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No Clematis at the greenhouse yet. It is too cold. Pansies are great, SMILING FACES!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This morning I went to the Dr and was diagnosed with Vertigo. They want to do an MRI and I just do not like having my head stuck in that tube.
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I am thinking I will probably not be doing it. emoticon emoticon

I came home and DH and I took a ride in the RV for the first time this year. It started up well and after all the rain we were still dry inside woo hoo way to go.
We went to the greenhouses to find pansies and clematis, they said they did not want the Clematis delivered till Mothers day-how appropriate is that? We will call to make sure it comes in. I had a very hard time choosing Pansies I like them to have really nice looking faces but they were only the white and the yellow that impressed me. There were some beautiful colors to choose but a faceless Pansy is just a flower. I bought a box of white and a yellow with great looking faces, that’s my favorite flower they make me smile, I just love them. emoticon emoticon
Our weather is getting cold again and 40 plus MPH winds again.
Oh well it is what it is. emoticon emoticon
I decided to go out and cut more junipers with my battery powered saw. they are getting really old and dead so there is still more to do. We fertilized the yard. I checked out all we had planted and they are doing great. Mt neighbor brought me a butterfly solar lamp to put in the garden. We are hoping it will light up but under the tree how can it -OOPS no sun under the tree. It is pretty, a butterfly and flower it looks like stained glass but it is nice and it was nice gift, very thoughtful of her.
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I walked 4 miles with Leslie and once again it is getting late.
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I have to say I am having difficulty navigating the pages on the site tonight, it has taken me even longer than usual because finding things is definitely not intuitive as they said. They forget there are still computer illiterate Sparkers who struggle to find where things have disappeared to. emoticon emoticon

We have an end of the year meeting and food tomorrow noon at Senior College so that will be another food challenge.
For the most part I can just look at it and leave it. I am glad I can do that.
Thanks Pat in Maine.
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    Your yard is going to look so nice.

    I hope the vertigo is better. I have had it before too. I hate MRIs too.

    It's too hot here for pansies usually. Their window is really short.
    2127 days ago
    Pansies is also on of my faves-but they are very picky flowers. Here in Florida they may last a month or two. Maybe I should get one for in the house! One of each of my faves- daisy, pansy are two. I love those solar lawn ornaments-have several in our yard.
    I developed vertigo after I got shingles (it is a side effect of it) 8 years ago-it lasted a year! What is really scary is when you get it when you are driving! Yikes! Thank goodness I was able to pull over really quick and let Bob drive. What is so awful about it is you never know when it will hit. Nothing they could do for it-just had to live with it. I never had to do MRI's or anything like that. But, if it continues, maybe you should have the test. Take care! emoticon
    2128 days ago
    I loved how you described the pansies! It is lovely!
    I am so sorry to hear about your vertigo... Do take good care of yourself, dear Pat, this isn't fun. It might be good to know for sure where it is coming from.
    Sending love from Paris!
    emoticon emoticon
    2129 days ago
    I know vertigo isn't "catching", but you are the third person that I know that has been diagnosed with it recently, and I rarely ever heard of it in the past.

    I saw a flower bed with yellow and purple pansies this week, and thought of you with those colors. I think I have read that you like yellow and purple.

    2129 days ago
    2129 days ago
    Sorry you can't find the clematis they have them here at Lowes and walmart and and mine in the garden are already blooming which is early the weather here has been crazy 70- 80 and now today 50 down right COLD ! lol I did find pansies a couple weeks ago in a 10 inch hanging basket at Lowes marked down to $2 I got 3 , 2 for me and one for mom and they are bright yellow my favorite color. I asked why marked down she said they were the first to come in and already bloomed !!!!! I thought well they will keep on blooming too so I quite didn't know what to make out what she meant. BUt that ok got a good deal emoticon Brenda
    2129 days ago
  • RD03875
    I enjoy reading about your garden, wish I had the ambition to make a summer garden at my home in New Hampshire.
    2130 days ago
    Sorry, about the vertigo, Pat. I have a number of friends with the same issue.

