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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well, I decided to start working on my book. I hope to publish this as an e book after I lose 63 pounds.
A Sister to Sister Guide on losing the weight; going natural with hair, and cutting the process everything out of your life. Something I feel strongly about doing. I know we ďwomen of raceĒ struggle to lose weight just like the rest, and we are very shapely. We also struggle with our authentic self. We struggle and some of us donít know how to be humble with our weight loss and successes in lifeÖ I listen to a few women today at the gym while I was there; talking about how they struggle to keep the weight off and how they struggle with their identity. I struggle and they all asked was this some type of disconnect. You know, when you go off those soul foods for long periods of time, you find yourself going back. When you start to look like someone other than yourself Ėit makes you wonder are you who you are Ėor are you some make believe character.

Thatís when I decided. I can really make this happen. I have what it takes to talk about all the things those women were talking about. Like one girl asked me. What made me go natural today? 2009 to now... Another girl asked me what made me stop using name brand soaps. I use pears soap; a soap that is heard of but you want find in your local store half the time, and I use to order it, but the moment I found it in the dollar treeÖ I became hooked all over again. Itís a good soap to use if you have skin issues, and I have found it to be helpful with my skin issues. I love lye soap too, and my aunt use to make it. If you want to get rid of zits thatís the best soap to use. I need to find someone who makes lye soap, because those Iíve gotten in the past from the health food store is nowhere near (a) match to what my aunt use to make. Rest her soul.

So, Iím going to look into it, but a friend of mines said you canít fine half of the stuff you need to make lye soap anymore. Her grandmamma canít find it, and if she could she would make me a batch. Yes, itís that deep. So, I will not order any from a online store, because you have to be careful with lye soap. Everyone canít make lye soap. Iím sorry. My cousin tried to make her momís famous lye soap, and it was a no go. She said she had a batch of mess, and I didnít want any of that.

So as you can see I have a lot of ideas and Iím not just reaching out to my black community, I will be reaching out to a lot more, but one thing I struggle with more than anything these days is my weight and my skin, and Iím not the only one. I see more people walking around with Eczema and Psoriasis and if you all didnít know this, this can be emotionally damaging for a woman as well as a man, and most of the treatments are not effective they can do more harm than good.

So, I started to really search more and more about my combo skin conditions and the pigment that has been rob from my skin from some of these flare ups as they heal themselves. A doctor told me. I have a 3 in one condition. I can flare up with either or. Dark sometimes red inflamed patches will appear, and then sometimes itís white thick scaly patches, and when itís all said and done with Ėdepending on how long I had the flare up I can lose skin pigment or be left with dark skin pigment. I have light patches all over my legs, and I donít like it at all Ėbut over time it grew on me. Itís a blessing to be flare up free right now, and I will deal with the pigment issues any day of the week, but the flare ups are the last thing I wish to deal with. So, as you can see. Iím looking at how to combine what I know.

Weight loss & Natural beautyÖ
Nothing is wrong with that, and also dealing with the ďinner soulĒ within.
We all must deal with our inner souls, and find our personalities and not someone else personality. We need to find our fire within.
I have no problem with people who add things to make themselves look ďbeautifulĒ, but if you donít own that beauty within, then all that paint, plush, and fluff wonít make a bit of difference in your life.
I think itís great to do the add ons and all the touches here and there Ėbut my mission is really to help a person see their inner beauty for what it is. My husband told me. He would judge a women by looking at their heads. I didnít understand it, but after a while I got what he was saying. And a friend of mines was dumped because of her high demands; she cried and cried. Now I look at this girl, and go what on earth happen to you. I know what happen. She got sick and tired of being labeled. She dropped the high hair dooís, and cut what little hair she had left off, and is all afro, and going strong with her natural hair look. Credit goes to and she has asked me to help her shave off the last of her 10 year baby weight. The baby is 10, and she hasnít drop the baby weight at all and thatís about 40 pounds. Iím willing and ready to do that with my friend. I need to drop 63 to be at my goal point, and my goal point is 125.

My husband asked me to make my goal point 40, but itís not going to happen like that. Oh no! I need what I want and Iím going to get what I want. Itís no question about it. NO! Ifs ands or buts about what I see for myself. I think coming into my understanding of what this Beautiful Woman should be is all about my business and no body else. I think thatís a big part of my mistakes in life. Doing what others wished for me to do, and building a website and learning how to make product for the skin or get with a good product line and sale it on my website would be a great ideal as well, and to really be honest with you all. I donít think I would have thought about websites and doing a site if it wasnít for Sweetlips e mail to me.

So, here are my plans.
Iím going to take the ugly photos.
Same photos Sweetlips talked about sharing to you all ďmaybeĒ in her blog a few days ago.
Iím going to show off all my flaws, and they're some serious flaws, but I must show them off, and come out of the leggings for once and for-all, and I wonít share these photos until 3 months down the road. I will still do progress photos with sparks in my sports bra, but never revealing my legs. I will keep record of monthly photos in a black sports bra and shorts set, and hope I go down a size in shorts and be in 3 different pair in different sizes as I show these photos. I have a pair now, and I got a 16/18 not to happy about that, but hey fit & they work.

On May 6th I will start my juice feast. Breakfast & Lunch, and create a nice simple raw dish for dinner. Sometimes I will be eating meat Ėonly chicken and chicken of the sea ďfishĒ. No red meats will be allowed in my diet for the next 30 days. I would say wish me luck, but I beg enough already... LOL! Cookies... Peanut Butter yum...
Must cut them out...

All and allÖI think Iím on something good.
I hope you all join in and share your ideas.
A clear plan will be shared May 1st.

Thanks 4 reading my blogÖ

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Beauty is more than surface, and I can see that you have a good soul. I have been natural since 2004, I was locked for two years, cut it of wore an a small afro, had brain surgery in 2009, and small fro, then now I have been locked for one year. I am glad that there are now Natural hair salons. I love my natural hair. My daughter 16years old, is natural under her weave. I am so sorry that I started her on those braids extension as a kid. You are great keep the faith, hula hooping, and all the good words.
    1685 days ago
    I agree with what Crystle said in her comments to you. Good luck with your book.
    1688 days ago
    First of all I love your hair! I think what you have to say is true for all women - we all need to show our natural beauty, we all need to acknowledge our heritage, we all need each other.

    Cant wait for your book to come out!!

    Best wishes always.

    1688 days ago
    How exciting. Getting healthy inside and out and sharing with others is what it is all about. If one little nugget can help someone else that is a blessing. emoticon
    1688 days ago
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