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Another Taco Day

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We have fallen into the routine of having tacos every Wednesday night and pizza every Friday night. I definitely need to make up for these meals on the other days of the week. Last night, however, I had tartiflette, which is a glorious French concoction consisting of potatoes, bacon, cream, and tons of cheese. Although I ate less than I normally do, it was still a lot of food. I plan on going for a walk today in order to offset that meal a bit.

Today is Wednesday, and therefore, it is Taco Day. This morning, I tracked everything that I put into my tacos (mostly veggies, I swear!) and was shocked at just how much I normally consume. I could easily see my normal taco meal to be 1000 Calories (kcal). Sure, that sounds reasonable for the amount of food I have.

It was 1,400+.

Just for reference, my Calorie (kcal) range on Sparkpeople is 1200-1550. Therefore, one taco meal accounts for nearly all of my daily calories. Fantastic.

Once the virtual heart attack had passed, I decided that I would regulate this so that I could eat a normal meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, while still staying within my calorie range and avoid any feelings of deprivation. I can easily forego the cheese. I like it, but it's not essential. I do enjoy the creme fraiche (sour cream), though. I have not put it on my tracker, but if I do decide to have it, I know that I can go with just a teaspoon (about 5-6 grams). The trick is to spread that teaspoon over the entire tortilla so that I have creme fraiche in every bite. I know that this will make it seem more like my "normal" taco (although I realize that nothing is normal about eating multiple gigantic burritos in one meal).

The veggies are non-negotiable. I like them, I want them, and I need them, and I will add as many as I darn well please. Unfortunately, I can't convince my dear fiancÚ to lessen the amount of meat. However, I can reduce the amount I eat. Since our tortillas are 12 inches in diameter (he bought them...not me!), I do not need more than one, and therefore, I will not eat more than one taco.

If I'm still hungry, I can certainly have beans or fruit. I do not expect to be hungry, though. My lunch has a good amount of protein, as will my supper. If I eat slowly, I expect that I will be satisfied. I certainly hope that these measures take effect. It will definitely be nice, and economical, to have leftovers for once!


We have finished supper. It was an interesting experience. I was concerned that my fiancÚ would question why I wasn't eating two tacos, but honestly, he didn't notice. As it turns out, he's not feeling well. I'm sure the tex mex won't help...

I portioned out a particular amount and put it on my tortilla, and measured the creme fraiche as I planned. We ended up not having as many beans put in, since he did not want them. That's okay, though, as it saved me some calories. I added 1.5 TBSP of shredded cheese to my taco (which I tracked afterward), and ate it very, very slowly.

It was still gone too fast, and I did have a fleeting sentiment of deprivation. However, I sat there sipping my water and waiting. I decided that if I was still hungry after 15-20 minutes, then I could go get something else. Well, that 20 minutes came and went, and my belly started feeling heavy. It really does take a while for it to register. I do not feel deprived now, and I don't feel stuffed either (which is the normal feeling for Taco Day). I feel satisfied, though with a twinge of heartburn. I may have added too much cayenne, as it was indeed spicy.

I am, overall, incredibly proud of myself. I'm still working on getting my eight glasses of water, but I'm already proud of having drunk 5 today, which is abnormally high for me. I stayed within all of my ranges for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. I also did a small bit of exercise (chopping wood and pushups). Here's hoping that tomorrow goes just as well!

Oh...and I have leftovers!!!!

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FWBLONDIE 4/25/2012 4:56AM

    Congrats on amazing choices!!! Keep up the great work!



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