reached my goal weight of 136 for about five minutes last year (hehe), but I found keeping it there was just about not going to happen, even with eating and exercising very well. Since then, I've slacked off on my exercise habits and put back on about 5 pounds.

    I was talking to a dietitian recently while being at our hospital engaging in my auxiliary duties. I was telling her I really want to get back down to that point, but she said. "you look great". It made me wonder if I'm losing some of the "joy of the Lord" because of dissatisfaction on how my weight loss is going (or NOT going), even though I wear a size 10, and feel great! I see you have gained a few pounds, but you are still not far from your ambitious goal, and if you saw a dietician or nutritionist, I'm thinking he/she just might tell you that you are at a great weight!

    Sometimes I have to ask myself why it is so important that I get back to 136. For me, that represented a 25-pound loss, and also got me at the edge (according to those totally-unrealistic charts!) of the separation of being a "normal" weight or "overweight". I wonder (for me) if it's part ego and/or pride that makes me hate admitting I'm part of the latter group. And of course, neither of those attitudes are God-honoring. But on the other hand, I'm not going to ignore the scale, and continue to put on pounds, but when so much of my life is spent focusing on the number between my toes, I think it shows I'm putting more emphasis there than I should. I've begun exercising better again, and am trying not to be discouraged when that scale won't go below 140!

    Our church is going to begin a First Place 4 Health group soon, and I'm hoping that this will help me keep my life balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as the program teaches how to do that. I also look forward to helping and encouraging others along the journey, and trust they will do the same for me.

    Hope these thoughts will encourage your heart!
    2096 days ago
  • GATOR12
    Agree w/those who have said, this is a lifestyle journey. It is discouraging to not see that scale move but although you do want to lose weight--you want so much more. As you found out w/diet indulgence; the food we sometimes think we treat ourselves with: those shakes, or donuts or whatever we chose NOT to eat now, really aren't as tasty as we remember them being. Maybe someday we will realize that those unhealthy foods are not what we want so there's not an event of staying off sugar we will have it as a lifestyle. (I'm not there yet!)
    2096 days ago
    It's all about "lifestyle" others have said. You ARE living the dream! emoticon
    You ARE healthy - a reason to party! emoticon emoticon You Glow!
    ...and I really DO prefer my homemade milkshake too - so cool! let's lift our shakes in a health salute to SP!!!!

    love ya past the emoticon & back again..... ~ ~ Laura
    2096 days ago
    Skinny doesn't always mean healthy. Smoking is so bad for you in so many ways.
    I've never had a weight issue, but since joining spark, now I realize what it is to be healthy. Two years ago, I never would have been able to jog 4 miles or walk 6 miles. The first time I did classes at the gym, I was so winded and felt like I couldn't finish.
    You have to remember how far you have come, how much you have lost. And much you have grown, which of course is most important!
    Hang in there, my friend...Hugs, Karen
    2096 days ago
    The grace of the Lord is always with you so I know that you will get back on track. At least you are going downhill even though it is a slow slide you are getting there.
    2096 days ago
    Susan, your sister could be suffering in other ways from her unhealthy lifestyle than just how much she weighs. When we don't live in a healthy way, our minds suffer, as well as our bodies. I can tell when I am eating right and exercising because my spirits are higher, and I have more energy. You HAVE lost a lot of weight, and as my doctor has told me, and we've heard over and over, losing it SLOWLY is the BEST way, and the way to keep it off! This is stuff you already know. Keep the faith, my friend because it is so worth it! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Remember SP is a lifestyle. You are creating a healthy lifestyle.

    I purchased a Stevia plant. Don't know how well it will grow in our climate, tho.
    The leaves, eaten by themselves, are sweet. emoticon
    2096 days ago
    My dear dear Susan,
    Your metabolism is just so much more efficient than your sisters. When that famine comes you'll be so ready!!!!!You and I will fly through it and come out the other side just fine. :)

    Sorry the turtle custard was such a disappointment. But as you say it does help you to realise that you are not missing much by being sugar free. All the best with the next 40 days.
    Love and appreciate you.
    2096 days ago
    What matters is what you are doing and is God pleased with the choices you are making. Nothing else really matters in the end. You are working hard to keep your temple healthy - serving your family and friends, loving others. We will never be weighed on a scale in heaven!
    You are doing awesome, in spite of that elusive number that you desire to see. Your faithfulness will be rewarded - and your patience! emoticon
    2096 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    We started eating Stevia but it has a very bitter aftertaste. Do you find this to be true? I told DH maybe we are using too much. Is any one brand of "Stevia" better than another? Just curious.

    Busy month for me as I have been helping Sister move and also she and I have had the daunting task of going through my Father's possessions. Whew, what a job. I now have two steamer trunks full of photos, mementos, and awards he has received over the years. Our Son has offered to help me with the trunks.

    Sister is now moved and I have some time to help DH with the garden. Since we had such an early spring, we have been enjoying Asparagus for about 3 weeks. Picked a couple of pounds yesterday and then another pound today. I am making Asparagus Risotto for dinner tonight to go along with some grilled chicken.

    Give your scale away, my friend. Fitness is so much better than a # on the scale. I have seen a lot of skinny people who were not fit.

    Be Blessed!

    Hugs, Sunny
    2096 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/28/2012 1:00:51 PM
    You are doing great. You are so much healthier than your sister. I know it's not fair. I have two cousins that are the same way, minus the smoking. My third girl cousin is like me, has to fight for it. The smoking is probably what keeps her thin. I know with my skinny aunt the moment she quit smoking she started struggling with her weight. You inspire me to keep going. God has blessed me so much with your friendship. Love ya. emoticon
    2096 days ago
    Hang in there Susan. You know it is SO much more than weight. I run and hoop everyday. I mean I am busting my hiney and haven't lost an ounce..agh. emoticon But I'm getting strong. Remember that your heart is getting strong. Your liver and pancreas are happy. You are helping keep away diseases that are caused not just by weight but poor food choices. You are working your way through menopause. You are rocking this regardless of what the scales say. Just keep moving and eating right and be proud. emoticon

    Sending lots of love and encouragement your way. emoticon
    2096 days ago
    You remember that you are unique. You just lose slowly. I do too. I'm lucky to lose .8 per week even when I do great. So I guess what we must do is never give up and we will get there. That's easier said than done, I know but we must tried.
    2096 days ago
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