    You've brought back some wonderful memories with your talking about pansies. They were my grandmother's favorite and she called them "funny faces". Every time I see them, I think of her and her flowers.

    2130 days ago
    Hmm....sign me up as another one who has vertigo, but I also have lots of other ear issues so that's where the vertigo originates from. Have gone to my otolaryngologist (fancy word -- ear Dr.) for years. I don't find it impacts my life much. I also have tinnitus (another fancy term -- ringing in the ears) and have had that literally all my life, so it's 2nd nature to me. Hope you get to the root cause of this. BTW, there ARE open MRI machines. I am with you. I never knew I was claustophobic till I had to have an MRI to rule out Multiple Sclerosis. Learned I have claustophobia! But managed to get through that one.

    Consider an open MRI if available or see an ear specialist.

    Good luck!!!
    2130 days ago
    I just told my husband about your posting that the clematis won't be in at your nursery till Mother's day. Maybe that's what is going on here.. My husband has been looking for it for the last 2 weeks. Two years ago ,we had two purple clematis, it thrived and climbed a trellis beside our steps. Looked great ! But it died away that winter. So hope to replace it.

    We put in a bunch of pansy from two different source...we bought a flat of deep purple and white/violet ones with very smiling faces...then our daughter, brought two big boxes of 12 no face purple ones, for Easter, when she came home. So we've got a full flower bed of different shades of purple pansies, now that the spring bulbs are done.

    You do such a great job getting your walking in! I am trying to walk a bit more. Also,wish I had your ability to pass by the food goodies... emoticon

    I hear you on avoiding the MRI..hate them, same issues of being IN the MRIer.
    Hope the vertigo improves and clears upon it's own. I read some where on the internet, that showed a series of head and neck exercises , that sort of reset the sensors in the inner ear. Unfortunately can't remember the link.

    Have a good May! emoticon
    2130 days ago
    UGH! Vertigo!! I hope that is not disrupting your life too much. Although, from what you've been sharing, it doesn't seem to be impacting you at all! ;) I love pansies. I never have them--I think our summers get too hot. I only see them offered in early, early spring. Hmmmm--I need to check on that! Have a good weekend. It's been cooler here but is supposed to start a warmup next week.
    2130 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    My children get me my flowers every year at Mother's Day. I figure it's safe by then, and it gives them an easy idea of something to get me, lol!

    I haven't noticed to many changes to the site yet. As long as it's still free I am happy. I always worry that one day it will no longer be free. I just love this place, it's like my 2nd home!

    I hope you have a lovely Friday Pat, and a wonderful weekend!
    2130 days ago
    Pansies are the happiest looking flowers. On Easter a guest brought royal purple pansies with the most beautiful yellow faces. There are so many deer, ground hogs and rabbits here that any pansies planted outside become gourmet eating. (haha)

    Carol emoticon
    2130 days ago
    Vertigo... It's not a rough one to ahve. I ahve it as well from my hearing problems. It comes with meniere's disease. You'll be okay. I jsut walk and get up from a sitting position seemin like i'm drunk when i don't drink.

    Your pansies sure do sound pretty.
    2130 days ago
    Hmm I thought I knew what pansies look likebut now I wonder what they look like if they have faces, I'll have to remember to look for that. They do sound friendly.
    Great job on your walk. Yay for the first RV mini venture, I bet dh is excited.
    I hope you're not having vertigo often, Pat. Sorry you're having a hard time wih the new page, it seems simpler for me so I hope you find that too but I know we all do things differently and you're right, change is not easy for some of us. I'm actually surprised that I don't hate it, I usually have a hard time with change. Hope tomorrow is a great day.
    2130 days ago
    I know we're getting colder weather here again and it's hampering us from putting some plants in, I was glad I got some plants in 2 weeks ago cause they are doing well so far, but the new batch is going to have to wait a little bit , just too cold.
    I love how my garden is coming to life so far and the little birds are making their homes in the yard.
    I like pansies but they don't last long, but I do enjoy seeing them in the yards of others. My clementis is going crazy in the backyard , I saw some at Walmart the other day and they actually looked very healthy.
    2130 days ago

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