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Going Down

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm sure my city is not the only one cutting back on road repairs to keep the budget balanced. Yesterday as I was leaving the library and walking back to work, my toe caught in a hole in the road pavement and down I went!! I'm pretty good at falling; I live in snow country so it wasn't the first time I put myself on public display (and I'll bet it's not the last time either!) A very nice man who was driving by stopped to ask me if I was OK; by this time I had already jumped up and was dusting myself off just in case no one saw me. (Yeah, right.) I told him I was OK and the guy asked again if I was sure I was OK and finally I said, "Yes, I'm just MAD." We laughed about it (I know it happens to all of us but why me?) and off I went.

Today I'm stiff,sore and bruised but for some reason I'm proud of myself. What is it that I'm proud of?

Last weekend I had an opportunity to talk to someone I hadn't seen for several years. On first glance, I saw a beautiful woman in her early 70's. (Had I really thought about it I would have gotten my math right and known better) She told me she was 88 years old! I was absolutely amazed and told her how wonderful she looked. Several times. I think I was gushing.

I remembered that when I first met her 30 years ago she was a daily walker and lived a healthy life. She had a resilient spirit and lived with a positive attitude. She still does; it was immediately obvious as I talked to her. It occurred to me that those qualities are her "fountain of youth."

So why am I proud of falling down yesterday? As I assess the damages this morning, I realize that I fell hard yesterday. I could have broken something but other than some sore spots I am OK (and I'm not mad anymore!) By the time I had walked the 5 minutes back to work yesterday, I was able to put the whole thing into perspective and get on with my day. I told my coworkers what had happened and we laughed and each of us shared a story of "going down."

I am proud of the fact that because, just like my 88 year old friend, I try to make healthy food choices and exercise regularly and have a optimistic outlook on life, my bones and my attitude are strong and I was able to brush myself off and get on with my day. Finding and sharing the humor in the situation allowed others to share those times when they weren't at their best.

And so we get on with our days. Time for all of us to make some more good choices to strengthen ourselves for the next "going down."
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