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Up & Down Weekend

Monday, April 23, 2012

It was kind of a crazy weekend. Friday, I left work about a half hour early - everyone in my office had left early, and no one had told me I was there all by myself! Jeez! So when I realized it, I left too. Hit up the grocery store with the intention of cooking dinner for J and I when I got home, but by the time I did get home, the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Not really sure why - had a slight headache, but whatever. We ended up going out to a local bbq place which was really good, and had decent portion sizes that didnt feel like you were being overloaded, which was a big hit for us! We decided to just watch a dvd when we got home, and I fell asleep half way through... The movie even looked interesting! So, early to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up really early (think 6:30am) and we were out the door before 8am to get bagels for breakfast, then pick up our bikes from J's house, and up to the Air Force Academy. J loves mountain bike riding at the Academy...though I had a feeling this would be a rough ride, because the trail we were taking has landed J in the hospital 3 times... For only my second mountain bike ride ever, this did not bode well. And as I had envisioned, it was not a good morning :( I struggled so much. We had a really steep ascent, and the pathway was covered in large rocks. I struggled enough just trying to get up the ascent - but every time I hit a rock, I just fell over. I even fell into a tree (and have the scraping down my forearm to prove it). I also scraped up my inner right lower leg on the chain multiple times. *sigh* At one point I just started crying. I kept going, and if I had to walk my bike up partway I did, but I was crying nonetheless. J got annoyed enough that he cut our bike ride short and left the path to get back onto the street. Of course, the street had a super large hill that I barely made it up... Yeah awful morning. We rode for a total of an hour and 10 minutes, but overall, not the best time ever. And I really think I need to stay away from steep rocky ascents for a while, and let my leg muscles build up more. So after we got our bikes all put away, he asked me what I wanted to - honestly, at this point, if I was him I would not have wanted to spend time with me. I thought for sure he would just take me home and leave, and I'd have to cancel our dinner reservations for the night. But he is clearly a much better person than I.

So we decided to go to the zoo. We went back to my house first so that I could clean myself up and change. I decided that I would drive - since I was upset it would at least give me something to focus on. AND I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. I was doing 65 in a 45 (I had no idea it was a 45!) and the ticket is for $210. :( and 6 points on my license. So frustrated about this. And then of course J felt like it was his fault because he told me to take that road instead of a different one. Clearly, it was my fault because I was the one who was driving!! Well, we eventually get to the zoo, and there is no where to park. We had to drive around the parking lot twice before we found a place to park. And half of the animal exhibits werent being shown! Really, could anything else go wrong this day?? We walked around the zoo for about 3 hours and then headed home. J left to go take care of some things at his house and to get showered/changed for dinner. So in the meantime I finished reading the book I had been reading for like a week or so. Finally finished it - it was soo good (The Eight by Katherine Neville). Then I got ready.

I had made reservations for us at a local fondue restaurant that I had gotten a voucher for on It was $42 for salad, cheese fondue, entree, and dessert fondue for 2 people, including a glass of wine for each person. We ended up also ordering a bottle of wine. The food was amazing!! The best part was that we both got dressed up! I wore a dress, and he wore dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie! Considering how bad our day had gone, it made me really happy that he wore a tie. We had such a wonderful, romantic dinner. I would definitely go back there again, if I had another voucher. Regular priced, it would have been over $100 for two people!!

Sunday the weather was really nice again, but honestly I was not up for even attempting another bike ride. So I wasnt really sure what we should do. I sort of mentioned, half kidding, that we should have a picnic. So that is what we did! We drove up to Woodland Park, which is about a half hour from where we live and then stopped at a grocery store to buy some picnic food. Our picnic consisted of triscits, a container of chicken salad, a container of artichoke and red pepper salad, a container of 9 pieces of sushi, and 4 chicken tenders. It didnt really seem like a lot of food, and we were worried it wouldnt be enough. But we left, and drove into Pikes National Forest, out to this large reservoir. We walked down to the sand, laid out a blanket, and had our picnic right on the edge of the water! It was so beautiful out, the water was amazingly crystal clear. Such a nice afternoon. And the food ended up being SO MUCH, we couldnt eat it all! After we finished eating, we took a walk around the reservoir, which was really nice and relaxing. I am super sunburned now, though.

Overall, the weekend wasnt awful, but it was definitely a difficult one for me. I think the bike riding thing was so upsetting for me because I try to be perfect at everything, and obviously I wasnt going to be on only my second ride, but I felt like I was slowing him down, I knew I was frustrating him, and it just kept making me even more upset. *sigh* The silly thing is that he was only getting frustrated because I was crying. He didnt care that I was slower or that it would be a new challenge for me that I might struggle at - he thought I was doing really well for my first time on a steep ascent. I was putting it all on myself. Blech.

I am really determined to get my eating under control this week. Something has got to give. I ended up making a linguine and pancetta pasta last night - so delicious. So I brought leftovers for lunch today. I packed healthy snacks. I just need to control my cravings from the snack bar. I am determined to get back on track, and create a calorie differential every day. I have my PT test on Thursday so I do need to take it a little bit easier the next few days so I dont burn out before my test. But I still need to get in workouts. Overall, though, this week really needs to be about eating better!

Today's goals:

emoticon Drink 8 glasses of water.

emoticon Do not eat more than 1700 calories.

emoticon 30 minutes on the elliptical.

emoticon Full body ST workout.

emoticon Read for 30 minutes before bed.

emoticon Do not eat snacks from the snack bar at work!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Whew! What a crazy weekend, I'm glad it ended on a nice note for you all!
    1614 days ago
    What a weekend!! I think we can over analyze men's feelings sometimes but I am glad it all worked out. The fondue place and the picnic sound amazing. I wish my husband and I could get away for a weekend. Good luck on your PT test:)
    1615 days ago
    Oh boy!! I think you should giver yourself credit for even attempting the steep ascent in the first place. I probably would have thrown my bike down and quit after I kept scratching up myself. I like biking, but not really Mountain biking.

    The fondue place sounds great!! What a neat date!!
    1615 days ago
    quite a saga
    1615 days ago
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