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New major(s!), new graduation year, new outlook, new goal, NEW DAY!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So, not gonna lie, my goals have been thrown by the wayside recently, and my weight has reflected that. I did really well last summer after I joined, and I was very proud of my progress. Sure, I had some setbacks, but I took them in stride and learned from them. Then school started back up again in September, and I kind of lost it. Started off "okay", but didn't have the "time" to track my eating, and that was a mistake. I began physical therapy for my back condition - which was a GOOD thing. The only problem was is that resulted in me buying junk food as a "reward" for myself, because I live in the middle of nowhere and had to drive 45 minutes for my physical therapy and they have my absolute favorite convenience store there that I don't have where I live. Wow was that bad...I kind of don't even want to think about that. lol Then I went home for Christmas. REAL FOOD! I'm a poor college student, and all of a sudden I had not only holiday treats, but real food my mom cooks. So, I go back to school after the holiday - realize "I gotta change" and get back on track for a few weeks. Then I fall off that wagon...AGAIN! Between stress eating and "social eating" (eating at unhealthy places because that's where I go to hang out with my friends) I have gained back every single pound I have lost while on Spark People and that is just not okay. While it is not okay, I still can change - I have to change. Otherwise I have to buy a new $70 choir dress because mine is on the very brink of being too small because I weigh 25 lbs more now than when I got it. I'm embarrassed to wear it. The good news is - I have the power to change.

I have literally been sick since the 4th of April - first with a cold, then with bronchitis, and now with walking pneumonia. I have felt like crap this entire time, and my eating has followed suit. I'm becoming restless - just wanting to do something - anything - because when I do, I start feeling sicker. That's okay though - I can still track my eating, and when I can exercise again, I will.

I'm going to be taking a class during the May term, but I've decided to take an easy 1 credit class (that I have to do anyway) to give me some time to rest to get better, instead of a more intense 3 credit class (biology). I'm hoping that this time of relative R & R will allow me some time to really mentally regain focus and get my footing again so that I can add the challenges back in, hopefully successfully this time.

Oh so the other parts - I was a music major, but I decided about a month ago that it wasn't the right thing for me, so I changed my major to liberal arts, with my primary emphasis in philosophy and also history and english. This week I found out that I have to stay another year, because yeah - I failed French, which added another year to my graduation. It would in theory possible for me to work really hard over the summer and test into French 3 instead of retaking French 2 next spring, but I decided to add the year. But guess what - I'm NOT sad about it, in fact I am really excited. I originally was going to be graduating from the school in 3 years, but my scholarships are available to me for 4 years. Yes, it will still cost me extra money, but I only get to be in undergrad once! Plus, the 3 year graduation was complete with a schedule that would "kill me", so I'm glad I can take some time to stop and smell the roses a little bit. I'm also adding a 2nd major (kind of), and making a full out 2nd major in philosophy - which is good, because the classes I take in philosophy will count towards both majors. I will have to take more than I would have to without the 2nd major, but it won't be as much extra work as it may sound. Also, I would have been 1 class away from completing a music minor, but because I'll be here an extra year, I've decided to finish it.

So, bottom line - I'm happy! I'm excited! I have some great things on my horizon. I had my original goal (as of May of last year) to lose 100 lbs by my graduation date (originally end of April of 2013.) So I've had a rough past year, so I decided to move it back WITH my graduation date - 100 lbs by the end of April in 2014. Much more realistic for me where I'm at now.

I can do this - not without set backs, but I can do this. I'm going to learn from my past mistakes, and move forward.

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  • NAVYMOM133
    This all sounds so positive!! Exciting new plans that are very doable!
    Make sure to take care of your poor lungs and get better, then get moving on your Sparky goals.
    2158 days ago
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