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Just chillax! Maintenance jitters!

Friday, April 27, 2012

So my dentist this week asked me if I have OCD tendencies because he thinks I am doing too good of a job taking care of my teeth. I immediately thought "No way! I wish my house and my car was way cleaner than it was!" But after thinking about it, I realize there are many different areas in your life that you can obsess about things. Trivializing a life altering disorder into being clean or not was a pretty flippant thought in response to an innocent question from my dentist!

I'm not a fan of making self diagnoses so I'm not claiming that I'm OCD now - but I do think there are areas in my life I need to take a chill pill. The biggest right now is my eating habits. I feel like I'm overthinking things. It's hard to be a dietitian and not think about food and nutrition all day long! My last blog is proof - I'm getting really wrapped up in feeling bad about having sweets. I weighed in today and I'm still at my goal. Obviously I'm not overdoing it to the point of putting any weight back on.

I spent a good five minutes messing with my calorie range and trying to decide where to leave it and what strategy to use - I actually meant for this blog to be about that! And then I thought to myself "hey Whackadoodle, no one wants to read about your calorie range! Just eat what you want and see how it goes!"

I am going on a cruise in June that I am really looking forward to. But I keep thinking about needing to set aside time to make a "plan" for my eating and exercise while I'm there. There is such a fine line between leading a healthy lifestly and obsessing about one. I think I am going to resist the urge of planning out specific goals. I'm just going to stick with the obvious stuff like not eating past the feeling of fullness and only eating what I love. And I am looking forward to taking advantage of fun fitness opportunities there too.

I remember thinking about what maintenance would be like when I was still losing. I read that some people thinks it's harder. It's not necessarily harder, It's different. I would say it is harder emotionally, but a little easier nutrition and fitness-wise. But then that makes it even harder emotionally! It's hard to trust that you won't put the weight back on. And all this right here is proof!

I have seen a lot of discussion about whether maintainers need to keep tracking their food. Maybe a trial of not tracking my food would work well to help me reduce my obsessing about it? But then I immediately get scared that I'll mess it up! I should trust myself to give it a shot.

Ay yi yi! Any other maintainers go through this before?
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    Maintenance is way easier than losing. I'll take it any day of the week and twice on Sunday. After spending 2 years in high school losing, it was such a relief to maintain. Granted, it's not as exciting. The WooHoo moments on the scale and in the stores aren't really there anymore... but you can chill a little about what you're eating, and focus on other goals.

    The hardest thing is trying not to slip back into old habits. I HAVE done that, many times. It's okay for a day or two or whatever but you gotta catch yourself before it gets out of control, like it did for me in 2010, when I gained 35 pounds in a matter of months. Eeeeek!
    2151 days ago
    Thanks for the comments!

    I decided I am still going to track - I like to be able to see I am getting all my nutrients! I made my range 1400-1900 and I hope to be in that range a large majority of the time. I made it more wide so it is more realistic for me. I feel good about it and I am feeling more comfortable about trusting my ability to maintain after reflecting on all the healthy changes I have made! I'm going to forgive myself for having more cravings for sweets lately. I follow moderation!

    Ha I realized I was obsessing about obsessing!
    2151 days ago
    I think that anyone who pursues excellence is a little OCD. Over time we learn what to obsess over and where to loosen up. I still obsess over the quality of my woodworking. Over a year ago I lost 35 pounds and got to my target weight. I stopped tracking food and exercise and gained 20 lbs. back. This time I joined SP and after doing a lot of reading have concluded that I will have to track my food and exercise for a long time after I reach my goal.

    You have said - everything in moderation and it applies to you too. You eat much healthier than I do so as long as you're eating what you normally eat and you have a piece of pie that's OK. As long as your calories are in the ballpark for the week you have nothing to be sorry for. That's what you would tell me if I said sweets are bad. However, DON'T eat the whole pie. :-)

    You have to figure out what works for you in maintenance and run with it.

    BTW what's wrong with being OCD? LOL

    Enjoy the ride young lady,


    2151 days ago

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    Something you could try would be an in-between. Get a notebook of some sort and quickly write what you're eating in it. Don't track it here, don't spend time worrying about it, just write what and how much then close the book and enjoy the food. Wait about a week or two and see how the scale and your clothes feel about it.

    What that would do is give you a record in case you started gaining (or losing) so you could enter it in for verification that you're eating too much (or too little), but if you're doing fine then you don't need to.

    Later on you could move away from writing it all down once you're comfortable with your own judgement. (Or you could write it down more from the perspective of making notes on what was exceptionally good, what you'd change, what you'd avoid.)
    2151 days ago
    I've never been at maintenance, but here's my two cents!

    I read a really good article in the New York Times Magazine a few months back featuring a few different people who had lost weight and kept it off, and one similarity I noticed was that the people have to work at it every single day. I expect that I will have to track every day when I get to goal to make sure that I don't slip into bad habits.

    If you eat the same thing a few times a week then you could use the copy and paste function, which would save time. Or even taking the time on a Sunday afternoon to imput all of your food for the week so you know what you need to get at the grocery store could be a productive way to use the tracker. You could try to focus on different goals, like focusing on calcium, fiber or saturated fat range for a month at a time would keep spice in your tracking life.

    You surely don't want to un-do the progress you've made over the past year, but if in the past you were able to maintain without tracking, then you likely can take a break; it all depends! Maybe you could even have "track-free" days a few times a week as a compromise.

    I do like that your dentist thinks you're OCD... I wish I had such a flawless flossing record!
    2151 days ago
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