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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After yesterday's blog, KKINNEA made a comment that made me smile. I just had to share it with Yoda. So I texted him, told him about how little sleep I had gotten, and told him that she had commented "don't make Yoda yell at you!". He was quick to respond.

" Oh, I AM gonna yell at you! ;)"

Luckily he added the wink, otherwise I might have hidden in fear. But instead, I laughed. Yes, when I train with him tomorrow he will lecture me on the importance of sleep. Yes, I've heard this lecture before. Yes, I've been better at it. But I'm not quite there yet. Ooohhh......maybe I should give the lecture! Just sit down at his desk and lecture in my best Yoda-voice. Then he'd know that I do listen and that I learn. Either that or else he'll think I'm being sarcastic (which is true 99% of the time) and he'll make me do a killer workout.

Either way, I'm kind of okay with that.

Yesterday I was supposed to train with Yoda but he had texted me Monday asking if we could switch to Thursday. I was fine with that. Instead, I got my mom to go to the gym with me. She trains with Yoda as well, but due to her thyroid issues she's been taking a few weeks off. She did a mini workout with him Monday but he didn't give her an outline for the rest of the week's workouts since she wasn't sure she'd be working out much. So, she decided to do my Yoda workout with me.

First, we started on the new treadmills. These don't have tvs attached, but they can change inclines with the touch of a button and the can also go at a downhill angle. I have to do twenty minutes while keeping my heart rate at 150.

While we were doing this (it's on the front row of the second floor so you can overlook the whole first floor area) I glanced down and saw Yoda walking around with his clipboard. I suddenly realized that this was when we were supposed to be training. I felt Trainer Jealousy. Seriously. He changed my appointment. I HAD to know who he had changed it for. I thought about marching down there (or texting since I was feeling particularly tired and lazy) and demand an explanation. It was like I was a stalker, crazy ex-girlfriend but in a trainer-sense. I watched as he talked to a few gym employees. I watched as he sent a text. But still, no one for training. I told my mom and she starting laughing. And then I saw my "replacement". And it was a guy that was already in okay shape. I watched for a few minutes while Yoda gave him a tour of the place. I was relieved to know that it was a new client, not an old one that trumped my 5:30 training. Then they went out of site and my twenty minutes was up.

We headed over to do the weights. The gym has P90X equipment along with some cable-something-or-other machines that are upstairs behind the treadmills we had just used. First, we do crunches using the posts for the frame that holds the P90X stuff. We put our toes under the side and do crunches. Then we turn to our stomachs and do planks. Then we go back to our backs, hold on to the P90X frame, and do straight leg raises. Then we go over to the cable machine and do squats with over head presses and moving squats with a row.

Yes, I know that these are not the technical names for these. You should hear what I call some of the other machines. (Ex: I call one machine The A-Frame Squatty-Thingy From H*ll) It makes them easier to remember.

Anyway, we do all of these, then we do them again, and then once more. Circuit style. We finished one circuit and my mom wanted to cry. Halfway through our second, Yoda and NewGuy showed up. He said hello. We said we hated him for making us do this workout. He laughed and told us to stop whining. Then he made NewGuy do crunches. We finished the second circuit and my mom decided that two was enough for her. I kept going. I had to, Yoda was there. In fact, I pushed harder because I wanted him to see that I was putting everything into it. My mom mentioned to him that she had tired out after two and he made the comment that my workouts were hard.

Did you hear that, SparkFriends?

I'm NOT a wimp! My workouts are hard! I'd always thought that my mom was in better shape than me. She loves to run and can outdo me there anytime. But when it comes to weights I've got her!

I finished the third circuit. After that, I have to do the treadmill again - same as before, but with an added cooldown. My mom decided to take off, so I did it by myself.

Halfway through, I considered quitting. My calves were on FIRE. Seriously. I swear there were flames. I wanted to collapse in a heap on the floor, curl up into the fetal position, and take a giant nap.

I sent a text to a friend (who wasn't Yoda). Yes, sometimes I text while working out. It said:

"So.Tired. Must. Stop. I wanna quit so hard."

He replied with one simple word.


It hit me then. Just don't. When you want to quit, don't. When you want to eat something you shouldn't, don't. When you want to stay up all night and not sleep, don't. When you're thinking about doing something that will keep you from reaching your goals, DON'T.

It's simple.

I finished strong. I was tired and drenched in sweat, but I did it. And of course I ran into Yoda on my way out. He asked how I'd done and I could say confidently that I'd worked hard and done it all. Then I mentioned that I'd gained weight and that I was now over 200 again.

"That's okay."

REALLY? That's what he had to say?

"No. It's NOT okay." I said.

"Yes, it is. I promise. You're lifting heavier weights and you're building muscle. Give it a week or so and you'll start losing weight again."

"It's not okay. I promised myself that I would NEVER see that number again."

He paused. Then he laughed. At first I was offended. I think he saw the shock on my face.

Then he told me to stop stressing myself out and that this was a journey and that we'll get me to my goal. He said that it can't happen overnight and that sometimes you have to gain weight in order to lose it.

He's right. I'm building muscle. My clothes are too big. I've lost 40 pounds. There's no way that I'm failing.

I can always count on Yoda to put things in perspective.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome! So glad you posted this! (by the way, I think those thingys are called TRX, not P90X equipment - my gym has them too). Great work!
    2093 days ago
    You're doing great!! emoticon
    2093 days ago
    WTG with the killer workout - loved this blog and the "don't" message. emoticon
    2093 days ago
    Loved your friend's message: " don't"

    So simple, yet so powerful!


    ps: you're not a wimp, you're a rock-star!! emoticon
    2093 days ago
    Oh good, I was afraid my comment really had gotten you in trouble!! Yoda is a gem from everything you blog about - I can understand the "trainer jealousy".

    Also, I think if I was there on the circuit with you and your mom, I would have been modifying everything and may have needed to stop after 2 - I aspire to that level of strength! Once this crazy muscle pull heals up, I'll be back at it!
    2094 days ago
    I always love your blogs .. they make me laugh and then make me hit the gym! I sure wish i had a Yoda .. but I am so glad you do! You look amazing .. love the new pic!
    2094 days ago
    You're not a wimp! Actually, your workout sounds pretty scary lol! I saw this on a shirt once:

    "Exercise is like wrestling with a gorilla. You don't quit when you get tired. You quit when the gorilla gets tired."
    2094 days ago
  • JCOUCH82
    You are not a wimp. Great message about "Don't"
    2094 days ago
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