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Friday, April 27, 2012

Okay, So here are some things that REALLY bug me that I need to get off my chest!! I'm not going to complain... I just think these are things people should think about. I haven't had the chance to write very much lately because of school, but there are some things people keep doing/saying that blow my mind and I don't get it at all....

--It drives me crazy when someone asks me, "Wow, I need to lose weight! How did you do it? You look great!" Why does this annoy me?... because they never believe my answer!!:

What is it that makes people so unwilling to sacrifice anything? If anybody says, "I lost weight and ate whatever I wanted." They are lying, or at least stretching the truth. Yes, SOME sacrifice and will power is involved in the equation.
So, what is my answer? How did I do it? -- I made exercise a priority, not a choice; I eat a wide variety of foods and *MODERATION* is the key; develop your willpower, it doesn't just magically appear; commit to changing your entire lifestyle no matter what it takes.
First, I don't need to find motivation to go to the gym, I just do it... just like going to work or going to school... it's not really a choice.
Next, I eat a wide variety of foods, I am just very very careful with my portions. I started losing weight by first cutting out snacks, then not filling up an entire bowl with cereal. I gradually decreased my portions over time. I LOVE chocolate and ice cream more than anything. I still have some, but I never buy more than a pint of ice cream at one time, because I will eat the entire tub of ice cream and I know that. So, about once every two weeks, I get an individual serving (1/2 cup) of ice cream. This helps to satisfy the cravings I get without feeling bad or going overboard.
But, for some reason, people refuse to believe me. People refuse to believe that it's not about deprivation, suffering, being hungry all the time, and drastic, immediate results right this instant. I guess it's just something you have to figure out for yourself.

--Diagnosing people/children with OCD or ADHD:

I find this annoying because I feel like these are labels are excuses to not be held accountable for things. My grandfather, brother and my boyfriend are the most ADHD people I know. They can't sit still, they always have to be doing something at all times. My boyfriend mostly has the "fidget with everything" problem. All three have the "I can't focus on things that bore me" issue. All three have/have had successful careers, lives, families and function normally in society.
Have you ever known a fat person that has ADHD? No. It doesn't exist. I am sometimes jealous of the amount of energy they have because I often struggle to get motivated for anything. Why would you want to take that away from them? Let them find their own way to manage their energy, they may be better off from it.
As for being OCD, what is wrong with trying your best at everything? I have a friend who seems to think that OCD is a serious medical disorder that needs to be medicated. So, she was prescribed medicine that made her lazy and not care just by telling the doctor she has OCD. SOOOO STUPID!! I don't know what she was trying to accomplish but whatever. Needless to say, she gave up on the whole OCD thing. Dumb.

--I hate when I see Diet Fads, people with highly restrictive diets, and in general word "Diet":

First of all... people should not look to celebrities for healthy lifestyle and diet advice. Fads are the worst. I could lose weight on a Twinki or Little Debbie diet, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone or that it's healthy. You should never cut out an entire food group or nutrient because a celebrity says "gluten makes you fat". lol. It's ridiculous. Don't completely cut out one thing (carbs, fat, gluten, etc) unless you're allergic to gluten, and don't just limit yourself to one thing (grapefruit diet, juice diet, liquid diet, etc).

Another interesting thing that i have seen is some girls here on SparkPeople who are around my age and they'll eat like 1 oz. of boiled chicken with some weird green vegetable that I've never heard of. Something that looks like they made sure there is no flavor in it what-so-ever because then it couldn't possibly be healthy. Then they eat some other weird stuff that looks like cardboard or something and I think to myself "I could never go as hardcore as this person" and I'll feel a little down that I'm not as committed as they are.
Then, I find out that they can only keep it up for few weeks until I see a blog posted about how they went on a junk-food binge. WELL DUH!!!! Nobody can eat like that unless you absolutely love it an hate the actual taste of food!!! duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know I mess up sometimes and I eat too much, but it's probably because somebody decided to buy me too much of my favorite thing and then i'm like AHH Pizzaaa. But, to restrict yourself so much that you constantly find yourself binging is just sooo emotionally draining... so do yourself a favor and don't do that. It will backfire x 1000.

--Self Esteem/ Self Confidence:

Yeah, I just hate the way self esteem works. That people let other people who feel bad about themselves convince them that they are not beautiful or worth respect and so on. I look back on my childhood and block out the bad. But, I was always made fun of for being fat. All the time, by EVERYONE. I realized that I am finally gaining some self-confidence. How did i realize this?
This week in school, I had 2 different presentations where i had to present very technical projects to my classmates. Public speaking was such a problem for me 2 years ago (and about 40 pounds heavier) that it was a legitimate fear. I would have panic attacks or cry before hand and my voice would shake and I couldn't think. It's been long enough now that I have lost my last 40 pounds and have gotten used to being my new weight, in addition to building up my confidence from exercising, that I was actually able to give both presentations without an issue.
This blew my mind. I have never been able to comfortably give a presentation before. It's an amazing feeling and I never want it to go away.

These were just some things that have been on my mind that I thought I'd share since I couldn't sleep.
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    I loved your blog. Refreshing! Most people wouldn't have the nerve to speak up like that. This is great!
    2059 days ago
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