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Friday, April 27, 2012

I woke up this morning, and went to go to the bathroom, and as I set my foot down by the door, it was damp. In my room! I have my bed in the center, with 5 feet to walk around the end. I put a runner there because I figured foot traffic would be the highest from the door to the closet. So, I lift the runner, and the carpet underneath is mildewy. a small part, but very damp. So I ran into batroom to look for a source, and see the toilet drippingwhere you trun water on/off. It looks like water is dripping, and since floor is slanted, it is a small puddle against wall, and is going through the wall to my room. So I had to move everything in my room, turn bed 90 degrees, and clear out half the room. Next, I am cleaning the area around the toilet, after I get my breath back. Even though I dust my room weekly, it was dusty. This is constricting my throat. Plus , my BP. Now it is just cleaning. Then I can call in the apt. mechanics to fix the drip. I can't believe I couldn't smell it, even over the air fresheners I have in my room.

I also had a crack in the ceiling of my bathtub, which leaked, and wonder how good the piping is in this place. I just signed up for my 4th year lease her, and just want to be able to clean, eat, and exercise. Extra work, or worry, is not good. I am worried, I will have to have carpet replaced now. Not sure if they can save this, or if I should rent my own carpet cleaner, or company. Also worried , that because I didn't spot it, I am responsible. It is a 1' X 2' area. I had to throw out the runner, because the bottom was icky, and would prefer to just get water leak stopped, and dry, and clean carpet. Even if it is stained, they could just take my deposit, if I ever leave. My biggest concern is for my health though. I have to clean a bit more, then I'll feel okay letting them come in. Hope the drip doesn't get worse before then.

Do you think I should replace carpet? or will it be okay if I have it professionally cleaned? I hope it is easily fixable. I would hate to have to go to a hotel while they changed the carpet. Stress, and heart patients don't mix.

Since I am already dripping sweat, and have to mop, and spend day with people tromping through my apt. I doubt I'll get my walk in, unless it is later. I ate poorly last night. I forgot to thaw my chicken, and settled for Subway Chicken, Bacon, & ranch. Then I added 2 macadamia nut cookies, and a 20 oz. Coke. Moving on...

So I feel poorly because of that, and going from sleep to cleaning upon waking. I had a great night watching the draft, and hoping I can save today from sucking. I already had eggs with spicy brown mustard, and am cooking 2 chicken thighs for lunch to have with a can of green beans. Supper is going to be pork chops, onions, and tomatoes, plus I have to cook my brother's noodles while he is at work. Hopefully, this whole unwelcome project is over with by the time he comes home at 10 p.m., and him and I can watch the draft in peace, and get the carpet cleaned on Monday, unless I go to Lowe's and do it myself.

Anyone ever use the renatl carpet cleaner's at Lowes, and do they work, or should I do it professionally? OR, do you think they will just change the whole carpoet. I am wondering if under the carpet needs to be cleaned, and dried, or if a machine can fix that.

If you have experience with this, let me know about it, and any advice would be helpful. Have a great day.
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ADEWYN 4/29/2012 8:32PM

    it really is there responsiblity.... it wasnt your fault you didnt notice it right away.. you told them immediately and that is all that matters.... if the claning doesnt work o back t them and have them replace it.... that is what you pay for.. hugs and love

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RUSSELL_40 4/27/2012 4:22PM

    The leak is fixed.the tank also had a malfunction, and that part was replaced, as well as the pipe tightened. They also told me I could just get the carpets cleaned, and it would be good as new.

I just went up to the clubhouse to see if they had a # to a carpet cleaner, and the landlady told me they might have someone out here tonight, or Monday.. for free. She was surprised I would think of paying for it.

emoticon . ... I just saved at least $100. They are going to come in, pull up the rug, dry under, and make sure it is clean, and dry. My BP just dropped 20 points.

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KICK-SS 4/27/2012 3:11PM

    I had an issue in one of my bathrooms here a few months ago - I walked across the floor (not where one might expect dampness) and found the carpet was damp. I soaked up what I could with towels, but also put in a call to a plumber since there was no obvious place it was leaking. Come to find out I had a leak in the pipe that goes to a bathtub that is never used. The pipes run UNDER the house... It was quite a job to find and fix.

Had to have the carpet people come out, he pulled the carpet up, pulled up and took away the padding, we ran fans in there for several days on the floor and the carpet - then he came back later and put new padding and put the carpet back down. It didn't hurt the carpet because we'd gotten it up right away.

But I can only imagine if I'd been gone on vacation or something!! Just a hint, I make it a point to walk around my house barefooted sometimes (I usually have flip flops on) as just a "what if" thing... my house is about 25 years old and things do happen..

I hope you get it fixed and if they get it dried out and the padding pulled out soon enough, the carpet might be alright, depending on how long it's been leaking.. I hope they take care of it soon for you - like Pookie said, MOLD is NASTY and you don't want to be breathing that....

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CAKEMAKERMOM 4/27/2012 12:51PM

    The leak is the apartment's problem, you reported it as soon as you noticed it. The carpet, which is part of their apartment, is also their responsibility if it's damaged due to other issues that are theirs. Anything damaged that is yours, is your responsibility, that's why they recommend renter's insurance.

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WOUBBIE 4/27/2012 12:15PM

    In a rental I wouldn't mess with lifting the carpets, lest you do more damage. A leaking valve would be a maintenance issue, not damage that you caused so I think it's safe to say that your management should do the repair to the toilet as well as cleaning the carpet and/or replacing the underlayment if necessary. (They might even need to check the ceiling on the level below you for damage.)

The area rug is probably a write off, though. Can't see them reimbursing you for damages.

Just to get through the day, if you need to just lay down towels on the wet carpet to sop up the water and keep it from seeping/spreading.

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FANGFACEKITTY 4/27/2012 11:15AM

    Go to Kroger's if you rent the carpet cleaner, I think they are cheaper. I've used the Rug Doctor rentals and they work well, much better than the upright vacuum cleaner style you could buy. I've even considered buying my own Rug Doctor but haven't gotten around to it. You might be better off in the long run with replacing the carpet if it was leaking for long enough to get moldy.

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-POOKIE- 4/27/2012 10:44AM

    If its been leaking a while the underlay might be wet and soiled.

Mold is NASTY nasty stuff for your lungs, seriously bad.

How is it fixed down? Can you take it up to look without damage?

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