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Happiest Memories

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our blog assignment this week for the BSG challenge is to write about happy memories. For me this is an easy assignment because I really have a lot of happy memories.

I think some of the happiest memories I have are of my pets, past and present.

My first dog was a blonde cocker spaniel named Patsy. She was my best friend through most of high school. She slept with me on my bed. She loved balloons! She loved to try to pop them. Lol She loved going for walks too and usually took me for a walk.

Shortly before DH and I bought our first home we had told DH’s brother that we’d take two of his dogs, Sarah and Thor (Shih Tzu’s), he no longer wanted after we closed on our home. Sarah ended up getting pregnant by Thor before we could take them. We ended up keeping two of the 10 puppies, Pebbles and Pollywog, she had. Sarah was such a sweet dog. She’d get so happy when we’d come up home that she’d kind of hop up on her butt and sit up like prairie dog when we’d get down on the ground to talk to her. She’d also get carried away with showing how happy she was to see you that she’s accidentally nip you on the nose. She loved being a mom too and wouldn’t wean Pollywog and Pebbles. DH would sometimes take a nap in a sleeping bag on the floor in the living room. She’d lay right next to him and nap too. However, she usually would overheat DH. 

Thor, was such a goofy little dog. He’d sit in the kitchen guarding all of the bowls of dog food. Sometimes he’d start barking at the bowl of dog food he was laying in front of and wouldn’t stop until you’d pour some of the food out onto the floor. He eventually had to have all of his teeth pulled. We ended up getting him some little cat toys because he could grab them without any teeth. He had one toy that looked like a goldfish and DH would act like he was fishing for him by bobbing it up and down in front of him. He loved that game! He thought it was the best thing ever!

Here he is guarding one of the bowls of food! :)

Pebbles, was such a sweet and loving dog. She was my baby and loved to give kisses. She also LOVED squeaky toys. She and her sister, Pollywog, would always get stuffed animals that squeaked. She loved Christmas and thought all of the presents under the tree belonged to her!! She’d always wear herself out by squeaking her toy on Christmas day. She’d fall asleep with the toy in her mouth and wake up squeaking it.  One Christmas we got her and Pollywog new beds. We stuffed both of them into a big box. When we un-wrapped (yes, we wrap our pets’ presents) it for them before we could even pull them out of the box she climbed into the box and managed to get in the top bed.

Here she is getting into the presents before Christmas day! :)

Pollywog, my other baby, loved to chase the birds and squirrels outside. Of course, the squirrels loved to tease her and Pebbles. One time she caught a baby squirrel by the very tip of its tail. Thankfully, it got away and that it was a baby. If it had been an adult, it could have hurt Polly very badly. Polly would always get so happy when we’d come home after being away for a while she’d get so happy that she would do a somersault while we were petting her and sometimes she’d mock bite you. She liked experimenting with things sometimes. For instance, she took one of her stuffed toys with a squeaker in it, a squirrel, and left outside. We didn’t see it in the yard until after it got mowed. We showed it to her afterwards knowing that it was Polly who had done it. She wagged her tail and thought it was funny that it got mangled by the lawn mower!

She had red bows in her hair for Christmas.

Our first cockatiel, we rescued from my DH’s brother and SIL. His name was Spike but we called him Chicken Little because sometimes he would act like the sky was falling. He loved to sit on my shoulder or DH’s shoulder for hours while we worked on the computer. He never pooped on us though. He liked for me to rock him in the rocking chair and sing to him while he was on my shoulder. Sometimes he’d put his beak inside my ear and make a squeaking noise. You talk about loud!! He always had to help me make cappuccino every morning too. When it was time for him to go to bed we’d bend down so that he’d get on his gate and walk into his cage. Most of the time he’d wait until you gave him a kiss on the back before he’d go inside.

This was taken shortly after our house was built. He had been playing with a hair band from Pebbles and got it around his head. He thought was cool that he had a necklace until he tried to get it off and he kept tugging it against the back of his head. Then he panicked and DH had to yank it off real quick.

I have lots of other happy memories but these are just a few of them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What lovely memories you have! Aren't shih tzus sweet? I really think God gave us pets (especially dogs) to fill a need we have for love and reassurance.
    2120 days ago
    Cathy, thank you for introducing me to all your great pets. I knew of Polly and Pebbles and your cockatiels. You are an animal lover just like me. I can only think of only maybe 3 years out of 57 that I haven't had a pet. I even had a trusty dog as a baby. My mom said that Trixie slept under my basinet and only allowed her to pick me up. She could pass me to others. She was the only one allowed to pick me up out of my bed. I have dozens of pics of her with me. She died when I was around 2 yrs old.

    2121 days ago
    Oh my, your pets certainly fulfill their role in life - to be your charming companions. What delightful memories you have shared about them. You are truly gifted with these animal friends. emoticon
    2122 days ago
    What wonderful great memories! It always seems that pets can really make some wonderful memories in themselves. Love the pics. Thank you for sharing.
    2122 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    What great happy memories you have. Thanks for sharing about all of your pets. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. I miss having pets, but at least I still get to see our chocolate lab, Kilo, frequently and my son's puppy, Morgan. emoticon
    2122 days ago
    i see you have spoilt dogs too, you are not alone
    2122 days ago
    This just made me smile!!! What great memories and how lucky you are to have had so many wonderful companions.
    2122 days ago
    Cathy, your blog of happy pet memories started my day with a big smile!!!! I enjoyed getting to know your family of Shih Tsus even better. I think it's so cool that you had the parents and two children from their litter. Dogs sure do have their unique personalities and idiosyncrasies! You have such different memories for each of them. I never had any desire to have a bird, but your stories about Spike make me want to have a cockatiel! That is hilarious that he would put his beak in your ear!
    Thanks for sharing your memories of your pets with us. I know how much your love your pets, and completely understand why you spoil them the way you do! emoticon
    2122 days ago
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