sure, your car makes you fat.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A spark article from today, "Is Your Car Making You Fat?" www.sparkpeople.com/reso
suggests that if we get out of our cars more, we would be fitter. Yeah! For sure! But what do I do when I've got 2 kids in 3 schools + a therapist in the next town and a limited amount of time... and nowhere to securely park my bike and bike trailer outside?

Deciding to walk or bike is one thing... but sometimes the situation dictates the choice (or, perhaps better said, eliminates the choice).
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    of course getting out and moving is the best thing. Not always the choice that is needed at that moment. There are times, where I drove down the road to the pizza place, and Derek walked. Should I have walked? Probably, but the car is so much simpler, and I didn't want to walk. One time this year he walked in the freezing rain in the dark, I drove.

    It's like Kendra said, at least my opinion as well, is that Mcdonalds, Burger Kings, the drive thru's are so easy to get a meal and of course the healther that meal would be the harder it is to eat while you are in the car, driver or passenger. It's not that you are choosing to drive and not walk or bike. You get out and run when they go to bed, I go to the gym (most of the time) For some who are choosing not to exercise, and grab that Quarter pounder while they are in the car, yes it is making them fat. It's about choices. Now where are those french fries tonight while we sit and watch Derby
    2096 days ago
    You know, a lot of our stuff is within 6-8 miles of each other. For instance, one kid's school is 6 miles or something from the other's preschool. But if you think about how, on any given day, I have to drop one off at school at 8, rush home to get other to school by 8:30 and then drop the spouse off downtown for work 10 minutes later, I could NEVER accomplish that on bike!! People at my kid's school say "you live only 3 miles away from school! you could totally bike that!" - yeah, if I had no one else to get anywhere but as long as the younger one is in occupational and speech therapy at 2 different places, it just ain't gonna happen! So I run! By myself! After they go to bed! And it is GLORIOUS!! :D
    2098 days ago
  • KEDRA231
    Getting 2 kids in and out of a vehicle should count as exercise! I remember one day I stopped and added it up, and I'd gotten my children in and out of the car 12 times. TWELVE! Of course, mine are both still in car seats, so it'll be different than if you have pre-teens or something, but also, there begs the question, what about rural folk?

    We walk around our small town, to the parks, the post office, the hardware store, etc, but for most of our running and big item purchases, it's in one of the nearby larger towns, & I am NOT going to bike to Walmart 15 miles one way pulling two kids on the highway. Not only would my ice cream melt before I got home, but I'd have to chisel the road grit off the kids from all the vehicles blowing past us.

    If vehicles have anything to do with gaining weight, I'd say it's b/c they make the drive-thru a lot easier/faster (although, I have seen some walk through the drive-thru), and, those of us who binge, or sneak a snack or eat an amount we NEVER would in public near family or friends can anonymously sit in our air-conditioned car, listen to the radio, read, play with phones or ipads or whatevers, & eat to our heart's content & our belly's downfall. THAT, a vehicle helps with, but otherwise, ditching the vehicle & walking is NOT always the answer.
    2098 days ago
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