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What Does a Goal Do For You?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A goal is not unlike your best friend. A goal gives you something to think about when you think that what you're doing is impossible! The Goal keeps you going... and if you're dedicated to the goal nothing else will get in your way until you complete your goal! Your goal will give you the willpower to continue when all others say you can't do it!

If you have no goal you have no place to start. Goals help you to stay focused and see you through to the end! It's that important! If you don't have a goal you'll start out with good intentions and then quit because you won't know what the next step is going to be!

Having no goal is like playing a video game without a controller, changing the TV channel without a remote, cooking without utensils, pots and pans... No goal means no structure!
like trying to do mathematics without numbers...

A goal is that important. A goal takes you places and guides you along the way!
Goals are dreams that are written down. A goal focuses your attention. It keeps you moving forward and helps you not to stay from your intended destination! You can't achieve anything without goals to guide you! This is why you need to place your trust in goals!
Remember... if it's worth going for it's worth setting goals to achieve it! A goal is a mini step towards your next goal!

How goals work...

Say you want to lose 10 pounds. Step 1 would be to to write down "I want to lose 10 pounds" This is your goal. Now underneath this is where you break down the steps on how you are going to lose 10 pounds.

1) Drink no soft drinks,
2) Drink Water,
3) Eat no processed foods
4) Cut out sugar
5) Eat fewer starches

You get the idea... now under these headings you might break it down further like

Types of processed meats not to eat: Pastrami, rolled ham, Prosciutto etc

When you look at your list, you're reminded of what you can and can not have and it guides you back to where you want to be... Losing 10 pounds!

Of course, once you've achieved your goal it's time to set a new one... maybe 10 more pounds or buy a new outfit for the next 10 pounds!

Get yourself ready to set your goals, research what you have to do to get to your goal... read, internet, friends advice, Spark People that have done it before you and go for it! You'll never know how good it feels until you've gotten to your goal and conquered it!

You can do it! You and your goals... Friends to the end!

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